Lissie @ Bush Hall 23rd June 2010

The Boy Who Trapped The Sun

Arriving at 6.20pm I wasn’t that surprised to find only 5 people outside waiting for the doors to opened. It also fell on the same date England were playing their do or die match against Slovenia. I expected late comers and it did cross my mind people may not turn up if England lost. Well the gig was sold out and the doors did open a little later than the 7pm which the ticket said. England and the USA won so there were plenty of happy people plus a happy Lissie. When everyone went in we were told to sit down as it was boiling hot inside. So everyone then sat down and it was actually very spacious. The venue didn’t fill up until later in the night. So the first act was The Boy Who Trapped The Sun and for that set everyone was sitting down. Material that was sung was from the forthcoming album Fireplace. I had previously saw him last year supporting Nerina Pallot last February. I did quite like the folk music he sang. One song was even sung without a microphone as it was not working. This was a nice way to open up the evening and the fact everyone was sitting down was a bit surreal. Joint headlining was Alan Pownall. I had heard of him before but hadn’t heard any of his material so I did not know what to expect. Once Alan came onstage with his band he told everyone in the front row to stand up then the second row. At this time the majority of Bush Hall were standing. Well the 10 song set was basically a taster of forthcoming album True Love Stories plus a couple of covers.

Alan Pownall

The cover of The Strokes Someday was a real treat and sounded amazing. The set closer Stop Dragging My Heart was fantastic Lissie joined Alan onstage to sing this Stevie Nicks cover. Now I thoroughly enjoyed this set.


Take Me
Hide Away Your Smile
Chasing Time
Too Many Holes
Nothing But Love
Colourful Day
Don’t You Know Me
Life Worth Living
Stop Dragging My Heart

The headliner for this night was the wonderful Lissie Maurus. I had been a fan of her music since last year and I had the chance to see her perform this February. I was so impressed that night I have seen her another two times (this gig being the third). This week saw Lissie’s debut album Catching A Tiger appearing in record stores. The set was a showcase of material from the album minus two songs. It was approaching 10pm when Lissie took the stage. Before she came on set lists were put out and two bunches of bananas. So when making her entrance onto the stage Maurus had a folding fan and she used it to fan down the front row. Lissie then was on the stage bare footed wearing a summer dress. The night kicked off with a song that is not even on the CD but on the debut EP which was released in the States last year. This song was Wedding Bells and it features on the Why You Runnin’ EP. Lissie’s vocals are extraordinary and this steady paced song with some beautiful lyrics. Worried About is extremely powerful and loads of energy oozes from it. Bully was next and the thing I like about this song is the fact it tells a story. It an extremely nice song and beautiful at the same time. Before starting the next song Lissie introduces Stuart, Lewis and Eric. “I wish I had a hose and I could hose you all down” Maurus said. It was baking hot and the next song got some cheers and this being When I’m Alone. This song is slightly up tempo and Lissie belts it out. The song packs emotion and passion as well. Everywhere I Go followed on and it is a power ballad. It is slow in pace and delivered strongly. After it was onto Cuckoo but before starting Maurus warms up her voice. “It’s kinda embarrassing” she says. Lissie then says this song is probably the next single. “I was trouble as a teenager. I was always getting into trouble. But only coz I felt no one understood me”. “This is a light hearted song about that”.

It is a nice song which is light just like Lissie said. There are strong parts such like the chorus and the verses are incredible. When Maurus Cuckoos you feel compelled to join in. In Sleep was the first single to be taken from the album and it is fast infused. It is a powerful song and following on was Lil’ Lovin. It is a very upbeat song and when it was announced as the last song there were a couple of groans. The vocals are delivered strongly and it is a song you can dance about to. In my eyes it was the perfect song to end on. So after the song was over there are chants for a encore. There were a couple of people who tried to nab the set list even though it was not over. They all came back onto the stage and while Lissie was tuning up the guitar for the next song she told the crowd about where she is from. Oh Mississippi was delivered powerfully and with all the songs on the night there is a country feel to it.  The song which ended this fantastic night was truly incredible. The was Maurus’s own take on the #1 smash Bad Romance by Lady GaGa. Lissie puts her own twist on this song and it works.

There is a country feel to it but the chorus is both fast in tempo and belted out. This closed what was a brilliant night. Yes it was approaching 10.55pm when it was over but I enjoyed every minute. I would of liked it if the set lasted longer because it felt like it was over to quickly. Maybe for the gig at the ICA the set will be longer. The cover of Bad Romance was incredible Lissie made it her own and memories when I saw GaGa in May came flooding back.


Wedding Bells
Worried About
When I’m Alone
Everywhere I Go
In Sleep
Lil’ Lovin


Oh Mississippi
Bad Romance

OVERALL: The debut album by Lissie is due to chart somewhere in the top 10. Wonder if she will smash up her guitar. However on this day there were not many tuning issues. The whole audience really enjoyed the night. The set was a bit too short and I would love to see a longer set as Lissie has plenty more cracking songs on the album. As for the support I really enjoyed Alan Pownall I will most definitely be checking his music out again.


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  1. Rosietoes says:

    I saw Lissie at Bush Hall and her voice almost lifted the lid off the place! Beautiful pitch, note perfect and so powerful! Wedding Bells is probably my favourite and I listen to that alot. We got lost on the way so I only caught Alan Pownall’s last two songs regrettably, I enjoyed what I saw of him and would liked to have seen more, flaming sat nav! I’ll be checking out his album and I urge everyone to go and see these two play live – the recordings are nothing compared to their live performances. A must see for any music lover.

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