PoetiCat @ The Windmill 31st May 2010

The Windmill was the venue for the night which was put on by PoetiCat as it was in aid of the 4 track demo CD they had pressed for that night. This was the first time I had been to this pub and from the outside it did look like a dive bar. When I was there I waited outside for the Jeffrey Lewis to finish up. So at 5pm I went inside and it did look pretty nice compared to the outside. Opening the evening was Kundalini Drive a three piece band whom sing acoustic/ folk music. I quite enjoyed the songs that I had heard. I didn’t hear the full set because I was checking out the free barbeque. I then came back in and listened to the final songs of the set. I sat down on a stool for most of the evening. Pintsize was next on the bill. He is a MC artist and I actually quite liked his songs despite the crude language. The set start of with Average Guy which is a nice song and has some good lyrics. Blow Up Doll sampled Cliff Richard Living Doll and The Best Of Being Pintsize sampled The Best Of Being Bad. Holly Walker was a nice artist whom I really enjoyed. I liked the lyrical pop that she sung. I would most definitely like to see her again. Now Rob Auton was a very talented stand up comedian. His set definitely had me in set stitches. Each piece was like a short skit the first involved a brown paper bag over his head with a smiley face on one side and a unhappy face on the other. Other poems included Susan, Penny, Bacon and another one where a baby was named Dad. Now Rob was highly entertaining. The Woe Betides I didn’t really take too. Musa Okwonga was a spoken word artist and he read out a short story about a Piggy City which is like the This Little Piggy nursery rhyme.

One of the main reasons I came was to see Brigitte Aphrodite. I had previously seen her support Kate Nash in April and quite a few times before. I like the infusion of song and comedy that is injected into each song. The 5 track set was exactly the same as Village Underground minus Dance With A Stranger. Opening up the set was Prepe Love which is about a mans obsession for wearing women’s clothing. It is a song that got the place warmed up and there was a sizeable crowd by this time. I liked the beat boxing moment. Mac Ruby Woo followed on which was a serious song which indecently is Brigitte’s favourite lipstick. A short interpretation of The Boy Does Nothing was next. Brigitte called Alesha Dixon a modern day Emmeline Pankhurst. Yet another serious song followed on this being She’s A Blue Ice Cream Rink. I liked the Schoo Be Doo bits. The song is a fast pace energetic song. It is a nice strong song and Brigitte puts everything into it. Also there are plenty of people laughing away. Ending the night was The Sound Of Your Voice which is a beautiful up-tempo song. I liked all the energy that was put into the set.

The curator of the night was PoetiCat a 4 piece lyrical band/ I had previously seen them before but it was not the full band. So for that reason I was intrigued to hear them perform. PoetiCat is a 4 piece band consisting of Catherine Martindale, Isabel Meadowcroft, Blake Kenrick and Victor Meadowcroft. Taking place throughout the evening was a design a t shirt competition. This T Shirt would be the official T Shirt. Well all the finalists were girls apart from one guy. That guy was the winner who won a bottle of JD at the end. Now I love spoken word to a melody it feels so soothing. It actually reminded me a lot like how Laura Dockrill performs her spoken word pieces. Now armed with a 4 track demo CD that gave the band material to perform. Infact the whole CD was performed live. Yellow Lines was added in as a quick piece because it was taking Blake a long time to get the guitar ready. Neighbourhood is a nice poem and the addition of the guitar made it even mellowing. Sunrise was full flowing and I liked the beat. One Night Stand was next then it was Moomin Song. As soon as the song progresses it becomes more stronger and fast in pace. The thing I like about spoken word is it tells a story. This was exactly the case to Rooftops. Actually it is slightly mesmerising. Sheepskin was about spilling red wine on a sheepskin rug and this was the confession. Blake was playing what looked like an accordion. Quick poem Yellow Lines was added in after then ending the set was On My Mind. This song is very up-tempo and was a good song to end on. After I grabbed a copy of the demo and made my way home. This is a rather talented spoken word band and you can see shades of other poets in them. I would definitely see PoetiCat again.


One Night Stand
Moomin Song
Yellow Lines
On My Mind


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