Spark @ The Lexington 10th June 2010

Jessica “Sparkle” Morgan goes by the stage name Spark. She is another name added to the BRIT Schools Alumni. After having completed her education early May Spark has been gaining more fans after she had opened up for Marina & The Diamonds Gem Tour. Jessica is only 18 and has already performed in various venues up and down the UK. It is going to be a while until she headlines her own gig but the right steps are being taken. Well I arrived at The Lexington at 7pm I was only planning on staying till Spark had finished her set. There was a well known face in the crowd and this was Britt Love from Mini Viva. When the set began I was going to stand right at the front but took a step back as the drums were extremely loud. The opening song was Shut Out The Moon which will be released as a single on July 12th. It is a perfect pop song which is very energetic. When carefully listening to the lyrics you understand why this is the first single. The moon is a spotlight and Spark doesn’t feel ready hence the title Shut Out The Moon and the line “Run away and hide”. Receiver I really liked and would love to hear a studio version of the song. Scream is rather up tempo and the chorus is high pitched to begin with.

Sweet desire
I’m on fire
Ooh, I’m burning up
Climbing higher
Boy I’m wired
Dizzy now for your love

Damage Done has a beautiful opening and perfect lyrics. It is a strong song and seems very light. My favourite part has to be this up tempo part:

I will go, leave for the last time
Without you I’ll go somewhere new
Somewhere you can’t bring me down
And when you’re not around
I’ll run and I’ll run and I’ll run until I’m done
There’s no fun watching the damage done

For Revolving there is a beat and it had a dark opening. But it is a song which sounds good overall and has to be one of my favourites. Keeper is the penultimate song and it is a powerful song. Closing the night was Blow which is like a hurricane. The pace is extremely fast in tempo. After plenty of applause Spark went offstage after having delivered a fantastic 7 song set.

OVERALL: This was a fantastic set and it oozed energy. When the set had a few songs left Spark urged the audience to get closer. Still I really enjoyed the night and Spark is someone I expect to fully blossom by the end of 2010. I look forward to the single release on 12th July.


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