Owl City @ Electric Ballroom 18th February 2010

I arrived to see that there was a massive queue on the side of the pavement. So I went to join the end. There were only round 50 people in front of me so it wasn’t that bad. Well in the queue it did start to rain and no umbrella meant getting wet. After the period queuing the doors opened and I eventually got in. I debated before hand shall I go standing I shall I go upstairs and sit. I chose to stand. Once in there were already a lot of people in the centre. So I went on the far left near the speakers. Still I had a good view and was by the barrier. Taking the stage first at 8pm was Toronto based Lights. Valerie (aka Lights) had a lengthy 10 song set this gave us a taster for what is to come from the debut album “The Listening”. There were people who weren’t aware of Lights and there were people who came just to see her. I was one of them. I purchased my ticket mainly to see Lights and then listened to Owl City and liked what I heard. Most of the songs were new to me. The only songs I had heard were the ones that originally appeared on the Lights EP which was released in 2008. The set gave me a taster of the forthcoming album The Listening which will be reaching UK shores in May. The opening track was The Listening followed by Lions. Now The Listening is a catchy up tempo song. It is a nice pop song and you can hear the electro beats. As for Lions it starts off at a steady pace then the beat comes in. My favourite part has to be the chorus which starts with the line “Lions Make You Brave”. February Air was next which was a nice song that I enjoyed. This is a beautiful song. But it was Saviour which was my favourite song on the night. This song is the opening track forthcoming album. The pace is slightly pacey and the chorus is the best bit:

I just want to run to you
And break off the chains and throw them away
I just want to be so much
And shake off the dust that turned me to rust
Sooner than later I’ll need a saviour
I’ll need a saviour

Up next was Second Go now this is the current single in America. Now this is a up tempo song and I liked the lyrics to this song. When the song was over it was onto Ice. There were people shouting out take it off to which Valerie replied and gave the person the menacing finger. Following was Quiet and this is her favourite song. Again this song has an infectious beat which gels perfectly to the lyrics. Drive My Soul featured on the first EP. It is a good song but after hearing it for the first time I didn’t connect to it straight away. It is slightly slow in pace compared to the rest of the songs. The penultimate song was River and it was dedicated to the Lights Street Team. The set was then rounded off with The Last Thing On Your Mind. Well after when this set was over I will most definitely be getting the album. Yes you did get people talking but you then had people who were fully appreciating the music. There were loads of people singing along to the tracks.


The Listening
February Air
Second Go
Drive My Soul
The Last Thing On Your Mind

After having heard a import copy of Ocean Eyes last year I immediately fell in love with the songs which were pop meets electronica. The band that I would compare Owl City with is HelloGoodbye. Even though Owl City is just the voice of Adam Young he did have a band that backed him. The set was amazing and Adam was not 100% as he was drinking tea throughout songs. So when they all make their entrance to the stage the crowd is going wild. There is 5 other members backing Adam. The night was to feature material which encompassed Adam’s 3 albums. With the latter concentrating on the new album Ocean Eyes. The set kicked off with Umbrella Beach and the crowd go wild and everyone participates by singing along to the song. When you get this happening it makes it both special and surreal. The whole crowd loved the set and it impressed me with it being the first time I had heard him live. Ocean Eyes is a fantastic album so it was a real treat to hear the next songs (The Bird and The Worm, The Tip Of The Iceberg and On The Wing) live. Adam has a amazing voice. It was Swimming In Miami that had me listening intently. Main reason was I hadn’t heard the song before as it featured on the first ever album Of June. It was Fireflies that had everyone in hysterics. This song had been number 1 for the past 3 weeks and is one that almost everyone has heard of. Everyone literally sings along to this song. It is a beautiful one as well. Meteor Shower follows on then after it’s The Technicolor Phase from the second album Maybe I’m Dreaming. The final 5 songs all come from current album Ocean Eyes. The first being The Saltwater Room, Dental Care, Hot Air Balloon, Cave In then it ends on Vanilla Twilight. I like the synthpop electro feel to each of the songs. After they go offstage they then later return for the encore. This being Hello Seattle. I am loving this song and I liked the dance moves by the two girls on cello. Ocean Eyes is one amazing album and it is full of brilliant tracks. I would most definitely would want to hear the prior albums. The thing I don’t understand is why has Ocean Eyes had so many bad reviews. I love the album and after hearing the tracks live has made me love it even more. All of the sold out Electric Ballroom loved it too.


Umbrella Beach
The Bird And The Worm
The Tip Of The Iceberg
On The Wing
Swimming In Miami
Meteor Shower
The Technicolor Phase
The Saltwater Room
Dental Care
Hot Air Balloon
Cave In
Vanilla Twilight


Hello Seattle


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  1. Bella says:

    It was so surreal being there. And just liked to point out, he was ill, so I love him even more for still doing the gig. ^_^

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