Kate Nash @ Village Underground 22nd April 2010

After a 4 date warm up tour in March completely sold out another four dates were added. These dates being in Dublin, Manchester, Birmingham and then ending in London. The cities (minus London) Kate played had been missed out on the warm up tour. So as soon as the date was announced I snapped up my ticket instantaneously. After making the journey to the warm up show in Brighton I was extremely intrigued by the new material. So fast forward to 22nd April 5pm only 6 people were sitting on the pavement queuing for the gig. The people queuing were lucky enough to meet Kate as her boyfriend (Ryan Jarman from The Cribs) drove her up to Village Underground. So as once as the guitar was unloaded everyone swarmed round Kate wanting a photo. I just hung back as I previously saw her 4 days earlier at HMV. When the time was nearing a queue on the opposite side started to build. When there were 5 people over there everyone who was sitting down moved to the other side. Yes some of the people who had been sitting down as about 6 people were at the front and they just strolled up when people had been waiting for 3-4 hours. Still when the doors were opened I managed to slip into the first batch of people whom were let in. I decided to go and stand in the centre and I stretched both arms and legs to save places for people that were in the original queue.

Now there had been a debate on who the actual support was as the ticket said Special Guests. I knew who was supporting as I saw her arrive. This being the talented and ever so wonderful Brigitte Aphrodite. Coming on around 8.30 the set was short and sweet lasting for around 15 minutes. But Brigitte managed to make people laugh and I guess she gained more fans after she mentioned about having both face book and myspace pages. The night featured both new poems and a few old favourites. Opening up the night was Prepe Love. It is about a male who loves to wear women’s clothing. Still it is a nice song it gets everyone warmed up and the beat boxing bit gets you into hysterics. Now Mac Ruby Woo which is about Brigitte’s favourite lipstick is the first new song on the night. I actually really like this song it is always a pleasure to hear new material. After it was a short interpretation of Alesha Dixon’s The Boy Does Nothing. It is a very short version of the chorus and it most certainly got the laughs. When it was over Brigitte says Alesha is like a modern day Emily Pankhurst. Following on was She’s A Blue Ice Cream Rink which was another serious song. It is a nice funny song and I like the bit where she says Schoo Be Do. It’s nice a strong as well and Brigitte definitely gets stuck into it. A funny moment was that the guitar Brigitte was playing was disconnected from the speakers. This resulted in the guitar being put down and there were huge cheers when this happened. So once the guitar was put down everyone started clapping along in time. When the song was over the guitar was replaced and what followed was further new material this song being The Sound Of Your Voice. It was actually a really nice song I would most definitely like to hear it again as there are only certain parts that I can remember. This being mentions of Cuppa Soups and White Vans. Brigitte actually told me she would like to release it as a single which is a brilliant idea. Ending the short but sweet set was Dance With A Stranger. This is a song you can have a dance to hence the first word of the song. This being a revolution song however there was no dancing with strangers during when it was played but there was a lot of clapping during the chorus. Still it is a nice funny song and it is clear to see that this is something Brigitte loves doing. You must see her live at one day as you wont be disappointed, you will be laughing so hard it hurts.


Prepe Love
Mac Ruby Woo
The Boy Does Nothing (Snippet)
She’s A Blue Ice Cream Rink
The Sound Of Your Voice
Dance With A Stranger

It was around 9.30pm when Kate took to the stage. After a little intro the band then take the stage and Nash goes to sit on the stall infront of the keyboard. After thanking people for coming opening up the night was Paris. Now this is a catchy song which Kate put everything into. When the song started it was like a explosion as the lights were so bright when they came on. This song is extremely uptempo and I myself was singing along to this song. One thing I do hate during this song is people talking and that happened throughout the night. The way the song ends was so powerful. Even though the next song Do Wah Doo didn’t make a huge impact on the UK Charts (entering at 15) it is a song I have huge admiration for. It is highly infectious and I love the 60’s vibe to it. Again it is uptempo and Kate delivers a phenomenal vocal performance of it. When the song ends there is a huge emphasis on the word bitch. So after Kate has a swig of her drink then announces this night was special for two reasons.

