Lady Gaga @ o2 Arena 30th May 2010

The Monster Ball came back to the o2 Arena for two nights. This was the first night and little monsters old and young came together for this extravagant sold out spectacle. Questions were raised when the ticket prices had almost doubled when she was first at the o2 in February. But from seeing the show you can understand why and the price for a ticket was well worth it. The set was two hours long and I enjoyed every single minute. I arrived at 4pm. My sister and I were seating so there was no need to go early. There were already tons of people who had standing tickets whom were already queuing. Some had been there very early in the morning. So we then got something to eat then after just waited for the doors to open at 6pm. Once the doors opened we could get to our seats straight away. Normally the doors are closed because the band is still doing the sound check. Our view was a rear view. But a good rear view so we could see what was happening on stage. The view was far better than the Block 106 tickets that had to be sold on. The Block I was sitting in was Block 113 near the stage. Supporting were NYC based band Semi Precious Weapons. Songs that were sung included the ones that feature on the 3 track EP that was being song. This being Semi Precious Weapons, Magnetic Baby and Put A Diamond In It. Plus they sung Sticky With Champagne and Statues Of Ourselves. All in all it was not my cup of tea. They had bundles of energy but I wasn’t captivated enough to say wow I really like this band. Still every band deserves a second listen to and I shall see if the music is a grower.

So after Semi Precious Weapons finished their set 15 minutes early there was then a 45 minute wait for Gaga. Only she came on 15 minutes early just a few minutes past 8. This extravagant event was divided into acts and it told a story which made the night even more incredible. It is by far the best gig/ show I have been to. When the lights went off the whole crowd were going crazy. A cloak had been placed round the stage so you couldn’t see what was being set up.  A video was then projected on the screen and you could tell what song was going to come first. There was a countdown on the video being shown and the crowd was literally going insane. Once the intro has finished you could see Gaga’s silhouette through the clear sheet. Kicking off this night was Dance In The Dark. What the audience could see was Gaga’s shadow and she was pulling dance moves. The curtain then came up. Gaga was going to take us all to The Monster Ball and when the curtain had raised we saw what looked like New York. There were neon signs plus a car. A conversation followed and this was in the cab. “Are we breaking down” Where’s Gaga anyway?” Now we’re never going to make it to The Monster Ball”. Gaga then responds by saying “Yes you will, I will take you there” This then led into upbeat song Glitter And Grease. Gaga makes her way down the stairs and the dancers are around the green car. Towards the end steam was coming out the bonnet. The car had obviously burnt out.

The bonnet is opened and Gaga then sings Just Dance. The dance routine is simply incredible. “Are you having a good time Little Monsters”. Following on was Beautiful, Dirty, Rich. When that song finished there was a speech by Gaga “Tonight in the United Kingdom we’re going to be super free monsters”. Vanity which was a song I had not heard before despite it being 4 years old. Still it was a upbeat song with a infectious melody. Once the song had finished the lights went out and led into next song The Fame. At the beginning Gaga was dressed in a red cape and was playing the harp then made her way up the stairs. “You don’t need money or plastic surgery to be a star London”. The thing I like is the change of melody in this song. So Gaga makes her way down the stairs and goes back to the harp then lowers down for the end of the first act. The curtain then came down and another video was shown. Once it raised up the setting was of a subway. You had a carriage which displayed its destination which was The Monster Ball. The song which was sung was LoveGame.

How Gaga manages to sing live and dance I do not know. She asks the crowd to scream which everyone does. Towards the end Gaga had her Disco Stick and makes her way onto the catwalk. “Ok o2 get on your feet” “I don’t know if you’ve heard but I have pretty tremendous so come on, get your dicks out”. So once back on the stage there is then some interaction with the crowd. “My name is LADY GAGA” everyone then screams. “And welcome little monsters” “Tonight I want you to forget all of your insecurities, I want you to celebrate your shame” “I want you to let go of every time you have ever felt rejected or insecure or not good enough, not pretty enough, not thin enough, not blonde enough, cant write a good song enough, sing enough, dance enough” “Tonight I want you to be free, tonight I want you to be yourself”. “When I look into this audience every night I see thousands of tiny little mirrors, I see myself in everyone of you and god has blessed me” “I am the luckiest girl on the Earth because I have you”.

