Ellie Goulding @ Café De Paris 23rd February 2010

Now this was a truly amazing day with a unexpected twist. I turned up and waited outside Radio 1 HQ the main reason Ellie was doing a Live Lounge. I was jittery thinking what if I am at the wrong location. I was listening to the Live Lounge via my phone and the cover was a bit predictable. Mainly because Ellie has sung Sweet Disposition before but hearing it, it did sound amazing. I was in regular contact with Mickey. The reason I thought maybe I am at the wrong place was the fact I was the only one there. Approaching 12pm paps turned up and when I saw Chris (Ellie’s guitarist) I knew I was in the right place. When Ellie came downstairs I was then called inside. I then had a little chat with Ellie as I wanted to get some short video pieces. Still when coming out I was behind Ellie and you had all the paps taking their photos. When you are in front of flashing cameras it does seem pretty surreal. So I was then invited for sound check Ellie was doing and hopefully get the video piece when I got there. However once I got there Ellie had already left (I blame the tube system). Well Ellie was extremely busy and I was privileged to be invited along to the Universal Showcase at Café De Paris. So after going back home to chill out I then went back to London to go to this extraordinary event.

The night featured splendid acts. Other than Ellie the artists on the bill included Delphic, Alex Gardner, Imelda May, Kassidy and Mumford & Sons. Ellie was then introduced to the stage as having won the Brit Critics Choice, BBC Sound Poll and having the debut single in the top 5 midweeks. Ellie took to the stage and said “No Pressure”. The set was four songs long and it featured the upcoming single Guns And Horses, the epic beautiful ballad The Writer, the infectious Under The Sheets and then the current single Starry Eyed. When Ellie started playing Under The Sheets I thought why isn’t she singing Starry Eyed as that is the current single and at the beginning of the night the host said each artist/ band had 3 songs. So Ellie broke this by adding one sneaky song. But what an amazing set it was Guns And Horses and The Writer were delivered beautifully. For Under The Sheets the laptop playing the music did stop for a second. The same was with Starry Eyed as well. But this slight hindrance did not stop Ellie delivering an outstanding performance. The crowd loved it clapping after every song to which Ellie replied by saying thank you.


Guns And Horses
The Writer
Under The Sheets
Starry Eyed

So after it was onto Mumford & Sons and Ellie came out to see the set. After the band had finished the set I had a quick chat with Ellie then left after having witnessed something special and incredible.

OVERALL: This night was excellent. It featured some of my favourite artist. Delphic was a nice way to open up on. I had previously saw some of their set back at Field Day in August and I enjoyed. Alex Gardner a new artist whom I predict will go far. This Scot sung three songs Where Were You, Heart Break and I’m Not Mad. Perfect pop songs he sang my favourite has to be Heart Break. Irish born Imelda May was really interesting. You could definitely hear blues sung in her songs. Reminded me a bit of Kitty, Daisy and Lewis. Still I will definitely be keeping tabs on this artist who is signed to Decca. Now Kassidy I didn’t immediately take too the songs were nice but not for me. Closing the night was Mumford and Sons whom opened up with a brand new song. The other two songs being Roll Away Your Stone then current single The Cave. They are amazing country music with a added bit of folk.


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