Erin K & Tash @ The Old Queen’s Head 21st March 2010

The set started around 5.20pm. Originally advertised as Erin K, Tash decided to come along to support Erin on stage. Now I have been backing this band since I saw them for the first time last September. Since that day I have seen them quite a lot of times and they are gaining more of a fan base. The fact that it was just Erin and Tash made it extra special because they bounce of one another and both vocals gel perfectly that result in beautiful songs. The choice of venue “The Old Queen’s Head” was a strange one. Strange due to the fact it was a gig which went on throughout the afternoon and with there being plenty of different artists on the bill you did get people talking throughout the set. So it is always a hard task of captivating the whole audience. Yes free gigs are brilliant but you do tend to get people who turn up who don’t give each artist respect by staying silent. Both Erin and Tash were on the stage sitting on stools. Earlier I had read on face book that they were nervous. The nerves were noticeable but as soon as they started playing those nerves went. The first song was about Erin’s f**k buddy “Jiggy Miggy”. It is a bit sexual but it pulled in the laughs. Crazy and Insane followed on and it is about someone special in Erin’s life. This becomes apparent at the end. The song itself is one I haven’t heard for a while and it is a clever one as well. The person Erin is singing about keeps you guessing till the very end. At the very end you find out that the song was about Erin’s cat. It was a brilliant song and certainly made me smile. Clippety Clop was next and this time it shows off Tash’s stunning vocal range and song writing ability. When the song was written last year it took about a week to write. This is a cracker of a song. Yes a tiny bit is sexual and mentions about a chode. Still it is highly infectious and the pace fast. As for Oh Well it is a nice light gentle song. Overall it is beautiful and the lyrics are perfect. There is a steady pace to the song and Tash provides the harmonies spotlessly. I like the little interlude. The part I really love is when Erin does the kazoo noise (minus kazoo). Not even I know how Erin does that noise. This song makes you smile and it is very uplifting. Ending the set was There’s Not Really Something About Mary. Erin dedicates this song to Mary. The song is autobiographical and tells the story about Jimmy (Jiggy Miggy) and the fact that he cheated on Erin. This was infact one of the first songs that Erin wrote. The lyrics tell the story that Erin took a trip to India and she was gone for 17 days. Mary met Jiggy on the internet and in the song Erin is saying that is not his fault as they were in a open relationship. Even the tone of the song is not a happy one they manage to make it jolly. The thing I disliked is everyone clapped to early before Erin finished the song. She sung the line “There’s Not Really Something About Mary”. Everyone started to clap and Erin raised her finger as to say the song isn’t finished. The final line was “There’s Not Really Something About Jiggy”.

OVERALL: This was a nice fun set. I can see a bright future for this band. Erin was nervous before the set but it seemed as when the set progressed they got more comfortable. They started to enjoy themselves. I like the fact that the songs can make you laugh and smile. The passion Erin and Tash have emanates from their performances. At only 5 songs the set was short but it was enough to please me. Another thing that made me smile was when singing “There’s Not Really Something About Mary” Erin was on tambourine and said she doesn’t know how to play it.


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