One was the fact this was the biggest capacity venue she had played at touring the second album and the other reason being it was John Jackson’s last time as part of the band. Kate also says she wants everyone to have a good time as London usually gets a bad reputation. Following this is Mouthwash from the debut album Made Of Bricks. It is very fast in pace and it is a really catchy song. Even I found myself singing along to the “And I’m Sitting At Home On A Friday Night”. After moving to the guitar the song that came next was Kiss That Grrrl. This was a nice pop song and I reckon it is a possible contender for the 2nd single. Take Me To A Higher Plane has a shouty chorus but light verses. It was then onto my favourite Nash song Don’t You Wanna Share The Guilt? To be honest I didn’t know what to make of it when I first heard it on the album as it has changed since I first heard on the Merry Happy vinyl. Still it is a song I adore and the spoken bit at the end is mesmerising. The lyrics are pure genius as well I still get tingles up my spine whenever I hear it live. Now the next song was I Hate Seagulls. Before playing Nash told everyone to shut up. There was silence till one woman started talking for all to hear. At the start of the song Kate goes through all the things she hates. During the song when Kate sings but (pauses)  I Hate Seagulls. Well during that short pause after but some stupid idiot said I Use Mouthwash. Now there were quite a few people around me who were really annoyed with this person. Still when Kate sang the line “I Hate Rude Ignorant Bastards” it did make a couple of people snigger.

I’ve Got A Secret was next and Nash tried to get everyone to get to sing along with her. The lines were “I’ve Got A Secret I Can’t Tell You” and “You Would Judge”. There was a lacklustre participation from the crowd. Still Kate powered through the song. A old song was next this was for the drunk woman. Foundations is a song that has been reinstated to the set list and was completely missed out on the warm up tour. There were plenty of people joining along and cheering. I can understand why it was missed out before because Kate may of got tired of singing it and also it is a tour for the new album so really you would like to showcase new material. Well this went down a complete storm. I am guessing the woman who kept shouting to do the song was happy. Next it was a B side to the current single. This song was for Clare Nash who was also in the audience. Kate said this is the new version of Dickhead. R ‘n’ B Side is a nice song despite its lyrics the most memorable one being “Why do you have to be such a w**ker” . Later On is another song with single potential. Again it is a beautiful pop song with some really good lyrics. It is a powerful song and I love the chorus. It is in fact about a dream Kate had. Now Merry Happy is a merry song one you can dance about to. I am surprised it got a limited release in 2008 as it was a stand out track on Made Of Bricks. It has a epic ending and I really enjoy the beat to it. For Mansion Song Kate requests the lights to be tuned off and then says don’t be scared. It is a nice song a mixture of spoken word and song. The spoken word part is a bit dark hence why the lights were turned off. As for the song part that follows on it is different in contrast. It is very light not as heavy as you would think as the poem was dark. Ending the night was a heavy punk/ rock infused song. This being I Just Love You More. Lyrics wise this is rather short but it has been growing on me. Prior to starting the song Kate introduces the band and says that this was the last song. However after the band go off stage everyone in the crowd are still stood in there places. Chants of encore are made. I am not expecting anything to happen I am expecting the chants to turn out fruitless. But emerging to the stage was Kate and her band consisting of Brett, Elliott, Jay and John. This song was for John Jackson and this being another punk song. The song itself was Model Behaviour. One memorable line being “You Don’t Have To Suck Dick To Succeed”.


Do Wah Doo
Kiss That Grrrl
Take Me To A Higher Plane
Don’t You Wanna Share The Guilt?
I Hate Seagulls
I’ve Got A Secret
R ‘n’ B Side
Later On
Merry Happy
Mansion Song
I Just Love You More


Model Behaviour

OVERALL: Seeing Kate live is always a treat. She is truly back to form and her new album My Best Friend Is You is fantastic. The songs on the night were excellent. I never expected Foundations to be sung nor there being a encore. The only negative thing was the people who were talking. But there is nothing you can do about it though. It just spoils it for everyone else. As for Brigitte she is amazing and the crowd was most definitely warmed up after her short set.


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