Selena Gomez & The Scene @ Shepherd’s Bush Empire 5th April 2010

Shepherd’s Bush Empire marked the UK debut of Selena Gomez & The Scene. Disney have churned out the artists these being Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale to name but a few. Selena who is the star of Wizards Of Waverly Place stated back in 2008 that she was not going to go solo but join a band. So in 2009 Selena Gomez & The Scene were formed. This gig was the last date of the House Of Blues tour. The tour itself stretched to just 11 dates (Shepherd’s Bush being the 11th). Selena had mainly been touring the US since November 2009 and it ended with a sold out gig in London. Debuts are special because you can say I was there at this specific artists first gig. As soon as tickets went on sale they sold out in literally 2 minutes and this concert was announced in March 2010. The strange thing was this gig was seating. I am not just speaking about the upper tiers I mean ground floor as well. I turn up at 4pm which was when the doors opened. I had a seat so I didn’t need to worry about getting a spot. So once I got in I went to my seat which was in Row K. I was actually quite far back from the stage which was lower than normal. There was no barrier whatsoever as it was taken up by rows of seats. After nearly a hour waiting it was time for the support band to take the stage. I knew nothing about Twenty Twenty but I really enjoyed the set they played. The response for them when they made their entrance was phenomenal the screams could easily deafen you. Still they were the perfect warm up act and I most definitely would like to hear more material from them.

Twenty Twenty finished their set at 5.30pm then it was another 30 minute wait till the main event. Well this band definitely warmed up the crowd. So at 6pm Selena Gomez took to the stage. There were screams and as soon as she was on the stage people in the seating area on the ground floor rushed to the front of the stage. The album accompanying the tour was the debut Kiss & Tell. It is released in the UK on 19th April and yet everyone knew all the words to the songs. I myself have been listening to the album for quite a while as it was released Stateside last year. It is a fantastic album and just hearing the tracks live was amazing. The atmosphere was fully charged. The song which kicked things off was title track Kiss & Tell. I myself got to the front of the stage and there were screams throughout the song. This is a pop rock song which oozes energy. Before launching into the song Selena says Hiya. Selena just belted out this song and whole crowd loved it. When it was over the crowd erupted with cheers and screams. Stop & Erase follows on and again it is another energetic song that the whole crowd loved. It is a fast paced song and it is extremely catchy as well. So during this song everyone who rushed up to the front were then told to get back into there seats. Crush then was the next song on the night. At the very start Selena tried to get every one to clap along. You could tell that she was revelling in it. The next song Falling Down was the debut in the States, it was the first one recorded and holds a special place in her heart. This song is amazing and I fully predict it to get released in the UK. The lyrics are catchy and the chorus is a powerful one. There was plenty of people singing along to this song.

Now for I Won’t Apologize Selena says she wrote it on her own infact it is the only song off the album she wrote. It is about when Selena changed herself for a boy something that she wont do again. She also goes onto say to the crowd “I hope you guys would never do that”. Again there is a fast pace and the lyrics are perfect. It is basically telling the story about changing for someone. My favourite part of the song has to be the chorus:

I’m sorry for changing.
I’m sorry it had to be this way.
Believe me, it’s easier just to pretend.
But, I won’t apologize for who I am.

For More Selena got the whole crowd sing the part More, More, More. It is a nice song and you can pick up on a Electropop feel. The next three songs were very special and this was down to the fact these songs were slower. The Way I Loved You is about loosing someone you love. It is a beautiful and a touch emotional.. This is a ballad with some powerful lyrics. The first cover of the night was I Want It That Way by Backstreet Boys. Now Selena makes this song her own and the rest of the crowd love it as they were singing along. Greg Garman who is also a member of the band sung some lines of the song. Continuing on with the slow numbers was a version of Naturally which was a exclusive to the UK as Selena has never performed it that way before. Everyone was singing along to this song. This version of the song was beautiful. I kept on thinking the pace was going to get faster but that did not happen. Still it was a nice song and it was amazing as it was a real treat to hear it performed like this.

For the next song Selena said “hands up who has been hurt by anyone? I have, but my problem is it was with the same person over and over again”. Then she went on to say “I want you to dedicate the next song to anyone that has hurt you”. There are then chants of “I Don’t Miss You”. I Don’t Miss You At All gives you a clear picture of what is happening and I really enjoy the fast pace. Everything about this song is brilliant and I enjoy the verses and chorus. Now what made this special is it led into Hot ‘N’ Cold by Katy Perry. Everyone was singing along to this song and it was a extremely interesting version of the song with the Selena twist. The next song was Tell Me Something I Don’t Know which was on the soundtrack to Another Cinderella Story. Ending the night was the faster version of Naturally. Selena explains the meaning of the song which is about when 2 people have a connection you cannot ignore. Now I like the fast pace of this song and the lyrics gel to the melody. It is a powerful song which got loads of audience participation. The melody actually sounds like a Miley Cyrus song. So after the song has ended there is a rapture of cheers then Selena and Co leave the stage. They then came onto the stage for a encore. This being a cover called Magic which features on the Disney TV show Wizards Of Waverley Place. It was a nice way to end a triumphant gig. Selena most definitely enjoyed herself and even said she would come back to the UK. At the end there were two confetti cannons which went off again. It was truly a incredible evening.


Kiss & Tell
Stop & Erase
Falling Down
I Won’t Apologize
The Way I Loved You
I Want It That Way
I Don’t Miss You/ Hot ‘N’ Cold
Tell Me Something I Don’t Know



OVERALL: This was a completely magical night. Once I left the sun was still shining. I enjoyed the night and I will definitely see Selena again as I thoroughly enjoyed myself.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. FrqHuss says:

    This is simply superb and the first word KISS & Tell rocks

  2. I so want to see Selena Gomez in concert she is so beautiful.

  3. ryan says:

    she have in nov 20 or 15
    or dec 27

  4. ryan says:

    selena gomez u r so beautiful

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