Green Day @ Wembley Stadium 19th June 2010

Once they started letting people in we both went through the turnstiles then down the steps onto the pitch. There was a scrum to get into the Golden Circle but we both got in and managed to bag a spot in the second row right next to the front of the catwalk. This was 5pm and there was another 90 minutes till the first band was on. Opening the night was UK based Frank Turner. The set played was only 8 songs long but it did warm up the crowd. The style of the music was folk and it featured songs from all his 3 albums. Now I am not a massive fan but I do like his music. The songs featured included:

The Real Damage
Poetry Of The Deed
Try This At Home
Reasons Not To Be An Idiot
I Know Prufrork Before He Got Famous
Long Live The Queen
The Road

Joan Jett & The Blackhearts came onto stage at 18.45pm. The set was kept to just 45 minutes. Songs featured included Bad Reputation, Cherry Bomb, I Want You, Do You Want To Touch Me (Oh Yeah), School Days, I Love Playing With Fire, Victim Of Circumstance, AC/DC, I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll, Crimson & Clover and I Hate Myself For Loving You. Other songs were sung but I cannot remember what they actually were. The set was fantastic a brilliant support act and it oozed energy. The song which they opened with was Bad Reputation and it was followed on by The Runaways song Cherry Bomb. I would say Joan Jett got a better reception from the crowd than Frank Turner. For Victim Of Circumstance Joan dedicated it to Mike Dirnt. Well the set was lengthy and the 45 minutes allotted to them went by so fast. I Love Rock ’n’ Roll turned out to be a sing along and was a real crowd pleaser. After the closing number of the set I Hate Myself For Loving You the band took a bow and then left the stage.

Before the main act came on stage there was music being played through the speakers. A pink rabbit came on stage and warmed up the crowd. He was drinking beers and everyone was saying glug glug glug and the bottle was downed. Once the rabbit went offstage the show was about to begin. Green Day are known for their long sets and this one was just that. They powered through material from the back catalogue plus songs from current album 21st Century Breakdown. The set was 2 hours 50 minutes long and kicked off with the intro Song Of The Century. Once this was over the band then came onto the stage to cheers. Tre Cool then charged down the catwalk and then went back to start the night with the album title track 21st Century Breakdown. After Billie Joe asked everyone to stand up (implying the people that were seated). He then mentioned that this was the biggest show they have ever played and then said this would be the greatest rock ‘n’ roll show ever seen. “Do You Fucking Know Your Enemy” Billie Joe said. During the song Billie Joe picks up the English flag which is handed to him. Cue loads of cheers. “England are you ready”. This crowd most certainly were participating with the hey ohs during this song. One lucky fan was then hoisted onto the stage and shared vocals with Billie Joe . The guy then ran off the edge of the runway and crowd surfed. East Jesus Nowhere was up next and this was a long epic song featuring the pyrotechnics and a buoyant crowd. “Last night I got on my hands and knees and I said Jesus, Jesus will you please spread these clouds out so you can see your favourite band Green Day”. “And he said no. He said no I wont do that”. Billie Joe then goes onto say “So I went to his best friend I Satan”.

A little boy gets on stage as Billie Joe said they need a child to saved. Once onstage this boy gives Billie Joe a hug. “A sirens of decay, Will infiltrate Wembley”. There is then some pyrotechnics and the boy falls back. After Billie Joe asks this boy where he is from to which he replies Ireland. He is then taken off the stage. Holiday then followed on. Billie Joe said “To all of my friends Viva La Revolution”. This is a infectious song and everyone was singing along to it. Straight after it led into The Static Age this song oozed energy and they know how to work the crowd. The next four songs were taken from the album American Idiot. The first being Give Me Novacaine. There were plenty of people waving their arms from side to side. Billie Joe also altered the lyrics to say London. “Give Me Fucking England”. Before the next song Billie Joe introduces Tre Cool then says “I want to fuck every single one of you”. “Are You Ready?” Billie Joe says before launching into Are We The Waiting. Billie Joe puts on a England wig and wears it throughout most of a performance. A lucky female fan is then dragged to the stage and Billie Joe takes a picture for her. So after a kiss the fan got down from the stage.

So after plenty of screams the fast paced Saint Jimmy follows on. Billie Joe then joked by saying “Fuck It Green Day is going to win the god damn World Cup. I‘ll tell you that right now”. Boulevard Of Broken Dreams proved to be another sing along. This song had bundles of energy. It was then onto earlier material. “How many old school Green Day fans out there” Billie Joe says. Everyone raises their hands. The song was written in 1997 and was Nice Guys Finish Last. This was a real crowd pleaser and the crowd were again buoyant. Cheers then followed when the song was over. Burnout was next and its fast paced. People were going crazy to this song and singing along. Up next was a song rarely sung and this was Waiting. This song had infectious up tempo lyrics. Everyone was singing along to this song. For Geek Stink Breath Billie Joe urged everyone to jump. Dominated Love Slave saw Tre Cool take to the guitar and Billie Joe playing the drums. This song had a country feel to it and it was a real crowd pleaser. After a few glances round the stadium it was then onto Hitchin A Ride.

