Gaggle @ Bush Hall 17th June 2010

Gaggle at Bush Hall was always going to be a special occasion. I turned up at 6.20pm to find that there was no one queuing. Earlier on in the day Gaggle tweeted to say that the Central line was down and advised everyone going to get to Shepherd’s Bush Market. So after 70 minutes of waiting someone then came out to say they were running a little late. The doors then opened 20 minutes late but when they did I discovered the hall was laid out with a few tables with chairs. The first band on the night came onto the cluttered stage at 8.25. The band in question was Fiction. This short set offered an insight of what this band can offer. They actually had some really good songs. They were a nice band to open the evening and there were plenty of people captivated hanging on every single word sung.

After a DJ set it was then onto Viv Albertine’s Limerence. Viv was once the guitarist of punk band The Slits. Opening up was I Don’t Believe In Love. The songs sung on the night were slightly dark and a bit punky but I enjoyed them. There was a introduction for each of them. My highlight had to be seeing Angela (Honey Gaggle) dancing along to one of the songs at the beginning of the set. Also another song sung was The False Heart. Ending the set was Confessions Of a Milf. A song that summed up Viv’s last 2 years within 4 minutes. These songs where not heavy as I originally thought they would be prior to the set. I will most definitely listen to any future material by them.

So after another do set it was then onto the headliner. Deborah earlier told me that she was nervous and I can see why/ the band were armed with new songs plus a drummer as well. It did take a while for the set to start as all the members had to leave the backstage door to enter the front. Well the way they entered was spectacular. They all descended onto the stage some who were holding flags. The entrance was very reminiscent to St Giles In The Field but this time there wasn’t a clear path to the stage as the hall was pretty much full up. When they were on the stage it looked packed. From The Mouth Of The Cave was the first song and it is actually quite haunting. The vocals are stunning and they all gel together perfectly with Deborah acting as chief gaggle that held everything together. After there was then some banter by Angela who joked that the proceeds of the night wore going to a lesbian charity. Up tempo I’m A Drunk was up next. The song is a bit of a mixture with one half saying “I’m A Drunk” and the other half saying “I Hear Flies”. Still it is a fantastic song which was delivered perfectly. Power Of Money was the first new song on the night. There was a beat to this song but that is down to the drums. It was a strong song with powerful lyrics. Following on was Crows and it is a nice song and there is a beat to it. How Can I Tell My Man’s A Liar is a darker song and you can gather what the song is about from the title. It felt as this song was full of hate. Lullaby started is completely different to any Gaggle song. It was beautiful to start with and it was soft as well. The title of the song fits just right it felt like a lullaby which sounded amazing. There was then a bit of banter from Katy who said that a friend couldn’t be there on this night because he has testicular cancer and the next song was a bit ironic. This being I Like Cigarettes. This song shows off their talents as a choir as they all sing different parts all at one time. I like the bit you can focus on one part of the song. So after more thank yous it was then onto the last new song Bang On The Drum. This was the last song of the night and was a epic one. They put so much into this song you could feel energy oozing from it. That’s the thing I like about Gaggle they are unique and they enjoy themselves when performing. So after huge cheers when the song finished Gaggle then leave the stage. Only to return moments later as people were chants of a encore. There was only one song that the encore could be. This being Marina and the Diamonds cover of Mowgli’s Road. Every time I have seen them live this song has featured in the set. The thing I like about this cover is the Gaggle twist.


From The Mouth Of The Cave
Power Of Money
I’m A Drunk
How Can I Tell My Man’s A Liar
I Like Cigarettes
Bang On The Drum


Mowgli’s Road

OVERALL: This was a wonderful night which featured three amazing bands. Gaggle were fantastic and the new songs went down a treat. Lullaby has to be my favourite and I cant wait till the day the debut album is released. Gaggle will always have my support because they are truly something special.


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