Diana Vickers @ Monto Water Rats 23rd March 2010

X Factor semi finalist Diana Vickers marked her London debut at The Water Rats in Kings Cross. Contestants that managed to get record deals include winner Alexandra Burke and JLS (who have set the charts alight), Eoghan Quigg (who did not make an impact on the charts), Laura White and Ruth Lorenzo both have forthcoming albums which will be released at some point.

Diana was my favourite to win that series of the X Factor and I was disappointed when she got knocked out in the semi final. Judging from the actual gig maybe it turned out to be a blessing in disguise after the material she sang from upcoming album Songs From A Tainted Cherry Tree sounded amazing. After having tweeted earlier on in the day that she was nervous, Miss Vickers showed no sign of them when she made her entrance on the small stage. Diana revelled in it and enjoyed every single moment. The venue should invest in some Air Conditioning as it felt like a furnace in there and with the fact that it was a sell out made it even hotter.

Tickets for this gig went on sale on 21st December and it proved to be a sell out and then resulted in another London date at the Borderline being added on the 29th March. Well back to the gig. I arrived 3 hours early mainly because I expected a few more people there. As usual I misjudged and was the first one there. People did start to arrive nearing the time doors opened at 7pm (by 6pm there were only 6 people there). So at 6pm everyone who was inside then went outside to start queuing. The queue did gradually grow and a few minutes after 7pm the doors opened. Everyone started to swell in only to have to wait another hour for the main doors to open. People were getting restless as the doors were supposed to open at 7.30pm. Still when the doors opened a few minutes after 8pm the support act Jake Worley promptly came onto the stage. Now being completely oblivious to him prior I was really impressed with the folkness of the songs. Also the way he was playing the guitar was interesting. The crowd were restless and this being down to the wait in the bar area. There were people talking throughout the support slot. Sometimes it can be extremely hard supporting at a gig which is a complete sell out as people just want to hear the main act. Even though the songs were alright I couldn’t wait for it to be over. I blame the fact with how hot it was actually inside.

At 8.58pm that is when Diana took the stage. She was backed by a 4 piece band. The atmosphere was electric and Miss Vickers definitely revelled in it. Diana was most definitely excited to showcase songs off the forthcoming album and she enjoyed every single moment of the night. The album is a bit of a mixture with slow songs and up tempo ones. Diana made her entrance wearing a red dress and also had some silvery glittery eye shadow which was running down her face by the time her set had finished. Well the night kicked off with The Boy Who Murdered Love is a strong up tempo song. Her vocals are stunning and that’s what I fell in love with when Diana was on the X Factor. The song itself is a infectious one and would make a good single release. I especially loved the chorus:

Shot shotshot shot shot like a bullet,
Stop stop stop stop stop oh you love it,
No no no no no now you’ve done it,
You’re the boy who murdered love,
Love love love love,
You’re the boy who murdered love

Again Remake Me And You is again very up tempo. It is a song you can have a dance to. Diana’s vocals remind me of Shakira. Numb which was the next song was a slow beautiful ballad. Before starting the song Diana had said she wanted to see hearts breaking and tears. Well the song itself is extremely emotional and very strong. Diana belts it out at ease. Now Put It Back Together Again is yet another beautiful ballad. It has a steady song and Diana just belts it out. The song itself was written by the lovely Nerina Pallot and it is a song that Diana delivered superbly

I think we will be alright,
I think we will survive

Four Leaf Clover was another slow song which again is beautiful. There is a beat to this song which I liked. This was the first song that Diana wrote after X Factor. Jumping Into Rivers has a summertime feel to it and I wont be surprised if this song is released in the summer. It was written with Brit Award winner Ellie Goulding. It is a up tempo song and there were quite a few people who were singing along. The funny part of this song was when the microphone came unplugged when she was jumping about. Just when Diana was plugging it back in she had a little laugh then picked up till the very end. The crowd definitely loved this song. My favourite part has to be the first verse:

Back of the scooter,
I clutch your waist,
We rode away into the night,
Where reality breaks
I look at you,
And take a picture with my hands,
Not much to do
Sit and laugh away at things,

Just Say Yes which was written by Snow Patrol’s Gazza B was originally meant for Diana until he took it back. Still Diana wanted to sing this song so the fans knew what her version of the song sounded like. I quite like Diana’s version of the song and hearing it live was a real treat. It is also slightly infectious with a steady pace. As much as I love Snow Patrol I actually prefer this version of the song. Diana put her own mark on the song and that is the one thing I love when covering songs. The penultimate song was My Hip it is a up tempo song. The lyrics are infectious and Diana playing the trumpet was amazing. When the song was over she apologised for the weak trumpet but Diana is a grade 8. The song was strong and was sung at ease. Rounding off a excellent night was forthcoming single Once. Diana said she wanted everyone dancing and it is just that a song you can dance to. This song was perfect and the crowd loved it by raised there hand for the once bit in the chorus. It is a strong song which Diana belts out. The vocals were extraordinary and I see this song charting high when released. Once over Diana said thank you for coming then exited the stage. After chants for a encore the band then came back on followed by Diana. The encore was Notice which is a slow ballad. It is beautiful soft and gentle. Notice is slightly emotional “It’s like you never notice me”. All in all the set impressed me and I look forward to the album. Diana most certainly enjoyed herself and her banter with the crowd was brilliant.

After the set finished everyone started to leave. When I got to the bar area there was a breeze which was nice. I hung round for a bit and Diana then came up to sign stuff, photos and chat. It is nice when the artist does that and I expect in May that may not happen as the venues are slightly larger. I definitely see Diana having a long prosperous career in the music industry. Given time I defiantly see her filling the bigger venues. I wont be at all surprised if she headlines Shepherd’s Bush Empire at some time. The vocals are stunning and spine tingling. Diana definitely has her own uniqueness which I completely adore.


The Boy Who Murdered Love
Remake Me And You
Put It Back Together Again
Four Leaf Clover
Jumping Into Rivers
Just Say Yes
My Hip



OVERALL: When I left the venue I was buzzing after having witnessed something truly spectacular. Yes it did have its drawbacks with the late opening of the doors and the fact there was no air con but I enjoyed myself. It was so hot that I was surprised to see that no one fainted. As much as I like going to gigs which are at the bigger venues, well smaller intimate ones are even better. This is definitely a gig that I will remember for a long time and I will be able to say “I was there”.


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