During the song Billie Joe and Mike Dirnt sprayed the crowed with the water cannons. Once the song finished Billie Joe said “Are you ready” then said he needed everyone in the Wembley Stadium to scream one, two, one, two, three, four. This then led into Welcome To Paradise cue pyrotechnics again. After a epic guitar solo it then led into When I Come Around. There were plenty of people of jumping and singing. A medley of  overs followed these were Black Sabbath’s Iron Man, Guns N’ Roses’ hit Sweet Child O Mine and AC/DC’s Highway To Hell. After the covers it was back to the Green Day material. When Highway To Hell finished the chords of Brain Stew were played. There were plenty of shooting flames. The fast pace Jaded was next and when on the edge of the runway Billie Joe put the England wig on again. There was a tiny bit of break dancing when he span round on his back. When over Billie Joe then moons to the crowd. After he then calls a kid onto the stage as Billie Joe asks for someone who knows the words. “Have you ever had sex” to which the boy says no. So Rufus then gets up to the stage and hugs Billie Joe. What happened next was a moment Rufus would never ever forget. He sang the whole of Longview. Nerves played a part during this song I don’t think Rufus realised he would be singing the whole song. He then did a stage dive and after Billie Joe did his eye rolling. There were chants for Basket Case then Billie Joe launched himself into it. Everyone sang along to the song. “Lets go crazy” and that is literally what everyone did. She was next and Billie Joe sang the song on the edge of the runway.

King For A Day is a nice jolly song. Billie Joe came onto the stage with a feather boa round his neck then a crown on his head. Towards the end Jason Freese did a saxophone solo and he played the Benny Hill tune. Billie Joe, Tre and Mike then took part in this game where they saw how far they could raise their legs. At first Tre came down the runaway wearing a huge pair of glasses and a red bra. The words were “I want you to know” after Tre did it four times (three was his record) it was then onto Mike. After it was then onto the Shout Medley which was sung when Billie Joe was lying on the floor. Songs included in this medley were Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life, California Here I Come (Lyrics were altered to London Here I Come), Babyface, Teenage Kicks, (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction, Hey Jude and there were some chords played on the guitar which was the song Paint It Black. The chords for Paint It Black then changed to 21 Guns. On the screen at the back and the two at the side displayed a 3D gun. This is a steady paced song and has a beautiful melody. There was a sing along with this song. Sparks also showered the stage. Once over Billie Joe thanked everyone for coming out then thanked both Frank Turner and Joan Jett & The Black Hearts. “Are You Ready” Billie Joe said before launching himself on the final song of the night Minority.  This song was the perfect song to end on. Everyone was clapping along and it was a real crowd pleaser. Towards the end Billie Joe played the harmonica then confetti cannons fired into the sky. The band then went offstage only to return minutes for the encore.

American Idiot was the song which was played and it saw a wall of death inside the golden circle. There was complete pandemonium when this song was played and everyone was singing this song. Halfway through the song Billie Joe says “Fuck You USA”. Then towards the end was the appearance of the wall of death. What followed after was my favourite song this was the epic Jesus Of Surburbia. Jesus Of Surburbia was dedicated to “Everybody that came from a shitty small town”. Once over there was a explosion which caused everyone to cheer. The band went off again only for Billie Joe to return for the final encore. This was to be an acoustic 3 song set.  As the band started to wrap up the show, Billie Joe told the crowd “I tell you one thing, I’m going to remember this for the rest of my fucking life”. “There’s no band I would rather be it, I’ll tell you that”. “The only way I’ll leave this band is if they roll me away in a coffin”. He then launched into When It’s Time. The two songs which ended the night was Wake Me Up When September Ends and Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) to huge cheers. At the end of Good Riddance Billie Joe sung a line of Wake Me Up When September Ends .


Song Of The Century
21st Century Breakdown
Know Your Enemy
East Jesus Nowhere
The Static Age
Give Me Novacaine
Are We The Waiting
St. Jimmy
Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
Nice Guys Finish Last
Geek Stink Breath
Dominated Love Slave
Hitchin’ A Ride
Welcome To Paradise
When I Come Around
Iron Man /Sweet Child O Mine /Highway To Hell
Brain Stew
Basket Case
King For A Day
Shout/Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life/ California, Here I Come/ Babyface/ Teenage Kicks/(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction/Hey Jude/Paint It Black
21 Guns


American Idiot
Jesus Of Suburbia


When It’s Time
Wake Me Up When September Ends
Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)

OVERALL: This by far was the biggest crowd Green Day had played to. It wasn’t fully sold out as there was still seats in level 5 empty. The set played by Green Day was amazing and I managed getting through the whole gig without leaving my space in the golden circle. Now I did have the time of my life and I am sure plenty of other people felt the same way.


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  1. andydaly says:

    Like the photos a lot. We were about 2 miles back, due East, so didn’t get as good a view.


  2. jorrdan says:

    i went to see them play at the 19th june 2010 live wembley they were fucking fantastic i still cant belive that they played two encores and that emniem has had more veiws than green day on youtube im pissed off. about that.

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