Paisley and Charlie @ The Wilmington Arms 26th March 2010

Even though I have been to a lot of gigs over the past 3 years I have only seen 4 duos. 2007 I saw Peggy Sue and the Pirates, 2008 Slow Club and 2009 was both Mini Viva and Erin K and Tash. Each of those artists are completely phenomenal and 2010 I have come across a new duo. This being Brighton based duo Paisley and Charlie. Currently this brilliant duo are unsigned and just by hearing their lovely music they do deserve to be signed up. Also they double up as Detox Cute & The Beauty Junkies. Today it was Paisley and Charlie. Both Paisley Pattenden and Charlie Darling gel together perfectly and the presence they give onstage is incredible. When I entered The Wilmington Arms at 8pm I spent some time with the both before the first act started. Now Paisley is the most sweetest person ever and she even gave me a hug when she came up to me. Paisley and I spoke a lot including her love for Most Haunted and Pineapple Dance Studios, gigs, music and music from the 80’s. The night opened with Joe Doyle and the set was around 5 songs long. People wanted another song but that didn’t happen because he had nothing to play. Joe played a what looked like a whistle that was round his neck. The second artist was unique he was sitting down when singing. Cesar said he was half Italian and half Brazilian. As for the set it wasn’t for me the main reason is because there were a lot of technical difficulties with the microphone. When the microphone was working the vocals were echoey and the music over powered them. Paisley did make a good point and said you cannot enjoy something when you don’t know what to expect. She was completely right when I listen to someone for the first time the first song is the killer. It has to captivate me and leave me wanting to hear the rest of the set intently.

Well the main reason why I attended the night was to hear boy/ girl duo Paisley & Charlie. After when the set finished Paisley said Charlie is the real genius and Paisley just sings the songs. Even though the songs are fantastic Paisley is a genius to because she sings the songs Charlie wrote superbly. Prior to coming on Paisley was nervous and she also told me in the past she got so nervous she couldn’t speak prior to the set. Charlie was on the stage just setting up every thing and he quickly changed by putting on his jacket and hat. The set list was the same from when I last saw them play but that did not at all phase me. When you have great material I can listen to it over and over again. Paisley and Charlie consist of Paisley Pattenden and Charlie Darling. The genre which they play is Pop music and each song is completely infectious. What I like is the blend of happy uplifting cheerful Pop music. Opening up was Hold Me it grabs your attention as soon as it starts. You can dance along to this song. The melody to this song is fantastic and there is a uplifting vibe to it. There is traces of the way the Pet Shop Boys sound. Now Julia Misbehaves sees Paisley take to the recorder. Her skills are really good you can definitely see that Paisley is having fun up on stage. The lines I like is “Take all the money you can lets see you run, Poor little rich girl you said you had your fun, All your mid summer sex with Jimmy D was a game to play, Poor little rich girl what have you done” (I think those are the lyrics). For Stone Lions Paisley moved to the keyboard and Charlie moved to play guitar. Well the vocals are soft and gentle. The song is delivered perfectly and the lyrics are terrific. Places in London are name checked such as Trafalgar Square and Portobello Road. We are told “Don’t trust lions, They made you”. What the actual meaning of the song is I do not know and the same goes for the lions. Then it just struck me there are Stone Lions in Trafalgar Square. Sebastian is Charlie’s solo song and Paisley delivers the harmonies spot on. The song itself is about a girl called Sebastian who from the lyrics has left home “Come home, Come home, Sebastian”. It is a nice song and there is a huskiness in Charlie’s vocals which I really liked. Now Radio Days is another uplifting song and I enjoy the vibe that is given from this song. The pace is slightly fast and the melody is backed with fantastic lyrics. The penultimate song was Beautiful Thing and Paisley dedicates it to myself and Robbie. Now this song has a steady pace and the melody is fantastic. This song is beautiful and Paisley does have a dreamy voice. The set ended with The Last To Know which is literally the shortest song by them. They storm though this song and the tempo is fast. This song doesn’t have a chorus and is just made out of short verses. Overall both Paisley and Charlie gel together perfectly there is no need to expand as they both bounce off one another. You can definitely see that Paisley has a passion for singing as she enjoys herself on the stage. This duo will definitely go far and infact there are only a few acts that I have seen support headliners and seen them again. Well I would go and see Paisley and Charlie whenever they are in London. That is how good I think they are. From the songs they sing I pick up on this happy fun vibe which just makes me smile. Sometimes that is crucial especially if you see an artist play with no prior knowledge whatsoever. They met this criteria when I first saw them at The Zenith Bar back in February. From the very first song I was captivated and they had my full attention.


Hold Me
Julia Misbehaves
Stone Lions
Radio Days
Beautiful Thing
The Last To Know

So after the set I told Paisley that the set was brilliant and we had a brief chat about one of Paisley’s loves Hello Kitty and the fact she was once in a Abba Thrash Metal band. After I say my goodbyes then made my way home after having witnessed something that gave me the sense of satisfaction.


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