Slow Club @ The Clore Ballroom 20th June 2010

This was part of the Meltdown festival which featured a bandstand busking stage at the Royal Festival Hall. The Bandstand Busking stage was there for two weeks. This being the second week. I mainly went because I wanted to see Slow Club play. I was in two minds whether to go or not as I was still fragile from the Green Day gig the night before. In the end I decided to go and I got there at 3pm. The artists who I saw were Kate Tempest (who only performed four poems), John Smith, Johnny Flynn, Broadcast 2000 then Slow Club. The Clore Ballroom was decorated with red flags which hung from the ceiling, green turf and deck chairs. I managed to get a spot at the front in the second row. The view was good and by the time Johnny Flynn came on the hall was packed out. Some people only just came for him as plenty of people left after him and Broadcast 2000. This band is fronted by the talented Joe Steer and the music they sing is wonderful. There was a  backing band as well and Louise provided vocals as well. So after they had finished more people had left. Slow Club then came onto the stage and Rebecca mentioned that she was a bit fragile as she was out the night before. Still the set kicked of  with I Was Unconscious, It Was A Dream. The majority Charles sung and it a steady paced song with Rebecca harmonising. If We’re Still Alive is a new song which was delivered strongly and is up tempo in pace. Hackney Marsh followed on and it was a beautiful song. Charles said before starting the song if anyone was from Hackney. Because We’re Dead the bands first ever release on Moshi Moshi was like a rollercoaster ride. The tempo was extremely fast and the lyrics are infectious. This song oozed energy and was delivered strongly. The slowed paced No Good Way To Say I’m Leaving You was next. It is a beautiful song which Charles mainly sings with Rebecca harmonising. Rotten Mouth is like a snowball hurtling down a hill. It starts off slow then gets faster till the very end. It is delivered strongly and it is a catchy song with lyrics you would want to sing along to. Up next was Wild Blue Milk then it was onto another new song Palms. Again it is up tempo and their vocals gel together perfectly. Sorry About The Doom is a solo song by Rebecca and it is completely mesmerising. The vocals are soft, gentle and soothing. Current single Giving Up On Love was delivered strongly and oozed plenty of energy as well. Ending the set was the steady paced Gold Mountain. Charles mainly sings this song and it is different to anything from the first album. So after when the set was over they went offstage only to do a U turn after people were chanting for more. After a lot of shouts for a encore song Rebecca then said they will do Trophy Room as “No one asked for it”. Trophy Room has lyrics you just want to sing along to. People were urging each other to stand up but it isn’t really a song you can have a dance to.


I Was Unconscious, It Was A Dream
If We’re Still Alive
Hackney Marsh
Because We’re Dead
No Good Way To Say I’m Leaving You
Rotten Mouth
Wild Blue Milk
Sorry About The Doom
Giving Up On Love
Gold Mountain


Trophy Room

OVERALL: The thing I love about Slow Club is their ability to make you smile. There is humour in the banter as well. Even though Rebecca was feeling a bit fragile it was still a excellent set. I don’t think they planned a encore because Rebecca chose Trophy Room because no one wanted the song when shouting out track names. She also said “This is it”. For Giving Up On Love everyone stood up and had a boogie. The song is one you can dance to and in my opinion should have been the last song to be played. Before God Mountain was funny because a guy was kneeling down and his partner was standing up. Rebecca then said “Are you going to propose”. This wasn’t the case and Rebecca replied by saying “Soz”. Still the night was wonderful and made me laugh as well. I look forward to seeing Slow Club again and hearing the 2nd album when it is recorded then released.


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