Luna Belle @ The Stags Head 28th May 2010

Located in Dalston lies The Stags Head. This was a place I had never been before. I even had to make a 19 minute trek from Angel station as there was no proper tube station nearby. The event I went to see was put on by Not Even in conjunction with Moshi Moshi. The band whom were on the bill that interested me was hot new band Luna Belle. Yes I may of seen them the day before but when you first see fresh talent who have just been signed up you need to support them with any given opportunity. This was gig number 4 for the band and my 3rd time seeing them live within the space of 14 days. They truly have something special and I like the easy listening pop music that they sing. If you have viewed the Myspace page you would of heard only 2 songs on the player. You really need to experience them live because they have plenty more cracking songs. When I was inside I sat in the area the bands were going to perform in. I sat through the Luna Belle sound check and saw that the stage was so small. Not everyone could fit on Tom was playing guitar off the stage. The songs sung were exactly the same as the previous night. I wasn’t bothered one single bit as each of the 7 songs satisfied my need to hear brilliant music. The style is easy listening pop and each song is catchy in its own way. I’m Not Sold which is new song compared to the others started off loud. What I mean by this is that to begin with the vocals were drowned out by sound. Still it picked up and the vocals were crystal clear. Throughout the set Katherine had her finger covering her ear probably to hear what she was singing. Acid Book was a soft up tempo song. One that is light and easy to listen to. Whereas Other Side Of Blue is an infectious song with lyrics you just want to dance about to. Under The Sun I would like to hear again while Just Saying is up tempo and has a catchy chorus. Sinking Down was the penultimate song on the night and then was followed by I Know Its Too Late (To Fall In Love). That starts off soft and progresses into an amazing song.


I’m Not Sold
Acid Book
Other Side Of Blue
Under The Sun
Just Saying
Sinking Down
I Know Its Too Late (To Fall In Love)

OVERALL: After the last song finished I made my way home after witnessing a band who I predict big things for. It was extremely hot inside and I was literally sweating. Going outside was nice as there was a breeze. Katherine even mentioned that it was hot in between songs.

Check Luna Belle out you wont be disappointed.


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