Scary Mansion @ Puregroove 1st March 2010

The voice behind Scary Mansion is Leah Hayes. This was my first ever lunch time instore for 2010. I arrived and took a seat at the table. When the band were ready to play Leah had the smallest guitar I have ever seen. The set included songs from both albums. This being the new album Make Me Cry and 2008’s Every Joke Is Half The Truth. Plus ending the set was I Dumped My Mind which does not appear on any of the two albums. I really like the sound of all the songs. They were enough to wet my appetite and was enough to make me want to see them play live again. Leah does have stunning vocals and she delivered each song perfectly. The band actually used up the 30 minute set and played 7 brilliant songs. No Law and Yer Grief were played straight after each other no time for clapping. Now this band is super talented and they are a must see.



Over The Weekend

On My Mind

New Hampshire

No Law

Yer Grief

I Dumped My Mind


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