Ellie Goulding @ Shepherd’s Bush Empire 9th June 2010

I headed out and got to Shepherd’s Bush Empire at 4.30pm. There were already quite a few people sitting on the steps. This was quite unusual for a Ellie gig but then I remembered it was half term. Doors opened just a few minutes after 7pm and the o2 priority queue had made its appearance. I was tempted to join but knowing that I was 5th in the queue there was no point. Once I was in I managed to get the spot that I wanted and I remained there till the very end. The night kicked off at 8.15pm and this was the lovely Leah Mason. The style of her music was folk and it was actually quite pleasant. She is definitely a talent waiting to blossom. It is well worth keeping an eye on her. She was perfect support and got the crowd warmed up for the headlining act. The crowd most certainly enjoyed the set.

Headlining this sold out event was the ever so lovely Ellie Goulding. This was the biggest venue she had played in when headlining. Goulding performed here last December but as support for Little Boots. So this was a little overwhelming as it was packed inside. This set was simply incredible there was a backdrop and square boxes hanging from the ceiling. When the stage went black the audience was going crazy then the music started to play and lights saying Ellie Goulding were on the backdrop. The moment Ellie started to sing Lights there were a lot of people who sang along. It is a strong song and Ellie’s sickly sweet vocals made it a fantastic performance. Every Time You Go had everyone participating with the Oh-oh-ohs. Following on was the up tempo This Love which can easily get the crowd moving. That song has to be my favourite as the melody is infectious and the lyrics gel to it perfectly. Current single Guns & Horses was the next song that followed. Plenty of people were joining in by singing along plus people were clapping along to this catchy beat. Midlake cover Roscoe followed on and the vocals are perfect. Ellie makes it her own and it sounded slightly lighter compared to the original version.

Your Biggest Mistake Ellie mentioned she had felt like making a mistake. The result was this infectious dancy song. Things slowed down for The Writer which is a emotional power balled and the vocals are superb. After was the up tempo I’ll Hold My Breath which has catchy lyrics. Ellie introduced Salt Skin by saying its about “running away” and it’s about “being a warrior” . The final song was Under The Sheets which was rather energetic and had people singing along. They then all leave the stage only for Ellie to return to the stage to a rapture of applause. A special guest was introduced to the stage. This was the talented Lissie who was repaying the favour after Ellie joined her onstage when at The Great Escape. This song I had not even heard of before but it was completely stunning. Both Ellie and Lissie should record and release something together as it would do really well. The song in question being Patty Griffin’s song Making Pies.

This song was also one Goulding had been singing at open mic nights since the age of 17. It  was then onto the beautiful Frankmusik produced Wish I Stayed. It was a strong song and energetic. Finally the song which ended the night was a real crowd pleaser. This was Starry Eyed which was an incredible closing number. Other than people singing along and the drum skin was topped with glitter so when Ellie hit it the glitter went everywhere. Plus the very end there was a blast of confetti showered down. After there were thank yous and kisses from Ellie to the crowd. You knew it was an overwhelming experience for Goulding.

OVERALL: This was one amazing gig. Leah Mason was wonderful and I will most definately like to listen to future music by her. As for Ellie the set was fantastic. The backdrop was stunning and the lights which were displayed on it was fantastic. I especially liked the introduction before Lights.

Before the night there was a rumour that Lissie was performing with Ellie. The cover was a bit random but I loved the song. Both gel perfectly togetther. The ending was a real showpiece glitter coming off the drum skin when Ellie was hitting and confetti which came showering down got the audience cheering.


Every Time You Go
This Love
Guns & Horses
Your Biggest Mistake
The Writer
I’ll Hold My Breath
Salt Skin
Under The Sheets


Making Pies
Wish I Stayed
Starry Eyed


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