Kelly Clarkson @ Wembley Arena 19th February 2010

When I arrived at Wembley Arena there were already people who were queuing. The time I got there was 2pm a full 4 hours before the doors opened. It looked like people had got there really early as people had blankets. Thankfully the weather kept dry. It was cold and I found myself spending my time queuing and going into McDonald’s just to warm up. So when the doors did open at 6pm and then got into the arena we were all told to sit down. During my time queuing I was with Katie Frost and Rachel Lock who I both met for the first time way back in September 09 outside Radio 1 for The Veronicas. Well it was nice to have a couple of people I knew there. So once we did get in I went to the left hand side and got second row. Not bad really I still had a good view even though the people at the front of me went crazy when Kelly came over to the side we were on. Supporting Kelly was all male group Parachute who come from the US. The band were a really good warm up act it is ashame that the Arena didn’t reach full capacity by the time they were on. Well prior to them coming on we got inside at 6pm and everyone had to sit down. I was second row which was not that bad. Well back to Parachute the set was only a sweet six song set consisting of tracks which gave me a taster of what is to come. The songs on the night included Back Again, Under Control, All That I Am, Ghost, Mess I Made and She Is Love. I really enjoyed the popness of the 30 minute set and I liked every single song. Definitely a band worth checking out in the future.

So the All I Ever Wanted tour hit the UK and I immediately snapped up my ticket when they went on sale. Now I am a big fan of Kelly’s spanning back to the American Idol and debut album Thankful days. But seeing her live I was opening my ears to what was a spectacular set. The set was 23 songs consisting of singles, album tracks and cover songs. No album was overlooked there was a song from each played. Only one was taken from the debut album though. The night kicked off with the title track to the current album All I Ever Wanted. The atmosphere was fully charged and when Kelly came on from top of the stage that is when the atmosphere exploded. The fans were going crazy. Well this song is a pop/ rock song and it was a excellent choice to open with. Miss Independent was next on the night and it was this song that brought her to the UK’s attention. This song is extremely strong with some catchy lyrics. This is a song that you can rock out too. I liked the part at the end when the song slows down. It is simply beautiful. All I Ever Wanted has spawned some fantastic songs and I Do Not Hook Up which Katy Perry joint wrote and gave it to Kelly. Despite the fact that it only charted at #36 it still is one of my favourite songs. This song was next and it has a slight fast pace and has an extremely powerful chorus. The whole crowd sang along to this song as well. Before Impossible Kelly mentioned the fact she wants to make a country album. Proceeding on is the first cover of the night. This being the Alanis Morissette song That I Would Be Good. A solo Kelly sang this song without the aid of her hold band. She completely nailed this song and it was mashed up by Kings Of Leon Use Somebody. This was a real crowd pleaser. So after it was onto Breakaway. This is a slowish song which had some brilliant lyrics. For a moment Kelly stops and said wait, wait. Everyone was waving their hands from side to side and there was plenty of participation. This song is ever so beautiful.

Another mash up on the night was electro rock song If I Can’t Have You. This also featured some lines of Eurythmincs Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of These). Now for Never Again it was a different composition of the song. It actually sounded slower when compared to the album version. After it was onto The Black Keys cover Lies. This was simply incredible Kelly started the song singing a capella and she had a belting voice which made me stand in awe hearing this spine tingling song. Patsy Cline cover Walking After Midnight was incredible Kelly nailed it. It was Behind These Hazel Eyes which turned out to be one of my favourite songs on the night. This performance was completely stripped back it was just Kelly and two guitarists. The crowd love the song by joining in with the lyrics. Save You was up next then it was onto I Want You which had a lot of participation. Kelly divided the stadium into 3 and saw who sung the loudest. Up next was three brilliant songs one after another. First it was Don’t Let Me Stop You which got the cheers it was plain to see that Kelly was enjoying herself singing. Again it is another powerful song which is delivered perfectly. Because Of You saw the whole crowd singing along in unison. People were waving their hands from side to side but that’s what you would expect from a beautiful ballad. Proceeding was Walk Away which is extremely strong and I really liked the beat to this song. It was then onto When In Rome cover The Promise. It was a really nice song one that I enjoyed. Before starting Kelly said “if you don’t like this song, leave, this is me”.

The night ended with Since U Been Gone. The crowd were going crazy singing along to this song. This was a real crowd pleaser it got stronger when the song progressed. During the chorus Kelly urged everyone to jump up and down. The band all left only to return for the encore. It then kicked of with the stripped back Sober. Again it has some powerful lines which are delivered perfectly. The song itself has a steady pace. Following suit is was a stripped back performance of Already Gone. This song was ever so beautiful. A outstanding take on The White Stripes 7 Nation Army was next and Kelly completely owned the song. She put her own individual stamp onto it and made it her own. Ending the night was My Life Would Suck Without You. This being Kelly’s only number 1 in the UK and she is in fact the only American Idol contestant to have a number 1 over her. This song capped off one fantastic night. This was a song which had a extremely powerful chorus which everyone sung along to. Also the pace is extremely fast and again people were jumping up and down. Kelly does know how to work the crowd.


All I Ever Wanted
Miss Independent
I Do Not Hook Up
That I Would Be Good (Alanis Morissette cover)/ Use Somebody (Kings of Leon cover)
If I Can’t Have You
Never Again
Lies (The Black Keys cover)
Walking After Midnight (Patsy Cline cover)
Behind These Hazel Eyes
Save You
I Want You
Don’t Let Me Stop You
Because of You
Walk Away
The Promise (When In Rome cover)
Since U Been Gone


Already Gone
7 Nation Army (The White Stripes cover)
My Life Would Suck Without You

OVERALL: This was a fantastic night. It oozed energy. Kelly does know how to get the crowd worked up. The set was brilliant and the covers were amazing. As Kelly said this was the first time she played at “the Wembley” and I would most certainly see her live again.


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  1. marian says:

    She is just so fantastic and talented yet still underrated by a lot of the media. Loved this review. I saw her live only once but since I have become an ardent KC fan.Her music is special just like her.

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