Eliza Doolittle @ Carnaby Street 6th June 2010

Carnaby Street puts on a free mini festival around June time every year called Summer Of Love. The main reason I attended was to see Eliza Doolittle whom was playing at the main stage. By the time I was there some Go Go Dancers were just finishing up. There were actually a couple of Elvis impersonators who were dancing away to the songs that Eliza sang. Eliza is a true talent and the music she sings is pop. If you picture colours to music I pick up on a lot of bright colours. When hearing her live or when you listen to the music it is perfect for a sunny day. Opening up this 8 track set was Missing which is a nice slow paced song. The lyrics are beautiful from the very beginning of the song. Rollerblades followed on and it was more upbeat. For Go Home Eliza’s vocals are superb. There felt there was a slight Reggae feel to it and the lyrics are perfect. Aretha is a song I had never heard before there is a steady pace and Eliza belts the song out. Back To Front was a steady song and from listening to the lyrics you know what the song is about. It is also beautiful as well. Mr Medicine which was a song which hadn’t been sung live before well went down well with the crowd. It is very up beat and has catchy lyrics especially the chorus which people sang along with. Eliza mentions before starting Boo if you hate it as she just wanted to know if the audience liked it. I love how Skinny Genes starts up. It is a brilliant song and you cant help smiling because the melody is uplifting and the vocals gel to it perfectly. This verses and chorus are fantastic. Ending the set was the infectious Pack Up. This is the forthcoming single released in July and it has lyrics you just want to sing along to. Before Eliza introduced her band. The song is full flowing and it also makes you smile. I for one cant wait till the album is out because she has so many cracking tunes.


Go Home
Back To Front
Mr Medicine
Skinny Genes
Pack Up


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