Adelaide’s Cape @ The Flowerpot 29th June 2010

This night was extremely intimate seeing the talent which is Adelaide’s Cape. Sam Taylor is the voice behind the band. Sometimes he just performs by himself and sometimes there is a full band. For this performance it was just Sam and it was a perfect set featuring a couple of covers, non EP songs and tracks that feature on the EP Last Sleep In Albion. Opening the night was a song I had not heard before and was then followed on by With This Regret. The song is perfect and beautiful at the same time. For Rush Hour Wind Sam mentions that he had not performed the song for a couple of months and apologized if all went wrong. But the performance of the song was strong and precise. Curled which is not on the album followed on. This was released as a download as part of a AA side single. This was a fast paced song which I loved. The covers of Richard Thompson’s Vincent Black Lightning and Nick Drake’s The Black Eyed Dog were truly special as Sam makes the song his own. Girl Of The Land has some interesting lyrics which are catchy at the same time. This song goes at a pace which gathers momentum till the very end. I love the chorus as well. The night ended with Anchored Down which is based on a 18th century Folk Song. The song is a brilliant song with beautiful lyrics as well. It is slightly up tempo as well.

OVERALL: This was a nice evening where I heard some wonderful folk music being played live. Sam is a real talent and there is pure folkness in his vocals. Bands I can compare him to are Mumford and Sons and Noah and the Whale.


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