Lily Allen & Dizzee Rascal @ o2 Arena 7th March 2010

I always knew this gig would be special and I wasn’t wrong. Both Lily and Dizzee had both won the best Male and best Female awards at the Brits. So combining the two together was a exciting prospect. The night was a sell out and was the last time Lily Allen would be headlining at a gig. Being part of something at this magnitude is truly something. I arrived at the venue at 2pm expecting there to be plenty of people as you would have both the Lily and Dizzee fans. But this was not to be the case. Only 20 people were queuing in the penned area. Well I met a couple of great people who were behind me in the queue this being Sean and Rosalia The good thing about meeting people when queuing is the fact that it whittles down the time. When the time was nearing our tickets were scanned and we were each given blue wristbands. The wristbands were given to the first 100 people in the queue meaning we went in slightly early. So come 5.30pm was when things moved onto where they checked your bag. So once that process had passed each one of the 100 had to wait until the doors did open. So around 6pm they opened and everyone made their way to the front. I myself was walking but at a fast pace because you could not run. Still Sean, Rosalia and I managed to get to the barrier and the view was great. Smurfy Psycho was the warm up act who is signed to Dizzee’s own record label Dirtee Stank. Now he was highly entertaining and I very much enjoyed the set. He is definitely a talent to look out for.

With 4 albums under his belt Dizzee’s set saw him perform selected songs from each album. The majority of the songs were taken from the current album Tongue and Cheek. Opening the night was Bad Behaviour. Now I am not a huge Dizzee fan so the album tracks sung on the night was the first time I had heard them. I particularly liked Road Rage it was a brilliant song. It was nice to hear Jus’ A Rascal and Fix Up Look Sharp from the very first album Boy In Da Corner. I first saw Dizzee Rascal supporting Justin Timberlake at Earls Court in 2007 and Mark Ronson was also supporting as well. The cover of Nivarna’s Smells Like Teen Spirit was special and it was a real treat. It was nice to hear a different twist to such a well known song. Dirtee Cash which is the current single had everyone singing along. The final three songs were incredible and each had reached the #1 position in the UK charts. The Calvin Harris collaboration Dance Wiv Me was a crowd pleaser. It sounded perfect even without Calvin. Before launching into the next song Dizzee said about not being able to take the weather. This then led to the song Holiday. Rounding off the night was Bonkers and that literally summed up the whole crowd. This hit packed set showcased some of Dizzee’s well known songs plus some album tracks. The energy in the Arena was so intense and during the set everyone was jumping up and down. I really enjoyed the set and I guess the atmosphere made you enjoy it more. I had expected trouble during the set as there was a scuffle at MEN in Manchester but this affair was free of trouble. As much as I liked the set I would of liked Dream to be played.


Bad Behaviour
Road Rage
Can’t Tek No More
Freaky Freaky
Chillin’ Wiv Da Man Dem
Fix Up Look Sharp
Jus A Rascal
Pussyole (Old Skool)
Dirtee Cash
Stand Up Tall/ Smells Like Teen Spirit
Dance Wiv Me

Ending the night was a overwhelming set by Lily. Reason being that she is going in retirement for a couple of years and taking a break from music altogether. Lily is coming out of retirement for Wireless Festival but that is a one off. So this was Lily’s final set and what a cracker it was. There was a bit of a scuffle which caused a tearful Lily to exit the stage only to come back on when the crowd chants LILY in unison. The set itself featured songs mainly from the current album It’s Not Me, It’s You plus there were a couple of covers and some old tracks. The crowd were ecstatic when everything went dark. Smoke billowed up and Lily was then elevated to the top of the stage. Everyone’s At It was a good song to start on and Lily tried to get the audience worked up more by saying “Come on London”. When it was time for the next song the crowd erupted when the tune started. Lily said “Come on you know the words for this one”. The song being LDN from the first album. Everyone joined in with the chorus and I like the ska vibe to the song. After Back To The Start starts up immediately. This is a catchy electro pop song and the chorus is played at a face pace. 22 proceeds and it is a nice upbeat song and I especially like the lyrics. But it is Littlest Things which has to be one of my many favourite songs on the night. I really enjoy the slow pace and Lily’s vocals are stunning. The chorus is powerful and I find it to be catchy. Following on was Smile the first ever single and Lily’s first #1. This song is basically a revenge song about a ex partner. The screens behind Lily showed the smarties tops with the letters on. These letters spelled out some of the lyrics. Also there is a audience sing a long to the chorus. The drum and bass outro was a bit strange. This then lead into Just Be Good To Me which was a duet with Professor Green. It is things like this that make gigs special when you get something that you cant buy on a CD.

It is at this point things boiled over. Lily was about to dedicate the next song to her partner then turned round in tears. This then resulted her exiting the stage. After the crowd starts to chant Lily she makes her way back to the stage. She was smoking a cigarette which was just thrown onto the ground. When Lily returns she says that she doesn’t condone violence in anyway but “that was fucking sick you should be ashamed of yourselves”. The next song which was dedicated to her boyfriend was Who’d Of Known. This is a slow song and you can see the slight resemblance of Take That’s Shine as soon as the chorus kicks in. I Could Say was the penultimate song and it is another slow song. The song picks up pace as soon as the chorus kicks in. This is a beautiful song which I adore. Finally The Fear rounded off a wonderful and overwhelming set. It is a nice catchy song with a beautiful chorus. The second verse saw the whole audience help her out with the words. When the song is ending Lily goes up the steps she is then elevated down and the crowd then erupts with cheers. The encore was one to behold. After a costume change Lily launched into Britney’s Womanizer. This was an amazing cover and Lily put her stamp on it. For Fuck You it was dedicated to David Cameron. During the chorus everyone was sticking their middle fingers up. Not Fair which is one of my favourite songs ends the night. It is a strong song and I love the country vibe to it.


Everyone’s At It
Back To The Start
Littlest Things
Just Be Good To Me
Who’d Of Known
I Could Say
The Fear


Fuck You
Not Fair

OVERALL: Scuffle aside nothing could fault this night. Lily was amazing and I feel proud to be part of her last gig as with all the other people in the crowd. Dizzee was fantastic as well. This isn’t the last time I will see Lily live when she comes out of retirement I will be there. The songs from the set list were brilliant and Not Fair is my favourite song off the 2nd album. This last show was a triumph and the whole 23,000 crowd enjoyed themselves.


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