Slow Club @ Koko 1st June 2010

Summer Camp

The Slow Club tour was ending after having played 5 dates prior. It culminated with a performance at London’s Koko. This by far has to be the biggest venue that they have headlined after playing intimate venues (The Enterprise, Union Chapel) the previous year. When I last saw the band play it was clear that they were nervous playing at that venue. Rebecca had said she was nervous that no one would turn up. The night was to feature 3 support acts Summer Camp and both Veronica Falls and Spectrals were only supporting on the London date. When waiting on the steps outside it did start to pour with rain (by pour I mean torrential). When the doors opened at 7pm it was nice to be in the shelter. The band opening was Spectrals. There weren’t as many people inside for the support act and to be honest it wasn’t my cup of tea. What I look for is catchy songs. Songs which captivate me and leave me wanting more but I didn’t get that from this band. The following two bands I was fully aware of and I had seen before. The first being Summer Camp which consist of Jeremy Warmsley and Elizabeth Sankey and they sang beautiful catchy pop music. The set was 20 minutes long and it was kicked by with the infectious Ghost Train which was the debut vinyl. Other songs in the set include Was It Worth It, Summer Camp and It’s Summer. It wont be long till they are headlining as they have plenty more cracking material. The music is very up beat and every song has a catchy hook and this was the case with Ghost Train.

Veronica Falls

Veronica Falls were interesting as it was full band. Songs that were sung included Stephen, Found My Love In A Graveyard, Staying Here, Starry Eyes, Beachy Head and I Lost My Faith. Now I really enjoyed the set even though it was a tiny bit heavy due to the electric guitars. Once it ended I was left wanting to hear more.

So at 9.45 Slow Club took to the stage armed with brand new material. If the new material features on the 2nd album it is going to be fantastic. The packed venue was plunged into darkness only for the stage to be lit up when Charles and Rebecca were on. Opening up was brand new song Oooh. The short chorus is fast paced and is packed with plenty of energy. Sometimes it can be a bit risky playing a new song first which no one knows but the whole crowd enjoyed it and gave it plenty of applause when over. There was then darkness then it was onto the second song. Even though I have seen Slow Club live plenty of times I had never heard Our Most Brilliant Friends live even though it is on Yeah So. This is a fast full flowing song which was over in a flash. The beautiful steady paced I Was Unconscious, It Was A Dream followed on. The verses and chorus are fantastic. The majority is sung by Charles and Rebecca providing the harmonies. The rollercoaster ride which was If We’re Still Alive was next. The first verse was sung by Rebecca and she has such a strong vocal range. There was then applause and then some banter with the crowd. “We’re Slow Club yay” Rebecca said. “I don’t know what to say for the first time in my life”. That was very rare Rebecca lost for words. Charles then goes onto say “You know we never ever ever write set lists ever, we are going to play a song called No Good Way but it actually says No Food Way”.  This again was another song where Charles sang the majority and Rebecca harmonised. It is slow and powerful at the same time. I also find it to be beautiful as well. Up beat song Rotten Mouth was next. I love this song it has infectious lyrics It oozed energy and the vocals by both Charles and Rebecca gel together perfectly. The song is played at a fast pace and it is also powerful in parts. I loved the way the song opens. Again Trophy Room was played at a fast pace and it has lyrics you just want to sing along to. Up next Rebecca said she was going to borrow a pair of shoes which were once worn by Beyonce. “This song is about almost wearing Beyonce’s shoes, but then having them cruelly taken away”. The song being Sorry About The Doom which Rebecca sings solo. This song is both mesmerising and entrancing. Rebecca’s vocals are soft and gentle. I actually found it to be quite soothing as well.  Because We’re Dead followed on and it was a real crowd pleaser. It is infectious and I like the fact that it oozed energy. Now Wild Blue Milk was something really special. Charles and Rebecca came to the edge of the stage to sing this song without the aid of microphones. Now being right at the front and it made this song even more intimate. It was then back to the microphones for a double whammy of new songs. Palms was next and Charles introduced Jeremy Warmsley and Matt. This new song oozed energy and the verses were sung by Rebecca. It was a nice song and I look forward to hearing the studio version. Before the next song there was some banter. “We hadn’t anticipated playing this fast” Charles said. Someone then shouted out sing Bad Boys. Rebecca then said “Don’t tempt me” and mentioned it was the best song of 2009. “I’ve yet to sing it on a stage”. The next song was Hackney Marsh and it is a beautiful song. The lyrics are amazing, its also soft and gentle as well. Ending the set was Giving Up On Love. This being the current single and it is highly infectious with lyrics you just want to sing along to. There is also loads of energy which oozes from this song. This is really up tempo as well. So when it is over they go offstage only to come back on moments later. New song Gold Mountain was then sung. The majority is sung by Charles and Rebecca provides the harmonies. I had previously heard this song back on The Camden Crawl and it is completely different to the songs on the first album. It actually has a steady pace and the vocals are superb. Christmas TV ended the night and again they both came to the end of the stage. “I suppose we’d better play that bloody Christmas song, hadn’t we?” said Rebecca. This was to be the final outing of this song. It is delivered at a fast pace and it was a real crowd pleaser. Everyone sang the lyrics “Just Come On Home”. When the whole audience sings along it is really surreal. It is also delivered strongly and it is powerful at the same time.


Our Most Brilliant Friends
I Was Unconscious, It Was A Dream
If We’re Still Alive
There Is No Good Way To Say I Am Leaving You
Rotten Mouth
Trophy Room
Sorry About The Doom
Because We’re Dead
Wild Blue Milk
Hackney Marsh
Giving Up On Love


Gold Mountain
Christmas TV

OVERALL: Good support + Slow Club = Brillant gig. This was an amazing night and there was some hilarious banter by Charles and Rebecca. Rebecca even said a joke about cheese but it wasn’t her joke. It seems like they are trying to break away from the first album after leaving out When I Go and It Doesn’t Have To Be Beautiful. From the new songs that were sung that follow up will be tremendous.


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