Kate Nash @ Komedia 8th March 2010

Billed as warm up shows Kate was to play 4 dates across the country. After realising that I couldn’t make the London date I booked the nearest one to me which was for the Komedia in Brighton. As with all the dates this sold out. Nearing the time when the doors did open the queue was getting bigger and bigger. I was lucky as I had been in the café all day so there was no need to go outside. So when we were allowed to make our way upstairs I managed to get to the front. There was no barrier which was unusual. Once inside music was playing this being Escargot by Peggy Sue. Ironically the first time I had seen Kate in concert was at the Concorde 2 in Brighton and Peggy Sue & The Pirates (as they were known back then) were supporting. After having checked the train times home I was intent of staying till the very end. There was support on the night and this was Brett Alaimo. Brett is the guitarist for Kate. As for the set I sort of enjoyed it. The material on the set was a mixture of punk and there was some poetry as well which was amazing. His time on stage was actually quite short as it finished at 8.52pm. Still it was a brilliant artist to warm up the crowd. I for one really enjoyed it.

Coming on around 9.30pm Kate was wearing a long black and white striped cape a la Florence. I was really looking forward to the set and hearing new material. Kate always impresses me. The last time I had seen Kate perform solo material was last July and I heard two additional new songs I hadn’t heard of before. Back to the set opening up the night was Paris. Kate has been singing this song for a while and it is a uptempo song which I like. The first lines being “You’ll never listen to me”. Next it is onto the forthcoming single Do Wah Doo. It has definitely grown on me and there is a 60s vibe which I really like. The verses and chorus is fantastic I can definitely see this song doing well as it is extremely infectious. There was a little bit of drama where someone got punched three times. Kate replied by saying “Can everybody just get along”. After it was onto the first out of 2 old tracks. This was the song that I could not get off my mind when leaving for Brighton. This being Mouthwash and it went down well with the crowd. I love this song as it is instantaneously infectious. It has a fast pace and the lyrics that gel to it are pure genius. Kiss That Girl which is now the official title after it was just a working title last July is the next song on the night. This is a brilliant song it has a really good melody. There is a tempo to this song, the lyrics are perfect and there is a beat to this song that I really like. The new tracks keep on coming and this was Take Me To A Higher Plane. Kate is still on the guitar after having moved for Kiss The Girl. This song is a bit of a mixture light verses and a shouty chorus. It is definitely a grower.

Don’t You Wanna Share The Guilt has to be by far my favourite song. It is completely mesmerising and I thought that the very first time I heard it at Union Chapel in 2007. Before launching into the song Kate says if you are a true fan you will know this song. The opening lines are “Barbeque food is good/You invite me out to eat it/I should but I’m feeling kind of nervous and not quite myself”. It is the spoken bit towards the end that steals the song for me. Now I Hate Seagulls is a song that Nash toured with in 2008 and it features on the forthcoming album. Kate mentions about all the things she hates in this song. It is a good song and it means more as it was Brighton and seagulls are common. I’ve Got A Secret had people singing the line “I’ve Got A Secret, I Won’t Judge” Kate had to correct the audience as everyone thought the word was Touch. Non album tracks Gorilla Munch and R&B Side follow on. I like this song it all gels together perfect. The memorable lyric from this song is “Why do you have to be such a w**ker” and it is a strong song which Kate got stuck into. Before starting she said “This is for Clare” then “cheer for Clare”. So the audience cheered then Kate said “That’s my sister”. Well Made Of Bricks album track Merry Happy followed on. Now this is a song you can have a dance to and I love the pace of it. The ending of this song is purely epic. The final three tracks were Later On which is a really good song and I look forward to hearing it on the album. Mansion Song which started off as a poem then led into the song. After the poem part Kate came to the edge of the stage and handed out sheets of paper with the lyrics on. Kate then said this was the last song (I Just Love You More). This then led Kate to say that there would be no encore and this caused people to leave. Now this song when I first heard it I was not sure about and it will take me a while for it to grow on me.


Do Wah Doo
Kiss That Girl
Take Me To A Higher Plane
Don’t You Wanna Share The Guilt
I Hate Seagulls
I’ve Got A Secret
Gorilla Munch
R&B Song
Merry Happy
Later On
Mansion Song
I Just Love You More


OVERALL: Once this night was over there was a bit of congestion getting out. Still my thoughts on the night were that it was a brilliant performance by Kate. It is absolutely splendid to see her back on the touring scene. The warm up shows were basically to road test the new songs “I just want you to hear the new songs first”. People in the audience wanted to hear Foundations as it was the song that made her. The reply was “Youtube it”. Still this exclusion of the song was a bit of a surprise but it did not phase me. We got both Mouthwash and Merry Happy instead. Also the new songs are brilliant and I look forward to the album My Best Friend Is You on 19th April.

After these 4 warm up dates completely sold out it has resulted in another 4 new dates in April which I am looking forward to.


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