Marina and the Diamonds @ Bloomsbury Ballroom 19th May 2010

I arrived at Bloomsbury Ballroom at 4pm. There were only 3 other people there just sitting down. I nearly got lost trying to find the venue as there is nothing saying Bloomsbury Ballroom. It was 2 years ago when I came to the venue for the very first time and nothing had changed since then. The doors opened quite promptly and people went in only a few at a time. Once downstairs the bar was the only thing open and the doors to the ballroom were closed. It was then a 40 minute wait until everyone was let in at 8.20pm. When they had opened there was then a dash to the front. I managed to get front centre and the fact there was no proper barrier was quite surprising. When at the front people just started to sit down as it was a 25 minute wait till the support act kicked off the night.

Supporting someone can be a hard task. Especially if that night is sold out. The newcomer that was the support I hadn’t heard of before. I did not know what to expect. Well at 8.45 the warm up act come onto the stage. Warming up the crowd is exactly what they did. The new comer was Spark and I enjoyed every single moment. The set was over in a flash and I could have easily of heard more. The set was only 8 songs long but they showcased how talented Spark is. Wearing a leopard printed leotard Spark opened up with forthcoming single Shut Out The Moon. This song is very pop and I look forward to the release of it. Damage Done is a nice strong song with a fantastic melody. Revolving sounds slightly dark but it is a nice catchy song. The melody of this song actually reminded me of Panic At The Disco – I Write Sins Not Tragedies. Now Receiver I really liked plus I loved Keeper as well. As for American Girl which was sandwiched in between Receiver and Keeper I would like to hear again. Scream is slightly up tempo and has some brilliant lyrics. Spark has a distinctive voice. Ending the set is Blow. It was a brilliant song to end on and I really enjoyed it.


Shut Out The Moon
Damage Done
American Girl

The amount of photographers for Marina was crazy. There was no barrier just a small roped off bit. Also the photographers stayed there for 4 songs and part of the 5. That was annoying for some people whom were at the front but not me I wasn’t going to let it dampen my experience. So at 9.45pm on the dot the set began. If you are a fan of Marina’s you would know that during her trip to America she filmed some video montages. The first was projected onto a white screen for all to see. The opening 5 songs were the usual. Opening the night was the strong and powerful Girls. Marina puts all of her energy into this song and plenty of people were singing along to it. Seventeen was again a catchy song but when carefully listening to the lyrics the tone is slightly darker. Marina then shouted “Hello Diamonds” before launching into The Outsider is a nice song it has grown on me a lot since I only heard it live the once. It was I Am Not A Robot that really captured my fixation, Marina had florescent pink nail varnish and lips with florescent pink lipstick on. During the song she pulled out two hearts one in each hands which again were luminous. After it was then onto the catchy and quirky Oh No! This has to be one of my favourite Marina songs and would make a good release. It is catchy at the same time and loads of people were singing along. The band then went offstage leaving Marina to go play a song on the piano. Someone then shouted “Marina play a song on the piano” to which Marina replied “Alright” then saying to that person “This ones for you”. The song in question being Numb. I adore this song it is so soft, slow and gentle. Marina’s vocals are perfect the song is both strong and powerful at the same time.

The band then come back onto the stage for Obsessions. Before starting Marina says “I’m melting. I‘m wearing Velcro and I hate it”. One member then shouted “Take it off” to which Marina replied “I am so sick of boys saying that” and then “That is so original”. Now Obsessions is both catchy and quirky at the same time. It is also slow and beautiful at the same time. The chorus had everyone singing along to. My favourite bit has to be the quirky second verse “Supermarket, oh a packet of crackers to pick”. The second verse has a slight reggae sound to it. This song also delivers a message by saying we all have our obsessions. The last song before the second video montage was the strongly delivered Rootless. Marina then went off the stage while the band stayed on playing while the montage was shown. Marina was walking the streets of Hollywood wearing a white dress and I think shampoo in her hair. The song that followed on was Hollywood and this was a energetic number. What she was wearing was one of her new Family Jewels tops and Planet Hollywood dungarees. Also she had heart shaped sunglasses on. Well there were plenty of people singing along to this song. Towards the end Marina asked everyone to jump during the chorus. So everyone was jumping up and down. So after plenty of cheers it was then onto Shampain. This song is rumoured to be the next single. It is a upbeat song which has a good chorus. Marina also plays her star shaped tambourine. Also there was a disco ball which made the whole ballroom look amazing.

Ending what was the first night of two at Bloomsbury Ballroom was Guilty. There were a few things being shouted out and before playing the song Marina said “Jesus you’re not Guilty”. This was the first time I had heard it live and I love this song. At first it is Acapella then the band start playing moments later. It is a steady paced song and it is slightly dark lyrics wise.

I was dreaming something bad,
Hiding body parts,
A broken dagger, broken leg,
I left it cold, I left it dead

After the song they all go offstage only to return minutes later after fans chanted for a encore. When back on the stage Marina sung a unique take on the 3OH!3 song Starstrukk. The song was slowed down a lot and I am not sure what to make of this take on the song. I am sure it would grow on me by the time I had seen her on the 2nd day at Bloomsbury. Marina also donned pineapple sunglasses. Rounding off which was a perfect performance was Mowgli’s Road which oozes energy. The rest of the crowd loved every minute of the song and Marina also urges the crowd to Cuckoo. When the song is over Marina leaves the stage to a rapture of applause.


The Outsider
I Am Not A Robot
Oh No!


Mowgli’s Road

OVERALL: This night was fantastic. I never knew how much I had missed seeing Marina live. From the amount of times I have seen her live Marina’s shows have been growing and growing. Yes the capacity was only 850 people but the show which was put on was truly a spectacle. You could say that the gig had shades of the gigs Lady Gaga puts on as there are video interludes. Still it was a wonderful night and fantastic support.


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  1. Ariane5 says:

    You need to improve your grammar. You can’t call yourself a writer unless you can actually write. “I could have easily of heard more”? Very poor.

    1. Planet Music says:

      Thanks for pointing that out. Yes looking back on it maybe I could of rephrased that sentance.

      But that review was made 6 months ago and it was actually the first time I had seen the support act.

      I take on board any constructive critism and I will keep a close eye on my grammar in future reviews.

      Finally I run this blog by myself, I am not established gig reviewer and just write them from my perspective.

  2. Ariane5 says:

    It’s “could HAVE”!!!!!


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