Scissor Sisters @ Brixton Academy 22nd June 2010

This was the first time I had seen Scissor Sisters live. Being a fan of there material I decided to get a ticket the moment they went on sale. The Night Work tour was mainly warm up shows for their Glastonbury appearance later on in the week. I turned up at Brixton Academy at 4.45pm and there were only 15 people in the o2 priority queue. From my previous experience at Brixton I had my o2 phone ready to show. Once I was in I managed to bag myself a good spot which was right centre. There was a DJ and then a support act. Now I don’t know the name of the support act but the music did not captivate me. The last song seemed like it lasted forever. Maybe that was down to the fact I was waiting for the headlining act.

Coming up to 9.10pm that is when the Scissor Sisters took to the stage. The set mainly featured songs from forthcoming album Night Work and quite a few old songs from the first two albums. The night kicked of with the title track of the album Night Work.

Ana Matronic was wearing a black latex dress when they came out. It is a up tempo song and I really liked it. You could feel the energy from the crowd from the very moment they came onstage. The song is completely different from any material from the previous albums and it hasn’t got that catchy hook or lyrics like some other songs from the previous albums have. Up next it was onto a track from the debut album this being Laura. When I first heard this song back in 2004 I fell in love with its beat. Laura is delivered strongly and it was a crowd pleaser. Following on was Whole New Way. “This is the dirtiest song Jake Shears has ever wrote” said Ana Matronic. When hearing it for the first time it does sound like a nice song but when you carefully listen to the lyrics you then realise. It is a good song and the crowd enjoyed it cheering at certain points of the song. It was then onto one of my favourite songs She’s My Man. Everyone was singing along with the chorus. It is a up tempo song and I love the melody to it. A double whammy of new songs was next first was Something Like This which was spectacular as there were lasers. Then it was backed with Any Which Way which was a fast paced song.

Before Tits On The Radio Ana Matronic said “And we are back as dirty and filthy as we ever ever were. Actually we even might be a little dirtier.” Ana then goes onto say that London will always be their home town crowd. This song was dedicated to everyone in the audience especially the ladies. It is mainly sung by Ana Matronic and there were people joining in with the song. Harder You Get was then followed by Running Out. A song which Ana Matronic had to put her running shoes on. This is very up tempo and fast in pace. Both Jake and Ana Matronic were running on the spot. It was then onto some old songs the first being Take Your Mama and it was a real crowd pleaser. The crowd erupted when the song started. Kiss You Off which is mainly sung by Ana Matronic was delivered strongly. I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’ got the best reception everyone was singing and dancing along. The current sing Fire With Fire followed on. Everyone started clapping along to this up tempo song. The chorus is a strong one and the atmosphere was energetic. Jake sang the majority of Sex And Violence with Ana Matronic providing the harmonies. It is a lot different to the other songs it is deeper and sounded darker. Skin This Cat was interesting as the backing singers joined Ana Matronic to sing the song. The choreography was excellent. Skin Tight is a song about being in love about being so close to that person you just cant be close enough. It was a beautiful song and following on was Paul McCartney from the album Ta Dah. This was a catchy song, strong and up tempo. Ending the night was Night Life. The band go offstage only to return as people were chanting for a encore. When they come back on they kick the encore off with debut single Comfortably Numb.

Invisible Light is the final song on the new album and it was the penultimate song on the night. It was pretty energetic and the crowd really enjoyed it. The final song on the night was Filthy/ Gorgeous. It is a fast paced song and before starting Jake took off his shorts to reveal the fact he was wearing a mankini. The crowd were going wild and Ana Matronic ripped off part of her dress to reveal her bra. Ticker tape was then showered down onto the crowd. It was simply amazing and when the band were going offstage Ana Matronic blew kisses to the crowd.


Night Work
Whole New Way
She’s My Man
Something Like This
Any Which Way
Tits On The Radio
Harder You Get
Running Out
Take Your Mama
Kiss You Off
I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’
Fire With Fire
Sex And Violence
Skin This Cat
Skin Tight
Paul McCartney
Night Life


Comfortably Numb
Invisible Light
Filthy/ Gorgeous

OVERALL: After 3 years Scissor Sisters were back with the new album and the whole of the crowd were loving the set. This was a nice night and there was plenty of energy in the atmosphere. I really enjoyed the set played and the fact they performed some of the old songs from the debut self titled album and Ta Dah. As for the new album I did like the fact that it was performed in its entirety. The new album has a different feel compared to Ta Dah for starters it is a lot stronger and it is filled with killer songs. My favourite songs which were sung from the new album include Night Work, Any Which Way and Skin This Cat. I enjoyed this night and they are back to their best. Night Work sounds amazing when hearing it live and I can see the album will prove to be a smash.


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  1. müzikler says:

    music is very beautiful. Thank you for sharing …

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