Selena Gomez & The Scene @ HMV, Oxford Street 12th April 2010

To cap off a triumphant trip to Europe was a instore PA at HMV’s flagship store in London. The event was strictly limited to 300 wristbands which could be collected the time the store opened at 9am. Prior to the instore I was debating what time to turn up as I didn’t know how popular it will be. Previously I had attended Shepherd’s Bush Empire the week before but with it being all seated it was hard for me to judge this event. My mind then was made up I planned to get the 6.37 train from my local station. The night before my mind changed to the 6.07 train. So the 12th finally came I was up at 5am and out the house by 5.40. It is bizarre being out the house so early when it is so quite and all you can hear is the birds. I was finally at HMV at 6.48 and there was a massive queue. I then made my way to the end and it want that long when we all moved forward. There was a part of me that thought that I wouldn’t get a wristband as there looked like there was more than 300 people there. There was even people who camped out and I saw a couple of girls in their Pjs. Still when everyone who were sitting down got up the queue then moved forward. Fast forward to 9am people start making there way in. I myself get inside and I buy a copy of the single which then got the wristband attached to my arm. After this had been done I left only to return later after I had finished work. So when I had returned there weren’t as many people queuing for the instore. The wait was agonising I just wanted to sit down. Everyone was then told no video or pictures when inside. If they got a glimmer of a camera you would be ejected. This then later changed minutes later to yes it is ok to take pictures. When inside I found it to be poorly organised due to the fact there were three separate aisles and each was blocked off till the previous was filled. This then resulted in people behind me in the queue outside getting nearer than were I was. A fourth aisle was then opened which resulted in people at the end of the aisle I was in changing over to the new aisle. When myself and a few other people were about to enter they closed it off. Our place where we were originally had been lost. Eventually we moved over but even though the view was OK people taller than you or the same height made it difficult to see. Infact infront of me I had two people the same height as me and I found myself standing on tip toes all the way through it.

Selena was running a little late and the audience were all hyped up. The huge screen at HMV showed clips of DVDs, Cds and upcoming released. There were huge screams when Justin Bieber came on and even when the clip of the Twilight: New Moon DVD was on screen. It was around 5.15pm when Selena took to the stage. The crowd was most definitely geared up and the atmosphere was simply electric. This event was highly special the amount of people there was like a tiny amount compared to the sell out Shepherd’s Bush gig which was 2000 in capacity. The first song that was sung was Tell Me Something I Don’t Know. There was plenty of screaming and virtually everyone had their cameras out either taking video or pictures. It was a strong song and Selena put everything into it to give a perfect performance that everyone loved. It was clear to see Selena was enjoying performing a instore at HMV’s flagship store. Once it was over there was an eruption of screams and cheers. The next song was Falling Down which was the debut release in the States. Selena pointed the microphone at the crowd for the word You. Also there were people singing along to the song. Again there were a eruption of screams and the final song on the night being the main reason Selena is on a promotional tour. This being single Naturally which is presently in the top 5 according to the midweeks. This song is amazing from start to end and there were plenty of people singing along. It is about two people who have a connection with each other. All the songs on the night fit the same fun pop mould. Yes Falling Down is slightly Pop Rock and Tell Me Something I Don’t Know has extremely catchy lyrics. It was Naturally that was the most energetic song and there was plenty of participation with people singing along. There was again screams and Selena and The Scene exited the stage. Minutes later Selena returned to sit down at a table as part of the signing. This is where the next poorly organised decision comes into place. Everyone who was in the new aisle that I was in was basically in the first aisle. People from my section then were the third lot to meet Selena pretty unfair considering people that were behind us outside got to meet her before us. Also some people had longer with her and got hugs and had a conversation. So the time we were let in the security was hurrying everyone up as there were plenty of people to see. I got my single signed and I had a brief few words with Selena which was basically I was at Shepherd’s Bush last week and I thought you were amazing. She responded Thankyou and I said I look forward to when your next in London then left.

OVERALL: This was the first ever instore I went to at HMV where only a certain amount of wristbands were handed out. Selena was amazing but I found HMV’s handling of it to be really poorly organised. They should really move the racks then everyone has a equal chance to be near to the stage. Then there wont be the incident of people behind us getting nearer to the barrier. I honestly found it to be quite unfair as I had been waiting outside for just about 4 hours. Moving the racks would make everything fairer. Still the event was a huge success and Selena enjoyed meeting her fans. I look forward when she next visits London.

All in all I enjoyed myself and it was a brilliant evening. The atmosphere was electric and the crowd was both lively and energetic. This promotional trip was a successful one and Selena has plenty of British fans. I am so glad I got a wristband because there was a part of me that thought I wouldn’t. The wristbands were even made especially as on it was the words HMV Get Closer to Selena Gomez.

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