Gaggle @ Puregroove 5th March 2010

When I arrived at Puregroove Gaggle were doing a sound check and it sounded rather good. After they went to get changed and came back to the stage a hour later. Now Gaggle are a strong 22 female choir who are conducted by Coughlin. They are both unusual and very unique. This band is a must see and after the gig at St Giles on 23rd February this instore was definitely a must. Previously I thought how will they all fit onto the stage and I was proved wrong because they fitted perfectly. When the time neared to Gaggle coming on the shop was filling up. I was lucky as I turned up a hour early I got to sit at a table which was nice. It was around 8.10pm when the girls made there way to the stage. When they descended to the stage it wasn’t as spectacular as St Giles and the reason for that was there wasn’t that much space. But still they all got onto the stage. There were only 19 members of Gaggle last night so not the full line up. Still that did not affect anything as the night was truly magical. Yes the set may have been the same when I saw them the last time but there was something that made the night special. Opening the night was From The Mouth Of The Cave which is well and truly spine tingling. Now they really did sound like a choir as they were chanting away with Coughlin conducting them. Following on was the reason why we were all here. This being the single I Hear Flies. What the reason behind this song is I do not know as there is a strange combination of lyrics. One side is about drinking “I’m A Drunk” and the other being “I Smell Roses, But I Hear Flies”. Still it is a fantastic song delivered perfectly by them all. Now Crows has a infectious beat which I really like. This showcases how talented they are as parts of the choir are singing different bits at the same time. They all work together wonderfully. My favourite song on the night was Liar or “How Can I Tell My Mans A Liar”. Now this song is about various members of Gaggle previous experience with men. Now Coughlin starts off this song by singing the opening line. Still the song has a slight darker song but it is perfect. It’s all done acapella which is one of the reasons I adore this song. Hidden Army follows on and again there is a beat to this song. It is a rather powerful one as well. The penultimate song on the night was Marina and the Diamonds cover Mowgli’s Road. They completely made the song their own and put a unique Gaggle twist on it. It was a rather interesting take of the song and definitely did it justice. I Like Cigarettes which is the B Side to the single closed the night. Again it was another strong song and the vocals gel together perfectly. This night was again a spectacle and I definitely see a bright future for them.


From The Mouth Of The Cave

I Hear Flies



Hidden Army

Mowgli’s Road

I Like Cigarettes


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