Passion Pit @ HMV Forum 11th March 2010

After having first seen Ellie Goulding at the Union Chapel and then at Shepherd’s Bush I decided to get a ticket for the support slot with Passion Pit. Now I have only heard a couple of Passion Pit songs and Ellie was the main reason why I got my ticket. Yes I knew the set would be short as she was only supporting but I wasn’t fazed by that. I arrived at 5.30pm to see a empty queue. So I got into the barriers and a couple of minutes later I saw Ellie walk up. That was nice and I got another hug from her. The queue didn’t start to build until 6.30pm. Doors opened a little after 7pm but when inside I got to the barrier and sat down. I didn’t fancy standing for 45minutes until the first support came on. At 7.30pm that is when I started to stand. The venue did start to fill up. Opening the night was Little Death. I didn’t think much of this 4 piece group as I found the music to be too heavy. The set finished at 8.15 and it was a 15 minutes wait till the next support. So at 8.30 Ellie came onto the stage. Currently album Lights had been riding high in the album charts and it was a #1 when it entered the charts on 7th March. This 7 track set was completely faultless and it included two new songs, the two singles and three brilliant tracks from the album. Kicking of the night was the title track Lights. This was a real treat for people who hadn’t purchased the album off of Itunes as it was a exclusive to them. Well it was delivered perfectly and the chorus is a strong one as well:

You show the lights that stop me turn to stone
You shine it when I’m alone
And so I tell myself that I’ll be strong
And dreaming when they’re gone

‘Cause they’re calling, calling, calling me home
Calling, calling, calling home
You show the lights that stop me turn to stone
You shine it when I’m alone.

Following on was the catchy up tempo This Love (Will Be Your Downfall). The album has so many brilliant tracks and this is one of them that I completely adore. The verses and chorus is simply perfect. It is a song you can dance to. The Writer which is a slushy ballad was the next song on the night. It is completely beautiful and one that can bring tears to your eyes. It is simply amazing, Ellie delivers the song perfectly and powerfully. My favourite part of the song has to be the beautiful chorus:

Why don’t you be the artist; and make me out of clay?
Why don’t you be the writer and decide the words I say?
Because I’d rather pretend
I’ll still be there at the end
Only it’s too hard to ask… won’t you try to help me

Following on is a new track. This being Salt Skin which is a favourite with many Ellie fans that I know of. It’s different compared to the other songs that she sang on the night. What I mean is that the prior songs have been light or up tempo. But Salt Skin is more powerful and strong. Ellie has the perfect vocal range to deliver strong performances. Under The Sheets which was the debut single released on Neon Gold was next up. I enjoy the beat to this song and after re watching the official video I have fallen in love with it even more. Forthcoming single Guns and Horses was next. This again is a strong song which is played at a steady pace. The vocals are absolutely spotless. Ending the night was the toe tapping Starry Eyed. This was the first big single released on Polydor. It charted at #4 the week it was released and was a non mover the week after. This was a real crowd pleaser and plenty of people joined in. Before starting the song Ellie didn’t say what it was she just did the hand movements and everyone knew what it was. It is a infectious song, powerful and delivered with passion. During the song her microphone drooped which caused a roadie who was by the side of the stage to run on and re adjust. After the song a giggling Ellie apologised by saying that she didn’t expect the microphone to droop so low. They then made their way off the stage after having warmed up the crowd. Ellie just blitzed through the set and the sold out headline tour awaits her at the end of March.


This Love
The Writer
Salt Skin
Under The Sheets
Guns and Horses
Starry Eyed

Headlining the night were American band Passion Pit. After Ellie had finished her set I forced my way to the back of the packed HMV Forum. That decision was proven to be the right one. This was the first time I had seen this 5 piece band and all the material sung on the night was completely new to me. I had only heard two songs prior to the actual gig. Passion Pit took the stage around 9.30pm and started with I’ve Got Your Number which appeared on the debut EP Chunk Of Change. It started off as a solemn affair when the set started but from what I have been told there was a mosh pit (which I would have been in if I hadn’t forced my way to the back). For the second song Make Light that is when the crowd went crazy. This was my first Passion Pit gig and most likely will be my last. It is nothing to do with the music because I really liked it. It was the fact of the whole crowd. Michael Angelakos the lead singer of the band even said who saw us at Koko and then put your hand up if this is the first time you have seen us. I put my hand up. It was then back onto Better Things taken from the debut EP. Then after it was then onto songs from Manners. The Reeling which was the first single released in the UK was next on the night. It was a song you could dance about too. There was definitely a buzz in the air. Moth’s Wings was a crowd pleaser. Well to me it was because it was the only one out of the two Passion Pit songs I had heard prior. The use of the big screens on the stage made it look spectacular. The way Swimming In The Flood started was amazing it was just instrumental for the first minute. It was again another crowd pleaser. To Kingdom Come worked the crowd up again. You wouldn’t of expected that because it is a steady paced song which was delivered perfectly. Following on were Let Your Love Grow then Fold In Your Hands. The penultimate song was Smile Upon Me from Chunk Of Change. The set closer was the bands last single which has not been released in the UK. Little Secrets caused another frenzy in the crowd. The was plenty of jumping about to this catchy song and it rounded off a brilliant set. Moments later they all returned for what was a two song encore the first being Eyes Like Candles and it was the final song Sleepyhead which made the crowd go crazy. There was even people crowd surfing throughout this song.


I’ve Got Your Number
Make Light
Better Things
The Reeling
Moth’s Wings
Swimming In The Flood
To Kingdom Come
Let Your Love Grow Tall
Folds In Your Hands
Smile Upon Me
Little Secrets


Eyes As Candles

OVERALL: Even though I made my way to the back for Passion Pit it was the right decision. From what I have been told by another friend of mine who was upstairs seating there was a mosh pit plus crowd surfing towards the end. As I was at the back I could not see any of the goings on. All I saw is beer in cups being thrown. Even though I enjoyed Passion Pit’s music I would not see them again the reason being down to the audience you get for the band. Still I did enjoy the set and I even have the album on vinyl which I will listen to soon.

As for the support Ellie was amazing as always. This is most definitely the last time she supports as she has plenty more material and she would make a good headline act. I look forward to Heaven on April 15th.

Finally Little Death I found to be too heavy. This band was a 4 piece 3 had electric guitars and the other was a drummer. The guitars were so heavy they drowned out the sound for some songs.

Passion Pit photo taken by Justin Ng


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