Ellie Goulding @ Digital 16th April 2010

It is not very often I go all the way down to Brighton for a gig. Ellie Goulding was only one of the few exceptions for leaving to attend a gig outside of London. Seeing Ellie perform back to back is always a exciting prospect. I enjoyed the night immensely but nothing was going to top the night before. I descended on Brighton town near to 2pm, went down to the seafront and eventually found the venue. The weather was boiling so I just sat down and just chilled out. Even though I was the first one there I was completely surprised other people turned up at 3pm. Ellie eventually arrived and it looked like she had done her daily run this time around Brighton. It looked like it did her good as the previous night there was a little after party in Ellie’s chill out room. Around 6.30pm the queue did extend greatly. I had heard that only 250 tickets were sold for this event which I find hard to believe. A few people were getting a bit restless as the ticket and poster said 7pm doors. The doors did open at 7.30pm. A security guard went through the queue to check ID. Three people were told they couldn’t come in because they weren’t accompanied by an adult. It was a bit unfair but rules are rules. So once in I made my way to the barrier. This time there would be no photographers in front which was good. Inside is a little bizarre as it is tucked underneath which resulted in no phone signal. Also there was a pillar in the centre of the stage. The running order was exactly the same as the previous night minus a DJ set by Starsmith. Overall I was pleased that the running order was the same as I had to return back to Surrey that evening.

Opening the night was pop quartet Primary 1. I heard the some of the set the night before but I didn’t devote my full attention to it as my mind was occupied with other things. I really enjoyed the set. They captivated me from the very start till the very end. The first three songs saw the lead singer play the trumpet through parts of each song. Another 4 songs which were sung were Enough, Strange, People Movin’ (I think) and Who’s There? which rounded off the set. There was audience participation as everyone chanted who’s there. I would definitely would like to here more from this band in the future. So after another half hour waiting it was time for the main course the one and only Ellie Goulding.

A couple of minutes after 9 the lights went off and the music stopped. The crowd were definitely in a jubilant mood. As much as I love gigs in London there is always something different about the atmosphere when going to other venues. The backing track started playing and when Ellie came down the steps the screams were deafening. Today she was wearing some short shorts and a black top which showed a ribcage. Ellie has a sweetness in her vocals. Lights opened the night and it is a beautiful song it only appeared on the Itunes version of the album Lights. Towards the end of this song there is a bit of a rock feel which I liked. Every Time You Go and This Love (Will Be Your Downfall) followed straight after each other. Now these two songs are dancy numbers and ones that I really adore. The lyrics are so infectious and they gel to the melody perfectly. I would have to say This Love (Will Be Your Downfall) is my favourite. After This Love there is a bit of banter by Ellie and she says the next song is my next single. This being the beautiful and soft Guns And Horses. It also proved to turn in a sing along at the very start. The song progresses at a steady pace and it gets stronger throughout the song. It is the ideal choice for a single and once it was over there were huge whoops of delight. Next up was a song I have only heard once live and this being Your Biggest Mistake. Ellie felt like writing about making a mistake and came up with this infectious strong song. There is a fast pace and I actually really like it. I’ll Hold My Breath is another beautiful infectious song. It is also one you can dance to as well. The song which was written with Starsmith starts off at a steady pace but as soon as the chorus kicked it the tempo changes.

The Writer followed on Ellie says it is about not changing and is about a boy. This is a emotional power ballad and Ellie delivers it perfectly. For Salt Skin Ellie mentions it is the last track on the album and was the last written. She then goes to thank everyone who purchased it. I was tempted to say I have it 5 times but I didn’t. Now this song has a different feel to the other songs. Salt Skin is both powerful and strong and Ellie can play the drum that was beside her really well. Finally on the night was Under The Sheets. I love this song it is so infectious. I even found myself singing along to it. Now the band and Ellie left the stage only to return minutes later. The first song being the acoustic number Wish I Stayed which was produced by Frankmusik. Now thus is a beautiful song and the fact it was just Ellie and Chris made it special. I like music when it is stripped back. Midlake cover Roscoe was next and Ellie definitely did it justice. It has its own twist as it sounds so different from the Midlake version. This song is slightly haunting from beginning to end and Ellie’s vocals were spot on. Ending the night was the energetic and toe tapping song Starry Eyed. Everything about this song was amazing and I was tempted to do the star actions.


Every Time You Go
This Love (Will Be Your Downfall)
Guns And Horses
Your Biggest Mistake
I’ll Hold My Breath
The Writer
Salt Skin
Under The Sheets


Wish I Stayed
Starry Eyed


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