Gaga then points her disco stick which lights up that area of the crowd. After she then gives a recap of where we are at “I told my friends that at The Monster Ball it would set them free, so we got into my car, but my car broke down. “But then I took them on the subway which always gets me where I need to go”. “But the subway has left us in this very strange place and I don’t have no f**king clue where we are”.  “Why don’t I ask my friends, my British gay boys”. This then led into Boys, Boys, Boys. It is a nice strong song and a real crowd pleaser. The audience joined in with the chorus. After a rapture of applause it was then onto Money Honey. For this song Gaga is on a platform with her keytar and was wearing a black PVC coat. It is a song that has grown on me and there was a lot of energy put into it. Once the song is over Gaga walks up the catwalk and takes off her PVC coat and you knew what song was coming. “I’ll never forget when Beyonce called to bail me out”. Even though Beyonce was not there her vocals were present and Gaga’s vocals were live. It was an energetic song and the crowd were jumping up and down. Gaga made her way down the catwalk and then offstage. Three songs on the piano were next all these three are beautiful power ballads. Brown Eyes was the first. When Gaga came onto the stage she was on top of the piano which rose from beneath the stage. This was a strong performance of the song. It was then onto a piano solo using her feet. After it was onto Stand By Me and before starting Gaga tells the crowd that Daddy Gaga had been playing lots of golf and he is happy he is well again and wanted to thank everyone for their support. “My dad calls me Loopy. Since I was a kid, and he wonders why I turned out this way”. “Since you always Stand By Me”  Gaga said then launched herself into an outstanding take on the classic song Stand By Me. This was a real crowd pleaser and it was simply incredible. Loads of people were singing along to this song. Now Speechless which is a beautiful ballad was incredible. It was delivered strongly and the piano was even on fire. During the middle of the song Gaga says that she will never go on a break or vacation. “I would rather not die under a palm tree, I would rather die on stage with a drink in my hand”.

After Speechless has ended Gaga and 5 of her dancers walk up the catwalk. A twister then sucks up Gaga and her dancers then we get another interlude. So when the twister has gone Gaga is in a ball gown and with a head piece on. I like this song it is very catchy. Gaga then goes on a platform which rises so the people in the upper tiers can see her. After Gaga progressed to the main stage and went for another costume change. During the interlude there was a video that kept on saying Put Your Paws Up, That referred to the next song Monster and when the curtains raised it showed a forest setting. Gaga then came onto the stage looking like a white mushroom well this song is highly infectious. Towards the end Gaga is then set upon and when the six people leave her you can see blood coming from Gaga’s chest (“He ate my heart”).  Afterwards Gaga expressed her hatred of superfans “I hate the truth, in fact I prefer a giant dose of bullshit any day”. The next song was Teeth. To be honest it is not my favourite song as there is no catchy hook. At the end Gaga was gritting her teeth. Alejandro was up next and Gaga was crying when she was walking back to the stage. There was also a fountain she got into at the end which was gushing out blood. Alejandro which is the next single has a nice summertime feel to it. The curtain is lowered then when it comes up minutes later Gaga walks up the catwalk with a different costume.

Pokerface was a real crowd pleaser and it is one were you can dance to it. The energy in the packed arena was intense. During it Gaga urged everyone to jump and scream. At the very end there is a dance breakdown. They then all make their way down the catwalk and go behind the curtain. There is another interlude before the 4th act starts up. It is dark and Gaga cant see. Her friends then abandon her leaving Gaga on her own. “You cant leave me by myself, its dark”. She slowly turns round to see The Fame Monster. The monsters eyes and teeth are lit up. It looked like a angler fish. Well when Gaga turned round to see it she let out a cry “Nooooo, it‘s a monster, it‘s The Fame Monster”. As soon as the song kicks in there are a few whimpers by Gaga. The monster then wraps its tentacles around her. “Come on, just eat me you motherf**ker”. It looked like Gaga had been eaten up but rising onto the stage was Gaga who was wearing her bra and pants which were spitting out flames. Once the song was over there was a rapture of applause. Gaga then says “We did it” “Let’s get out of here” “Let’s go to The Monster Ball”.

The curtain then lowered for the final time. At this point people had started to leave to beat all the other people going home. The curtain raised and the crowd saw Gaga in a massive gyroscope. She did a couple of lines Acapella. “We did it London. We made it to The Monster Ball”. This infectious song capped of what was a fantastic night. Gaga said “Did you have the time of your life”. Well I most certainly did. Everyone was singing along to the chorus to the song. This was not a gig it was more like a musical. Songs, A Story and different Sets. This accounted for one fantastic evening one you will never forget.


Act 1: City

Dance In The Dark
Glitter And Grease
Just Dance
Beautiful Dirty Rich
The Fame

Act 2: Subway

Boys Boys Boys
Money Honey
Brown Eyes
Stand By Me
So Happy I Could Die

Act 3: Forest


Act 4: The Monster Ball

Bad Romance

OVERALL: This was a fantastic night. Gaga was truly on form. I like the way it was put together like a musical. I look forward till the day I see her in December.


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  1. Thanks for the pics of Lady Gaga I really missed being there..!

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