The Great Escape 14th May 2010

The Great Escape is Brighton’s leading music festival which takes place over three days. It showcases over 350 bands across 30 different venues. I was always tempted to go to this and as soon as I knew Ellie Goulding was playing I purchased a ticket straight away. Also signing up to the text service was deemed to be a good choice. I had such a good time I would consider doing all three days one year. Also upgrading to priority may be good as I can see a lot of bands I want to see. The date I opted for was the Friday 14th. I did have bands that I wanted to see but due to the fact there was one specific artist I wanted to see I stayed in that venue the whole evening. Also queues were annoying as well as I went to Freebutt to see Pony Pony Run Run only for them to opt a one in one out policy. There was lots of running involved firstly when I was down by the seafront I had to run to get to Freebutt for Pony Pony Run Run and then when I was on Madeira Drive to get to Concorde 2 I received a text saying Futureheads were doing something for Levi’s and get to the store on Churchill Square for a limited wristband. The time I had got there I was sweating and the wristbands had gone.

The day started at 12pm. I arrived at the Queens Hotel to get my wristband and programme. I hung around there for a bit looking at the timetable and who I wanted to see. I was going to see Australian Larrisa McKay at 1pm but that soon changed as I got a text. The text said that The Cribs were doing a session for MTV Digs at the alternate venue Fortune Of War. It also said that it was taking place now. So I ran down to the seafront to get there. In the end I did and it hadn’t even started. The text message was sent out far to early and it wasn’t going to start until 2pm. This was slightly annoying but I decided just to wait as I knew this special gig was going to be popular. The number of people let in at 2pm was very limited. At first only 40 people got in. Once in I took a place behind the railing. The three track session was being filmed for MTV and the band were on the stage but their side was only visible. Songs being sung were taken from the current LP Ignore The Ignorant and the song with the same name opened things up. It was in fact sung twice as they weren’t impressed with the first take. The set which was 3 songs long was short but it left many fans satisfied. There was banter by the band. One bit of banter was the fact that the guitar took a while to tune. Leading them to say they got it off of Death Cab For Cutie and it was sh*t. Also Ryan asked the crowd who had seen then play in 2006 to which many fans responded too. I really enjoyed this short set and I would like to see The Cribs perform live again.


Ignore The Ignorant
We Share The Same Skies
Save Your Secrets

When I left Fortune Of War I decided to head to Freebutt for Pony Pony Run Run only to make my way back after having seen that there was a queue. So I ran back to Fortune Of War again to see Everything Everything. Now this Manchester based band I was aware of but hadn’t heard any music by them. There were plenty of people wanting to attend this intimate 3 song session. This 4 piece male band impressed me so much that I would like to hear more material by them. The three songs were hit packed. With only 4 singles released to their name the 3 that were sung included the bands first 2 singles and forthcoming single Schoolin’. I really liked the pop music they sung and my favourite song was Photoshop Handsome.


Suffragette Suffragette
Photoshop Handsome

After the set had finished I then hung around outside the venue and then headed to the Concorde 2. I had wanted to see Polly McKay & The Pleasure Principal. Only for a text about a Futureheads show for Levi’s to come through. So a dash to the Levi’s store saw me get there a second to late and the last wristband went. So after I had unsuccessfully missed out on a wristband it was then back to the seafront and back to Fortune Of War. There had been some whispers that Ellie Goulding was going to be doing a interview down on the beach. Sadly when I got there Ellie wasn’t. She most likely did her interview when I was making my way up to Churchill Square and back again. I then made my way to Concorde 2 and stayed in the bar area until the doors for the evening event opened. After having experienced queues for the gigs I was at I chose to stay in the one venue as I really wanted to listen to the headliners beautiful music. The first band of the evening was came from Finland. This lead vocalist is Mariam “Manna” Jäntti who was born in Paris to a Finnish mother and an Algerian father, now based in Helsinki Finland. How I would describe the music is light rock. It wasn’t heavy which was brilliant. I was captivated from beginning to end and I would most definitely like to hear more from them. This is the thing I like about festivals such as this one, they showcase the freshest talent from other countries. Songs that were in the set feature on the album Songs Of Hope And Desire. Well this was a nice opening act to the night.

Second on the night was Samuel Chase (above). The music sung was a mixture of pop and electronica. To be honest I couldn’t really get into the music. The penultimate act before the headliner was band Yuck (below). Now I really enjoyed this set. The four piece band consist of members from different parts of the world. The style of the music is pop rock and the songs are beautiful. Showcased were two brand new songs which hadn’t been played. These being Nameless Bones and Minotaur. Well Yuck are definitely a band to check out and one I most definitely want to hear more material from.

By the time the headlining act came on the Concorde 2 was literally packed out. There were also plenty of photographers plus two cameramen whom were filming. Well the act was Ellie Goulding who had just finished her sold out jaunt of the UK on 17th April. Goulding is a hot talent and other than winning both Brit and BBC Sound Poll, she has also managed to score a number 1 album at her first attempt. The ten song set was virtually the whole album minus one song. Yes the album is 10 tracks long but the one that opened up the night was Itunes only track Lights. For some reason the title track of the album didn’t feature on the album which was a complete surprise as it is ever so strong. All in all it is a brilliant choice of song to open on and it also got the crowd worked up. The following two songs were Every Time You Go and This Love (Will Be Your Downfall). Both songs are ones you can dance to and infectious at the same time. The melody in each of the songs gels perfectly to the lyrics. This Love is my personal favourite.

Guns And Horses which is the current single had everyone joining in. It starts of steady then gets stronger when it progresses. Ellie smashed this song and it was a real crowd pleaser. Your Biggest Mistake is a song which Ellie wrote because she felt like writing a song about making a mistake. The result being this highly infectious song. There is a fast paced song and strong as well. Following on was the beautiful power ballad The Writer. It’s about changing for someone I suppose. Well this song is slow in tempo and has beautiful lyrics. There is a dash of emotion added into the song. Wish I Stayed Goulding mentions she wrote it with Vincent Frank. This acoustic number was incredible I love stripped back versions of songs. It was then onto the last track of the album. This being Salt Skin and it was delivered tremendously well. Her drum skills are incredible as well. Following straight after was Under The Sheets. This again is another infectious song which also has a brilliant beat. This song also had plenty of energy and the chorus proved to be a bit of a sing along. So after the rapture of applause it was then onto the set closer. This final song on the night being Starry Eyed. “This is our final song and goes a bit like this really” (does the hand actions). This was a song which oozed energy and the atmosphere in the crowd was electric. Ellie and co then left the stage after having delivered another brilliant gig. Ellie’s vocals were both fantastic and sickly sweet. I enjoyed myself immensely.


Every Time You Go
This Love (Will BeYour Downfall)
Guns & Horses
Your Biggest Mistake
The Writer
Wish I Stayed
Salt Skin
Under The Sheets
Starry Eyed

OVERALL: My 2010 Great Escape was over. I had a brilliant time and I would be tempted to go to all three dates in 2011. I would only go to the three dates if they offer priority again as there were queues for some events. I did manage to catch the last train home and I had to sprint to the station as all the cabs were taken.


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