Gaggle @ St Giles In The Field Church 22nd February 2010

Way back in January I purchased a ticket for Gaggle. The band who I previously saw supporting Marina and the Diamonds had a single launch at St Giles In The Field Church. Now Gaggle are both unusual and very unique. Calling them a female band is not the word to describe them. The best way to describe them is as a alt choir and they consist of a strong 22 female line up. Leading is Coughlin who called herself Chief Gaggle. Still choir and church are two perfect combinations which didn’t fail to impress me. When inside I sat in the second row as in front was reserved. What was handy was that the first row was shorter in length than the second so I didn’t have no one in my way. The night was a sell out and it literally started straight away. First it was Djs playing music then it was onto support from Too Young To Love. It was about 9pm when Gaggle took the stage. They all descended down the aisle to take their places. The Gaggle choir has gelled together so well and Deborah Coughlin is an amazing conductor which holds the choir in its place. Opening the night was From The Mouth Of The Cave which was spine tingling as it sound like they were all chanting along. So after plenty of applause it was onto the single I Hear Flies. This is a nice up tempo song a bit of a weird combination lyrics wise. For starters one of the lines is “I’m A Drunk” then the other is “I Smell Roses, But I Hear Flies”. Still it is a fantastic song sung perfectly. Now for Crows I really enjoyed the beat to this song. Following on is Liar. This song is slightly darker compared to the other song. The melody is beautiful despite the theme of this song. One of the lines is “How can I tell my man’s a liar”. Now Hidden Army is a extraordinary song again I like the beat to it. The song itself is a strong one. A cover song was next this being Mowgli’s Road by Marina and the Diamonds. The cover is extremely interesting and I reckon it is one of the bands favourites as they have covered it live before. I Like Cigarettes ended what was one memorable night a gig that proved a must see. As it is a choir each sing different bits of the song. What I found is the fact I could easy home into one part of the song. It was simply incredible and rounded off a perfect night.


From The Mouth Of The Cave

I Hear Flies



Hidden Army

Mowgli’s Road

I Like Cigarettes

OVERALL: I really enjoyed this night. Gaggle are extremely unique and I tip them to be really successful as they are the only alt all girl choir that I know of. This is good because they have no competition with any other group. I can see a bright future and Coughlin is one amazing conductor and holds everything together.

Catch them when you can they are a must see.


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