Ellie Goulding @ Heaven 15th April 2010

This day couldn’t come any faster. I was looking forward till this day for a month. Myself and Mickey Cole were attending this sold out night. I had been there since 5.30pm but I was OK because the first people in the queue I could have a chat to about music. When it neared 7pm the queue had grown longer. So I left and went and stood outside Charing Cross Tube Station to wait until Mickey arrived. She had come all the way down from Southampton just to attend this evening. Mickey’s sister who lives in London came along to the gig so that was good as she could get home OK. She also came along with a friend which meant she wouldn’t be alone. After they had joined the queue myself and Mickey headed for the VIP queue. Ellie got us both Access All Areas passes which was great. Myself and Mickey had been so excited for days just because of this. So when we went down the stairs, we then had to give our names on the desk. Once they were crossed off two passes were presented to us. Once we had them we stuck them on straight away. This venue was all new to me and the bar area was massive. The merchandise desk was there as well and there wasn’t that much to buy. The only items were T Shirts/ Vest tops. We both headed to the main area and planned to go backstage first thing. I saw a security guard on these steps and I asked where backstage was. He looked at the pass and checked the piece of paper to see what priorities it offered. The backstage door was in fact across the stage. Walking across the stage was extremely surreal a moment that will never ever happen again. Once backstage we both had a look round then opted to go to the floor that Ellie was on. When up there we were told that Ellie had in fact gone to a gym. When we knew this we came down the stairs and had a sit down. When exploring more I found another way backstage which made it easier because we could just come and go. So we both went to were the bar area was and found Mickey’s sister and friend just sitting down. The first band were on at 8pm. So after10 minutes myself and Mickey headed backstage for when the first band was on. This was pop quartet Primary One. I hadn’t heard any material from the band prior to the night. In fact from what I caught I really liked and I looked forward to seeing them in Brighton the day after. Some songs the lead singer played the trumpet and the last song Who’s Afraid was a good one which got some audience participation. The most memorable moment from the set was when the stage plunged into darkness. But the band soldiered through the song and the darkness didn’t affect them. After the set myself and Mickey had another wander round, went outside then finally came back in to sit down and chill. You may of thought Ellie Goulding would of come back from the gym before the first band was onstage. This was not the case Ellie turned up 20 minutes prior to her going on. So when sitting down we could both hear Ellie warming up her voice. As soon as 9pm came Ellie and the rest of the band had made their way down the stairs and we had made out way to the backstage door.

The crowd were all geared up for this and the atmosphere was intense from the opening song Lights. Basically the set was the entire album plus Lights and the Midlake Cover Roscoe. Second on the night was infectious song Every Time You Go then it was onto This Love (Will Be Your Downfall). Both of these songs have powerful lyrics and they are songs you can have a dance about to. The packed crowd loved This Love and after there were huge cheers. The upcoming single Guns and Horses was next on the night and it is a beautiful steady paced song. Again there was audience participation during the chorus. After the applause and cheering Your Biggest Mistake followed on. This was the only album track that I had not heard live and I wasn’t left disappointed. The song itself is one of my many favourites off the album and again it is very catchy. This yet proved to be another sing along. I’ll Hold My Breath is the oldest track off the album and originally had a working title of Swimming Pool. This is a song you can dance to and it is extremely infectious. The emotional power ballad The Writer followed on. Even with it being a ballad there is a steady pace. The whole crowd loved this song and sang the chorus with Ellie. After applause it was onto penultimate song Salt Skin. This is a strong song that Ellie delivered perfectly. Her drum skills at the end were brilliant as well. After loads of applause the final song followed straight on. This song was Under The Sheets it is so infectious I even sung along to it. Before starting Ellie said “You’ll know this song”. Everyone did know this song and it turned out to be a sing a long for some parts of the song. Towards the end everyone was clapping along to the beat in unison. After there were huge applause as Ellie and co made their way off the stage. Being backstage you can see what happens.

Ellie and the rest of the band were stood by the backstage door just having a quick drink. Everyone outside was going crazy cheering and clapping. The chants of Ellie then started which made her go back onto the stage. The first song of the encore was an acoustic number of just Ellie and Chris Ketley. This number was Wish I Stayed. This was a beautiful stripped back version of this song which I completely adore. The opening of the song starts slow but then gets faster as soon as it gets further into the song. It also turns into a sing a long. Following on is Roscoe. Whenever I have seen Ellie live this has been the cover she has chosen. This was originally sung by Midlake and Ellie has completely made it her own. It is slightly haunting. Ending a superb night was #4 single Starry Eyed. This song is extremely energetic and it is one that gets the crowd going. So after plenty of applause the rest of the crowd then vacated the venue. When Ellie came offstage myself and Mickey Cole went up the stairs to her lounge area then just hung out for 1hr. It was extremely cool and surreal. We gave Ellie her present which was all varieties of Percy Pigs and a Percy Pig mug which Ellie was pleased about. Myself and Mickey just milled about then opted to sit on the sofa. I would say there was around 30 people there and they included Ellie’s friends. When 11pm came we said our goodbyes to Ellie and made our way back home.


Every Time You Go
This Love (Will Be Your Downfall)
Guns And Horses
Your Biggest Mistake
I’ll Hold My Breath
The Writer
Salt Skin
Under The Sheets


Wish I Stayed
Starry Eyed

OVERALL: This night was incredible a experience I will never forget. Not only did we hang out with Ellie Goulding but we met Tinie Tempah who infact came up to us and started talking. That was extremely nice. Well during Ellie’s set you could tell that she was enjoying herself. The top gave it away as it said “HAPPY”. Her vocal range is outstanding. The 900 strong audience enjoyed this intimate gig from beginning till the very end.

The countdown till 9th June starts here.

Photos by Carsten Windhorst


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