In The Spotlight: #002. Erin K & Tash

Even though the bands name alludes you to think they are a duo. In fact they are a fivesome consisting of Erin Kleh, Tash ter Braak, Pauk Durbin, Nicolas Cornu and Leresse Atkinson.

The first time I saw this band was at The Spice Of Life when they were supporting The Langley Sisters. That set was the very first time they had been together as a group and they gelled perfectly. The harmonies and vocals were tremendous. I was impressed so much that I have seen them a further 9 times.

Well I enjoy the folk music that they sing. The one thing I like is that they have fun with the songs. Yes some may be a bit sexual (Olga and Jiggy Miggy) but they are real crackers. Some songs are true such as Jiggy Miggy which is about a f**k buddy of Erin’s and Sorry I’m Not Black. The story behind that song is that Erin’s ex liked her even more the darker her skin tone got. The songs that I found to make you laugh also make you smile as well. These songs include Waltz For The Rat Babies, Oh Well and Crazy and Insane.

It was August 2009 when Erin and Tash met. Erin had placed an advert which Tash came across and auditioned for. The advert had been placed three times. The first group of people didn’t work out (Paul was the only surviving member of the first group Erin found). The advert was then was placed. This then introduced Claire, Leresse and Nicolas to the band. Then in August Tash came across the advert and auditioned to be a singer. Both Erin and Tash hit it off and started writing music together. Other than playing the guitar perfectly Tash can also play the piano. She also has two songs that she sings main vocals for this being Clippety Clop and Dum Dum Song. Both of these I completely adore as the vocals are incredible.

Even though they remain unsigned the first EP titled Oh Well is available to buy on Itunes and it is a beautiful EP. There are only 5 tracks but it is a complete cracker. The opening song Oh Well will have you smiling and Clippety Clop I really like the fast pace at the very end. They have a hatful of material of beautiful ballads and infectious songs. Coins which is a new song is definitely one to check out.

Now I really adore Erin K & Tash and I don’t think it will be that long till a record company snaps them up.

Erin K & Tash Myspace

Erin K – Coins


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