Cruella Ribbons @ The Zenith Bar 24th February 2010

It was a wet Wednesday evening and I made my way down to Islington to see the debut performance of Cruella Ribbons. Cruella Ribbons is the solo project of ex Equation Kelly White. I first met Kelly as The Equations backed Theoretical Girl so when I knew of this solo date I jumped at the chance of being there. The Zenith Bar is near Angel tube station and when I did get there I was slightly wet due to the rain. When inside Kelly was doing a little sound check and from the snippets of the songs she sung they were really good. Now I had only heard one song that being Sunshine To My Showers. I mainly turned up to give my support to Kelly. By the time she was onstage there were plenty of people inside witnessing the debut of Cruella Ribbons.

Well opening up the night was boy/ girl duo Paisley and Charlie. The style of the music was delicious pop music. I really enjoyed this set and I would most definitely see them again. The set was 7 songs long but it was over so quickly. Hold Me was a really good song to open on. When I like I song I focus on the melody and this has a brilliant melody. From listening to this song you can see shades of The Pet Shop Boys. Julia Misbehaves saw the London debut of Paisley’s talented recorder skills. The lyrics are wonderful and gel perfectly to the melody. Stone Lions was again a nice song. Places in London (Trafalgar Square and Portobello Road) were name checked and we were all told “don’t trust lions”. Charlie then took to the microphone to sing Sebastian this was a nice song. There was a slight huskiness in his voice. Radio Days is again another fast pace up tempo song. The melody is perfect and the lyrics are wonderful. I especially like the lines “Radio Days are Calling”. The penultimate song was Beautiful Thing and this was then rounded off by The Last To Know. Now Paisley has a dreamy voice and each song that was sung on the night was pure perfection. The song that ended the night “The Last To Know” was the shortest song on the night only lasting under 2 minutes. Both Paisley Pattenden and Charlie Darling gel together perfectly and you could see that they are doing something they really enjoy. Ashame about people talking but what do you expect with free concerts. Still Paisley and Charlie are a one to watch so catch them when you can.


Hold Me
Julia Misbehaves
Stone Lions
Radio Days
Beautiful Thing
The Last To Know

The following band were The Sarah Michelle’s whom take their name from Sarah Michelle Geller. Well the set which opened up with Rock and Roll Hairdo and included songs such as Milf and others which I do not know the names of didn’t meet my musical taste. I will give the band a second listen to as the music may be a grower.

Kelly White took to the stage around 8.40pm and introduced herself as Cruella Ribbons. The set was only 4 songs long but they gave you an insight of what is to come. The set actually surprised me. I was expecting it to be very heavy influenced after having seen Kelly when she was in The Equations. The music was light and very electronic. Before kicking off the set Kelly dedicated the set to Tom and Theoretical Girl because without them she wouldn’t be doing her own solo gig. The night kicked off with Remind Me Why I Liked You Again which was about a nasty ex boyfriend. Even if Kelly didn’t say what the song was about from the title it was pretty obvious. This song was a nice one to start with I liked the electronic beats and the spaceship sounds. It is a steady paced song which sounds brilliant. It looked like when the song was progressing the nerves that she had before were fading. Envy was a nice song and was then followed by a cover called Really Saying Something. The song was originally sung by Bananarama and Kelly completely owned the song. It was a strong song and the rest of the crowd enjoyed it. The song which ended the set was Sunshine To My Showers which is the only track on the Myspace player. Before the song Kelly dedicates it to all her “Sexy Beast Friends”. This is a nice song I like the way it sounds plus the lyrics that gel.


Remind Me Why I Liked You Again
Really Saying Something
Sunshine To My Showers

OVERALL: This was a fantastic night and a triumphant one for Cruella Ribbons. The whole crowd loved the set. The songs were amazing the cover was surprising but I really enjoyed this change of direction. Even thought Kelly had a keyboard and a electric guitar the style of the music was Power Pop and all the tracks were fillers. After the short but sweet 4 song set quite a few people went up to Kelly to congratulate her.

Kelly well done I look forward to gig number 2!!!!!

I mustn’t forget my other discovery this being Paisley and Charlie who sung dreamy pop music. When you hear it for the first time you will fall in love with them straight away.


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  1. Robert Palmer says:

    Its been a long while waiting to see Paisley and Charlie but well worth the wait ,pure pop perfection .Even though this was a freebie gig all the performers on the night were quality Paisley and Charlie,The Sarah Michelles ,Cruella Ribbons and Death Line all played classy sets

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