Lissie @ The Old Queen’s Head 18th May 2010

I arrived at The Old Queen’s Head at 6.30. I was the first one there and was hanging round the doors as I did not have a ticket. It sounds crazy getting there before anyone else but it had its advantages. I overheard they had a limited number of tickets. Thank god I didn’t decide to lave my place to get there when the doors opened. Everyone then went upstairs and formed a queue there. I think only 12 people paid on the door before a notice saying sold out was placed on the door. So once inside I hung round the front of the stage. The first support wasn’t on till 8.30. Opening up the night was 4 piece American band 1,2,3. They are chess clubs new signing as their debut 7 has been released on the label. The set was 9 songs long and I actually really enjoyed it. Having not known anything about this band prior to the night has made me want to research them even further. Two songs that were sung were the Chess Club single Going Away Party and its B side.

At 9pm it was onto the artist whom I really want to see. This being Illinois born Lissie Maurus. The set list may have been exactly the same than what was played on Sunday but I really enjoyed myself. Lissie is someone I hotly tip for 2010. Debut EP Why You Runnin’ was released in the States last year while over in the UK In Sleep was released April 2010 as a limited release for Record Store Day. Lissie sing Country music at its best. Every single song is perfect and the ones that were on the set proved to be a taster of tracks taken from debut LP Catching A Tiger which is released on 21st June 2010. There is so much passion put into each song and they each sound incredible. When coming onto the stage she comments about the drinks holder she had on her microphone stand. Lissie mentions Joshua Radin had one but and she wanted one. Opening up the set was Little Lovin’ and it is extremely powerful. It is a song you can dance about to and it made the perfect start to this set. When I’m Alone is one of my personal favourites there was so much passion and a tiny bit of emotion in this song. Bully which is taken from the album was the second time I had heard it. The song tells a story and it is a nice song. I look forward to hearing the actual studio version.

Now Cukoo Lissie says it is a cheesy song but she wrote it because when she was in High School she was trouble (disgruntled having fun). And the bell sounded like a Cukoo. Still the chorus is a catchy one and there is a fast pace which I really liked. After there were a few tuning problems and Lissie had to say be patient as she was loosing the crowds attention. But as soon as she started playing the steady paced Everywhere I Go there was complete silence. This song is simply beautiful and gentle at the same time. Before the last song there was a bit of banter as someone said “How’s the British” to what Lissie responds with “You guys are awesome”. The penultimate song had been playing on Radio 2 and Lissie also said “If recognise it please sing along”. The song in question being the fast tempo In Sleep. It is extremely powerful and the performance of this song is tremendous. Before the final song Lissie has the shot of Tequila and then sings the last song. This being her own take on Kid Cudi Pursuit Of Happiness. It sounded incredible and she made it her own. After they all made their way off stage and people were saying encore as they like me enjoyed her music so much. Even with the tuning issues it did not affect my enjoyment in anyway. Lissie mentioned that the guitar she is used too, the Airports cant check it in as it is irreplaceable. Well she also said that her guitar she was playing needs a bit of reassurance so every one says we love you. Also there was a bit of banter by Eric who said he ran barefoot. Lissie also said on Sunday she went to McDonalds twice to get ice cream.


Little’ Lovin
When I’m Alone
Everywhere I Go
In Sleep
Pursuit Of Happiness

OVERALL: This was another nice night. Again I couldn’t stay till the end as the headline came on at 10.30. After I had a quick chat with Lissie and then left looking forward till the next time I would see her live.


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