Gabriella Cilmi @ ICA 4th March 2010

This night was a special one very intimate as well. This gig was for The Streets Of London homeless charity. The headliner for tonight was Australia’s own Gabriella Cilmi. There was a comedian that introduced the acts and the short films. It wasn’t packed and this night hadn’t sold out. Both films which were shown before both acts were extremely hard hitting and it showed what we were supporting and where the money was going. The first artist on the night was in fact a band called Player Piano. However the name alludes you to the fact that there may be someone playing Piano but this was not the case. The set was really good gave you a insight of what is to come. They also have a EP Into The Dark which is out. One song which was sung was Radio Love. I really enjoyed this set. They are mainly a British band but the main singer Jeremy Radway is a American from Indiana.

So after the set had finished it was a 20 minute break then back for the headline act Gabriella Cilmi. When 9pm came it was onto the last short film then it was onto the main act. There was something put onstage which was covered up this was later to be revealed as a wooden Cilmi. Gabriella then made her way to the stage and this night was to be special as it was the first time she had performed the new songs. Earlier on she said she had the touch of nerves but by the time the night was over all traces of them were gone.

Opening up was Invisible Girl. The stage went dark and when they came on Gabriella was sitting on the wooden Cilmi. The song has a rocky edge and it goes down with the audience well. The song is delivered strongly and Gabriella powers through it. Hearts Don’t Lie has a fast tempo and it has the disco vibe. Love Me Cos You want to is a lovely beautiful powerful ballad. It is delivered perfectly by Gabriella and it is one of her favourite songs. For Defender Gabriella mentions its Bonnie Tyler esque. This is another power ballad which is simply amazing. After 4 new songs it was onto a updated version of hit song Sweet About Me. Even though the song is a couple of years old Gabriella can still belt them out. There is some audience participation when we sing the chorus in unison. Straight after is Got No Place To Go “You will know it if you have Lessons Will Be Learned”. Now the first album is full of fillers but this was one of my many favourites it has a up tempo pace which I adore. Back to a new song which is Glue. At the start Gabriella is kneeling down. The opening line is “We stuck together like glue” so it is about a relationship. This was a really nice song and perfectly delivered. The final old song was Save The Lies again this is a amazing song which has some infectious lines. It is also a song delivered strongly. The penultimate song being What If You Knew. I really liked this song and I look forward to hearing the studio version. Finally On A Mission capped off this night. It is simply amazing its fast pace and I like the vibe given from this song. Gabriella definitely has some cracking new songs and On A Mission assault on the charts starts on 7th March.


Invisible Girl

Hearts Don’t Lie

Love Me Cos You Want To


Sweet About Me

Got No Place To Go


Save The Lies

What If You Knew

On A Mission


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