Marina and the Diamonds @ Bloomsbury Ballroom 20th May 2010

Some may say second nights are always better than the first. Some may say the first night is the best. As I had attended the first night at Bloomsbury I was able to notice a few differences between both nights. The drawback of doing back to back nights is you know what to expect, you aren’t surprised. The day started at 4.30pm I went straight to the venue and I didn’t get lost this time. There were 4 people sitting outside which is surprising because Marina is a fantastic recording artist. Best thing about night 2 at the Bloomsbury is the fact I knew a few people going whom I have met through other gigs. When you have people you know in the queue with you it is nice because you just talk music. In attendance was Stevegigslegend whom in fact I met for the first time at Marina’s Crown Jewels launch at Puregroove last year. The doors did open slightly later than the 7.30 it said on the ticket. When opened everyone made their way in only a few at a time. I had to collect my ticket as I had purchased from Stargreen. So I gave my name had it crossed off then made my way downstairs. I wasn’t in that much of a rush to get down there as I had a inkling that the doors will be shut and everyone would be waiting around the bar area. So once in the bar area my inkling proved to be fact. A queue started to form and there were people huddled around the entrance doors. When they finally open there was the usual dash to the front but I managed to get a position left centre. The night kicked off a few minutes later than the 8.45 which was posted. Still Spark was a really nice warm up act. In fact I thoroughly enjoyed the set. I will most certainly be seeing her again and buying any future music. The set list was the same as the night before and that was to be expected. When Spark came onto the stage she was wearing a white top which was covered with sewn on red lips and some high waist shorts. As I had attended the night before I could enjoy the eight songs even more. They instantly grew on me and they are all pure pop. The songs were amazing it is hard to pick out one specific song I liked. My favourites had to be Damage Done, Revolving, Receiver and Keeper. The audience seemed to love the set and I am guessing there are plenty more new fans now.


Shut Out The Moon
Damage Done
American Girl

It was then another half a hour waiting for the headline artist to come onto the stage. When the video came on the crowd started to get lively. The video looked slightly James Bond esqe. There was plenty of clapping in unison. So once the video finished everything went black and the band came on to plenty of cheers. Girls started to play and Marina made her entrance to a rapture of cheers. She was wearing a black top, American Stars and Stripes high waist shorts and tights with diamonds stuck on. Diamandis was also wearing bug eyed sun glasses. It is a nice powerful song with some brilliant verses and a strong chorus. Marina belted out this song and put every ounce of energy into it. Seventeen followed on and the tone is slightly darker but it is a catchy song. Once the song is over Marina engaged with the crowd. “Hello friends. Thankyou for coming. Hope you have a good night”. The fast tempo The Outsider follows on and it is a strong song. Marina makes a gun from pressing both palms of her hands together for this part:

“Don’t get on my bad side
I can work a gun
Hop into the backseat baby
I’ll show you some fun”

Following on was I Am Not A Robot. The song got a good reception from the crowd and plenty of people were singing along. The UV lipstick and UV nail varnish was amazing. The quirky Oh No! followed on and this is the next single to be released. The lyrics are fantastic and I enjoyed the pace of this song. There were plenty of people singing along to this song. It was a song that you can dance to. Nearing the end Marina says “Sing it” and everyone sings along with the chorus. When the song was over the band left the stage leaving Marina to go to the keyboard. Diamandis apologized if her voice was a little hoarse “It may be because of the secret ciggies”. Still Numb which is a soft, quiet ballad was delivered faultlessly. Obsessions was next on the night it is a fantastic song which has beautiful powerful lyrics and an uptempo quirky second verse. This song delivers the message that everyone has their obsessions. This song went down well with the crowd. Rootless which has slowly grown on me was delivered strongly. Marina then left the stage when the second video interlude was shown. The rest of the band were playing for the amount of time the interlude was shown.

This then nicely led into the debut single Hollywood. This time Marina came on stage wearing Coca Cola Dungarees and The Family Jewels top. This song is highly infectious and there was so much energy from Marina and the crowd. Plenty of people were singing along and when Marina said “Jump” that’s what everyone did. Shampain was a nice song which had loads of people clapping away to the song. Diamandis then spotted the people at the back not clapping along. This then led Marina to say “I’m not going to sing if you don’t clap”. True to word she stopped singing the chorus. Well she was singing but not to the microphone. Still everyone was singing along. Once over Marina said “If I don’t deserve a clap then I don’t deserve a clap”. Why would you see Marina and the Diamonds not to clap because the music that they have produced is fantastic. During the song Marina spotted both Steve and I and gave us a smile.

Ending a brilliant night was Guilty.  It is hard to pick out certain Marina songs I like but this has to be one of them. It is a fantastic song with brilliant lyrics albeit a bit dark. The way it ended was amazing. It was a short dance routine by Marina which the whole crowd loved. So they all left the stage only to return minutes later. “I raise a Whisky to you” Marina said before launching into her own unique version of the 3OH!3 song Starstrukk. Even though there is a slower tempo compared to the original the rest of the audience loved it. There were even people singing along to the song. After there was a mention about the October tour and Marina saying “Hope to see you again soon”. Mowgli’s Road ended what was a fantastic second night. The song was powerful and there was bundles of energy in the actual performance. There was a little bit of audience participation with the Cuckoos.


The Outsider
I Am Not A Robot
Oh No!


Mowgli’s Road

OVERALL: The band the left the stage to a rapture of applause. The night was brilliant and the fan base is growing. I feel the sense of happiness knowing that I had been supporting her career since last year. Marina is a unique talent and there is elements of Kate Bush in some songs. She deserves every single bit of success and I look forward to the next tour.


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