Lissie @ George IV 16th May 2010

The George IV pub marked the return of Blue Flowers. Blue Flowers is a music event which has showcased talent by Mumford and Sons, Laura Marling, The Maccabees to name but a few. This night was all but US based all apart from the opening band. The artists on the bill were British band Luna Belle and US artists Theophilus London, Lissie and duo Sleigh Bells. Sleigh Bells were headlining the evening but I was disappointed that I could not stay to see them with the fact of the works that were taking place on the tube lines. My journey consisted of taking two tube lines then taking the replacement bus service to Chiswick. This was the second time I had visited Chiswick and when I entered the pub it was packed near where the doors were. So I weaved my way to the doors and waited till they opened. Inside the area where the gig was taking place was massive. There were tables and chairs laid out plus there was a standing area in the middle. The doors just opened a little after 7.30pm and the first band were on at 8.20pm. Opening the night was four piece British band Luna Belle. They consisted of 3 males and 1 female who was on lead vocals. This band is one I want to hear more from. The style of music was pop and each of the songs sung were perfect.

The second artist on the night was Theophilus London who came all the way from Brooklyn. I quite enjoyed this set but with the fact he was on stage for 50 minutes did annoy me a little. Well the style of music was a mixture of New Wave and Hip Hop Pop. I quite liked his presence on the stage and the fact he was full of energy. Theophilus is extremely talented with the music he sings and I will like to hear more from him. As I was at the front of the stage, there was a table where people put their empty glasses. During the set Theophilus’s microphone wire knocked one off and the glass smashed. Also another highlight was when he pulled up two girls on stage to dance with him.

Theophilus London is someone worth checking out and this was his most intimate show to date.

There are two things you should know about Lissie Maurus. One Lissie is incredible and someone I highly recommend. Secondly her voice is like a dream, she puts so much passion into the songs. This was a eventful night and there were some tuning issues with the guitar. People in the crowd said smash it to which Lissie replied when you have each purchased at least 20 copies of my album I will have enough money to smash up guitars. Before the actual set started I had a glance at the set list and it looked a cracker. The opening number was Little Lovin’ is simply incredible. You can dance about to it as there is a beat and like the rest of the songs it is extremely Country. Before the next song Maurus said “I like this section here (middle) you guys have a lot of good energy there”. When the guitar is tuned up the song played was When I’m Alone. There was so much passion put into this song plus a dash of emotion. It is also ever so strong and the chorus is amazing. Lissie’s vocals are simply incredible and she has a belting voice. So after cheers it was onto a new album track this being Bully. There was a bit more banter with the crowd and Lissie mentions it is starting to feel like home and we’ve never been to Chiswick. Maurus then mentions that people in Chiswick speaks posh and whenever she thinks posh she thinks of Posh Spice. The song that starts is Bully and it is a beautiful steady paced song.

After it is onto Cukoo and before starting Lissie explains the meaning behind the song. “This songs kind of cheesy, but I wrote it coz I was in High School and was like sort of trouble and I was disgruntled. You know having friends when you’re at that age that are light minded and really gets you through. You then have this bell cry and it sounds like Cukoo”. It was a nice steady paced song and my favourite part has to be the chorus. You really want to join in with the Cukoo. After more applause it was onto Everywhere I Go. Recently Lissie dueted with Ellie Goulding at The Great Escape the night before. Well this song is a power ballad. It is slow and strong. It simply sounds amazing. The fast tempo In Sleep was next and it is extremely powerful. Ending the night was a cover song. Maurus then goes on to say she learnt this song especially and then went onto say “Earlier some dude just pushed me and didn’t say excuse me”. Lissie then takes a swig of Tequila and then starts to sing a unique take on the Kid Cudi song Pursuit Of Happiness. It sounded incredible and powerful. Lissie had completely smashed the song and made it her own. Once they had left the stage the people standing beside me really enjoyed themselves and were full of energy. They shouted for a encore and the reply back from Lissie was I would if I could. Still judging by this night it shouldn’t be that long until she is the headline act.


Little Lovin’
When I’m Alone
Everywhere I Go
In Sleep
Pursuit Of Happiness

OVERALL: This night ended really late. Theophilus London was onstage for 50 minutes which resulted in everything running late. It was due to end at 11pm but at that time the headlining act Sleigh Bells had not been on. I would of wanted to stay but due to tube line closures, rail replacement bus services I decided to leave straight after Lissie. Still it was a nice night.


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