Luna Belle @ The Half Moon 27th May 2010

I first saw Luna Belle in Chiswick who kicked off the first Blue Flowers at George IV mid May. I was so impressed I immediately checked out the Myspace the moment I had got home. Every so often I checked the Myspace to listen to the two tracks Acid Book and Just Saying which had been uploaded onto the Myspace player. I had also been talking to Katherine via Myspace messaging to get more background information about the band. One day two dates were listed in the upcoming shows along with the Latitude appearance in July. These two days were back to back and easy to get to. So I then purchased my ticket for what was a unsigned night taking place at The Half Moon in Putney. For those who don’t know this pub was given a last minute reprieve as it faced closing its doors for the last time after 31st January. Some acts that have performed there include The Rolling Stones, Kasabian, The Who, U2 and many more.

So I arrived around 7pm and I just sat then waited for the night to kick off. A little later I was hanging out with the band. It was very surreal and they are ever so nice. Once the first act were on we then made our way into the area the night was taking place. It was a nice intimate venue. Once I was inside the first act were onstage ready to start. This was a 5 piece girl band called My Heroine whom sing a infusion of Rock and Pop. Even though there is just one track on the Myspace player there were plenty more fantastic songs which were sung. My favourite had to be Infatuation and Killing Time which was a new song had its first outing. Well My Heroine were a nice band to kick off the night and I enjoyed the songs that were sung. They are really good considering they are unsigned. It is worth checking out the Myspace and listen to the track Leading Lady then make up your mind what you make of them.


Let It Go
Killing Time
Leading Lady

The first time I saw Luna Belle they impressed me greatly. Having been introduced to them earlier on I found out that they are all ever so nice. The set was exactly the same as Blue Flowers only I did not know the name of the songs then. There is only just two songs on the Myspace player which are Acid Book and Just Saying. The set was 7 songs long and they were filled with cracking songs. I for one enjoyed every single moment and it was all over so fast. It kicked off with I’m Not Sold it was a nice song and I look forward to hearing the studio version. Acid Book is a nice catchy song with some brilliant lyrics. Katherine’s vocals are brilliant. A favourites of mine had to be Other Side Of Blue which is a fantastic song with a infectious pacey chorus. Under The Sun was played after and was then followed up by Just Saying. This song has a nice opening and is an uptempo song with a strong infectious chorus. The penultimate song was Sinking Down and then was ended with I Know Its Too Late (To Fall In Love) starts off slow and soft. The softness reminded me of Who’d Of Known. Still it was an amazing song and it rounded off the set perfectly.


I’m Not Sold
Acid Book
Other Side Of Blue
Under The Sun
Just Saying
Sinking Down
I Know Its Too Late (To Fall In Love)

OVERALL: Luna Belle were fantastic they are most definitely one to keep your eye on this year. The style of the music is power pop and lead singer Katherine Joyce has outstanding vocals. The songs which were sung were brilliant and I enjoyed all of them. My favourite has to be Other Side Of Blue. Having been recently snapped up by Island Records I definitely see a bright future for them. I cant wait for when both single and album drops in the future as they will be right corkers.

As for the opening act My Heroine I really enjoyed the set they played. I definitely would like to hear more material by them.


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