Kate Nash @ HMV, Oxford Street 19th April 2010

Rewind back to 6th August 2007. Kate’s debut album Made Of Bricks was unleashed and to mark it release was an packed instore at London’s Flagship Oxford Street Store. Fast forward to 19th April 2010 saw the release of sophomore album My Best Friend Is You. An album which Kate thinks is better than the debut. Now I had the album for a couple of days as my Special Edition copy arrived on the Saturday. Comparing the two albums is impossible they are completely different sound wise. Kate has matured and the album was produced by well known producer and ex Suede guitarist Bernard Butler. The album keeps to the same pop genre but some of the songs have a 60’s vibe, one song is punky/ rocky and also there is a little bit of spoken word added to the mix. I started queuing for this instore at 3pm there were already 5 people already sitting down. So I joined the queue and had another agonising 2 hour wait till doors opened. Now events like this I like because you know there are not going to be crazy fans that get there at early time. You know that you will be front of the queue. Doors opened at 5pm and everyone spilled into the aisles set aside. I was right at the front which was nice and there were plenty of people hear just to see Kate live. We were told that Kate would just be performing 4 songs but we were then treated to 6 songs from the phenomenal album.

The packed out floor consisted of both new and old Kate Nash fans. Old Nash fans would of recognised 4 of the songs on the night. When Kate entered onto the stage she thanked everyone for coming to spend their evening seeing her. Before starting the first song there were a few technical difficulties but this did not faze the crowd because everyone was hyped up, The first song was Paris the opening song to the new album. This song is extremely catchy and it has lines that you can sing along too. This was infact the first out of three songs that saw her playing the keyboard. Towards the end the song itself gets stronger and it was clear to see that Kate was revelling in playing at HMV. So once the first song was over the photographers all dispersed. Do Wah Doo is the next song and this has a 60’s vibe which I really enjoyed. The song itself has grown on me immensely, the lyrics are catchy, you can join along in singing the song and also I really liked the fast pace. After a lot of cheers it was onto the third song which is indeed a favourite of mine. Kate got up and played the guitar for Don’t You Want To Share The Guilt? This song infact featured as a B side on the Merry Happy vinyl. It is beautiful and I even sung along to it. The pace is slow but steady. My favourite part is the spoken word bit at the end and the pace cranks up.

Now for Kiss That Grrl it is another beautiful song which was played on the guitar. The penultimate song was Later On which I completely adore. Kate moves back to the keyboard to sing this powerful song. This song was in fact about a dream that Kate had. After Kate than says “Hope you enjoy the record” and the fact you can buy it today. Also Kate prefers the physical copy as buying that is really important. Ending the night was I Just Love You More. To be honest when I first heard this song as it was offered as a download, well I was unsure. This song has both a punk and rock vibe. It is completely different to material on both albums by Kate. Also it is a really heavy song and also is the shortest song lyrics wise. Still it has grown on me now and I love the screamos. The rest of the crowd loved it and then after it was a wait till Kate came out for the signing. Once she did I was the 6th person to be seen. There was a problem with my CD. As I had the Special Edition purchased from Kate’s website well HMV didn’t realise it was a copy of the album. I then had to explain. Well eventually I got to see Kate and she said to me “You got the special edition then”. Well after a short conversation with Kate I then left on a high after seeing an artist whom I have been supporting since 2007.


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