Owl Parliament @ Union Chapel 27th February 2010 (Part 1)

After the fantastic line up at 2009’s Owl Parliament it was onto the next year of this all day event. I had the opportunity to get a ticket for the main acts or a all day ticket which was slightly more in price. I opted for the full day. Once I got to the Union Chapel I turned up just in time as Pete Roe was just about to start his set. So I took a pew in the first row. The set included both songs from the old EP and songs from the forthcoming one. Now the set was only 7 songs long but I really enjoyed it. It felt very surreal as the sun was shining in and I have never been to a gig before in the afternoon. Well Pete has a amazing folk voice and he could of sung without a microphone and it would of still sounded amazing. Go Away Birds were the second band on and I really enjoyed the pop songs they sung. Hailing from Scotland the band consists of Catherine Ireton and Michael McCarthy. Definitely a unsigned band to look out for. It was then onto The Mariner’s Children whom I first saw in 2008. The style of music is folk and the songs were foot stomping ones. I see them as a early version of Mumford & Sons. Jeremy Warmsley was excellent this was his last gig by himself but songs were 5 Verses (which had a hidden verse) and he showcased two songs with his new band Summer Camp. Definitely a superb treat. Now for Darren Hayman I could not at all get into. Even though it sounds like one person Darren has a backing band. Now after was a break for a hour then it was back to the music. Blue Roses are a band I wanted to see for a while. The music they played was beautiful and the vocals were outstanding. When Aidan Moffatt was onstage he had the audience in giggles. This Scottish poet was a hilarious one and I could of heard more from him. Mount Eerie was Phil Elverum and he comes from Washington state. He just jetted in for the day and had to be in Korea the following day. The songs he sung were from the new record. I actually really enjoyed the set as it was the first time I had heard anything by Phil.

Pete Roe
Go Away Birds
The Mariner’s Children
Jeremy Warmsley
Blue Roses
Aidan Moffatt

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