Owl Parliament @ Union Chapel 27th February 2010 (Part 2)

Headlining this night was Emmy The Great. I had seen this band quite a few times and I love the folk/ countryness of each song. The album First Love is definitely one that should be everyone’s collection as it is truly amazing. The set included a mixture of songs from the album, a couple from the First Songs EP, a couple of new ones and a very interesting cover with Darren Hayman. Kicking off the night was We Almost Had A Baby. This was a nice opening song and it was light too. I liked the tempo and it was also the first single to be taken from the album. Dylan was up next and it is an infectious song and it is one that will make you tap your toe too. It is extremely up tempo which is one of the reasons I loved this song. B Side Short Country Song followed on and this appeared as the flip side to the 7” First Love. I really like the lyrics to this song. It was then onto the first song taken from the Edward (First Songs) EP Bowl Collecting Blood. This song has a steady pace and I really like it now. First Love is another nice song. Emma mentions that was the first time she had got it right as she sings it like Leonard Cohen. Beautiful song I like the lines “Hallelujah, Hallelujah, And the sky was so much bluer”. Next up was the premiere of three brand new songs. The first being A Century Of Sleep and it went down really well. If this is a taster of what is to come from the second album then it will be a complete cracker. The way the song sounds is different compared to the songs from the first album but it has the same folk feel and it is delivered faultlessly by Emma. I look forward to hearing the studio version. Dinosaur Sex is another fun song as you can tell by the title of the song. I like this song it is a nice steady tempo song. Paper Forest is next and it is another beautiful song. I think the acoustics made the song even more amazing. I definitely look forward to hearing this studio version.

On Museum Island proceeded and this is a slow beautiful song which Emma delivers perfectly. Lost In Austin I have heard live before but has not appeared on any release by Emma. Next was the amusing cover which won the poll. This being Fight For This Love by Cheryl Tweedy. It was a fun cover and Darren Hayman joined in with it as well. Emma had a joke before starting the song by saying this is dedicated to 6 Music. After everyone clapped Emma said why you clapping I meant Radio 5 Live. This cover was brilliant it started as a ballad then when the backing track kicked it the pace was turned up a notch. It was truly a treat to hear this song as it doesn’t fit with the style of music Emma writes. Still it was a faultless performance and after Emma mentions she took out all the driving lyrics. The penultimate song on the night was the strong song Edward Is Dedward. Ending a fantastic set was Absentee which is one of my many favourite from the debut album. It has beautiful verses and a amazing chorus. It has everything I could want from a song. So after Emma and the rest of the band (Euan from Younghusband and Emmy The Great, Jenni from The Mules and Steve who wanted to be known as Stone Cold Steve Austen). They then came out for the encore. The first song being Canopies and Drapes which got updated. Emma sang “when S Club 7 broke up” then stopped and said when “Girls Aloud broke up” . Still it was a nice song. Ending a triumphant set was MIA. This song is a beautiful mellowing song that was a real crowd pleaser


We Almost Had A Baby


Short Country Song

Bowl Collecting Blood

First Love

A Century Of Sleep

Dinosaur Sex

Paper Forest

On Museum Island

Lost In Austin

Fight For This Love

Edward Is Dedward



Canopies And Drapes


OVERALL: Gigs at the Union Chapel are special and this one was certainly one of them. The line up was fantastic. Go Away Birds were brilliant, Aidan Moffat was extremely funny, Pete Roe has a amazing voice and excellent songs, Blue Roses were fantastic, The Mariner’s Children were interesting, Phil Elverum was had really nice songs, Jeremy Warmsley was a real treat, Darren Hayman I will listen to again and Emmy The Great well Emma certainly was the show stealer the set was completely faultless.


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