Joan Jett & The Blackhearts @ 100 Club 14th June 2010

The iconic 100 Club has seen many legendary bands grace the stage. These bands include The Clash, The Rolling Stones, The Sex Pistols, Oasis to name but a few. Who was headlining this night was very special indeed. Tickets for this event were snapped up within 10 minutes and fans from all over the UK (someone even came from Valencia!!!!) turned up just to witness another piece of history. People were so desperate to get tickets that they resorted buying them from the black market. Having been supporting Green Day on their tour this was an extremely intimate venue for Joan Jett & The Blackhearts. I admit I wasn’t a big Joan Jett fan prior to the gig. I only purchased a ticket because they were supporting Green Day and the fact this was a rare opportunity to be up close. Early in the morning I had watched The Runaways which got me in the mood for what I was to witness. So I turned up at 4.30pm expecting there to be quite a few people there but I was to see only 2 people waiting. The queue did start building but it wasn’t full capacity when the doors did open. At 7.30pm the entrance opened and everyone started spilling into the venue. It was so small inside and there was no barriers which I fully expected. I stood in front of a speaker in the centre of the stage. I was tempted to sit down during the 90 minute wait but when a photographer came I was then left to stand. Joan was on at 9pm and what went on before was a DJ set. When the time was approaching there were then 3 photographers around us. It was pretty tight. The set lists were put out and taped to the stage. I only knew a few songs but it was a long set.

So 9pm came and Joan and her 4 Blackhearts took to the stage. Once on Joan sprayed grease on her guitar and then launched into Bad Reputation. The filled out venue was going crazy singing along with every word being sung. Next up was Cherry Bomb which oozed charisma and energy. The crowd were definitely psyched up by singing along and moshing as well. When Cherry Bomb was over there was some banter by Jett. “Hello London England. We’re the Blackhearts from New York City and its so great to be with you tonight”. “Nice and tight and sweaty”. Joan told the crowd “don’t be shy” and try to sing along if you knew the words. Light Of Day then followed and it had everyone clapping to a rhythm. For Do You Wanna Touch Me everyone was chanting Oh Yeah. After slight problems with the amp it was then onto the fast paced Change The World. The Replacements Androgynous was next and Joan took a rose one female fan gave her. It was an up beat song and everyone sung along. So when over there was a rapture of applause.

Joan then introduced the next song as You Drive Me Wild which got a good reception from fans. This song oozed energy and Jett put in a marvellous performance. Backlash had a nice chorus which everyone joined in with. Victim Of Circumstance had everyone pointing their finger to the ceiling. It is a powerful song with a nice guitar solo at the end. The crowd were still buoyant and the first few chords of Love Is Pain got the cheers. Another Runaways song was next this being I Love Playing With Fire which got a rapturous reception from the audience and plenty of people were singing along. There were also a few whoops as well. It was then onto Naked after it was Fake Friends. Fake Friends has a beat to it and it was sung at a slight fast pace. School Days was played at a fast pace and the crowd loved the song. Fetish then followed then it was onto Jett’s calling card I Love Rock And Roll. This charted #1 in America and #4 in the UK. This was originally sung by The Arrows but it was a real crowd pleaser. The whole audience was singing along. The penultimate song Crimson And Clover was surreal towards the end of the song Jett came over to me and was playing the electric guitar maintaining eye contact. Once the song was over she put her hand on my shoulder and her sweat was dripping on me. I Hate Myself For Loving You is another strong song with some powerful strong lyrics that you will remember. The band then leave the stage only to return moments later for what was to be a 3 song encore. Kicking it off was Sweet cover AC/DC. This song got the crowd worked up and it is very powerful. The French Song which again was delivered perfectly. Some of the rifts are familiar. Ending the night was Everyday People and it capped off a fantastic night.


Bad Reputation
Cherry Bomb
Light Of Day
Do You Wanna Touch Me
Change The World
Androgynous (The Replacements Cover)
You Drive Me Wild
Victim Of Circumstance
Love Is Pain
I Love Playing With Fire
Fake Friends
School Days
I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll (The Arrows Cover)
Crimson And Clover
I Hate Myself For Loving You


AC/DC (Sweet Cover)
The French Song
Everyday People

OVERALL: This event was a 18+ gig and the age of the people attended varied. This gig was so surreal because as you were so close to this punk rock legend who has had a career spanning through to the 1970s. Jett is now 51 but she oozes charisma and attitude throughout every one of her songs. There is definitely a presence. The audience was definitely in a buoyant mood and you had people both singing and moshing around. There was no pushing whatsoever but it was packed and you could compare it to a sauna. Even Joan was sweating.

Jett’s vocals were perfect and she powered though this 21 song set at ease. Ironically a Greatest Hits CD that had been released that day. Joan delved into material spanning over her 13 albums plus some material from The Runaways also featured. Every song went down well and I enjoyed every single minute. After the night was over Joan then came out from the backstage area to sign and have photos taken for the fans. It was a nice touch that she did that because you would never get that at any other venue. I then finally left the 100 Club after having witnessed something truly spectacular.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Kevin says:

    Good review
    Is it my imagination or does she actually look hotter now?

  2. Nicole says:

    Joan Jett is amazing! I’m a huge fan of her music! Joan is quite pretty too. (not in love with women)

  3. Gerhard Landauf says:

    q/This gig was so surreal because as you were so close to this punk rock legend who has had a career spanning through to the 1970s.\q
    Very well phrased ! And she played my favorite “Androgynous”. I really wished I was there. Very exclusive gig.

  4. morris says:

    Joan Jeff is fucking hot singing and sweaty looking!

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