Adelaide’s Cape @ The Luminaire 6th March 2010

Opening up this night was Alex Sheppard who has been laying low as she has been finishing her degree. The set had only just started the time I had arrived. The reason for my late arrival was down to the tubes. The songs that were sung on the night were mainly taken from the 9 track CD that was for sale at the merchandise stall. The songs included I’ll Let My Word Flow Like Water, Feels Real At The Time, Non CD track Snakes And Ladders, He’s A Ungodly Boy and it ended with Never See The Sea. Now I really loved Alex’s set and I want to hear more material from her. I purchased the CD and it is on constant repeat on my CD player. When performing on stage it was just Alex and her guitar. The songs are spoken word but in song form. It all gels together perfectly the closest person I can compare the music to is Brigitte Aphrodite Voutsa who performs similar music is the same style.

The second band on the night are not a quartet like was said. This band is a quintet but would like to be known just as Laish. Now I really enjoyed this 8 song set and it had me listening intently. I liked the folkness of the songs and this band are also going to be supporting Grizzly Bear at the Roundhouse on 13th March. Now this is a hugely talented group and catch them live when you can. I look forward to hearing more from them.

Now Pete Roe’s set was short and sweet. It mainly consisted of material from the forthcoming EP. But still after seeing Pete only made me wanting more. I have seen him quite a few times and I really enjoy the music. I look forward to hearing the studio versions of the new songs As they were mainly new songs I don’t know what the actual titles of the songs were. A couple that were sung were also performed at Owl Parliament on 27th February. My favourites had to be Fine Time and Oh Suzanne. The final song of the night was taken from the Animals EP. This being The Devil’s Dancefloor and it is by far my favourite song by Pete Roe.

Merry Go Round
Something To Begin
Fine Time
Oh Suzanne
The Devil’s Dancefloor

Having only released 5 track EP Last Sleep In Albion at this launch party it didn’t stop them singing brand new songs. This was a complete treat because Adelaide’s Cape were a full band this evening. Things started off with Sam singing With This Regret and it is a beautiful song. The vocals are ever so powerful and it is delivered perfectly. After the whole band came onto the stage and they launched into Found Love. This song was fast paced the band literally whizzed through it. The upbeat This Fiction was next and this is a song you can have a dance to and it has to be one of my personal favourites from the EP. Harbour which was released as a free AA single download is a steady paced song. Sam and Hannah’s vocals are perfect. Hannah’s vocals are smooth and light whereas Sam’s are strong. Now Belle has grown on me I really like the song now. It sounds amazing with a full band. The next two songs were Rush Hour Wind and Anchored Down. Both of these songs are exactly the same style they are both steady in pace and beautiful lyrics wise. Anchored Down is one of Sam’s favourite songs to sing and I can see why as it is fantastic with beautiful verses. The Nick Drake cover The Black Eyed Dog was next on the night and Sam definitely does justice to the song. Girl Of The Land was the only song off the EP I hadn’t heard and this was the penultimate song on the night. Well Alex Sheppard joined the stage for this song and shook the egg shakers then sung parts of the song. I actually like this song it is one you can dance about too and the chorus is brilliant. The fast pace Curled rounded off a brilliant set. The band then left the stage and Sam had only just got off to come back on straight away. The first song of the encore was Richard Thompson cover Vincent which Sam sings solo. It is a cover song and it is sung perfectly. Alex then took to the stage for the final song Stay. It is a interesting song which is played at a steady pace and from the lyrics there is a slight beat. The song itself is relatively short but it capped off one amazing night.


With This Regret

Found Love

This Fiction



Rush Hour Wind

Anchored Down

The Black Eyed Dog

Girl Of The Land






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