Marina and the Diamonds @ Audio 15th February 2010

This was the second stop of the sold out “The Family Jewels” tour. This time Marina was back with her debut album which is due to be released on the 22nd. Now as I live in Surrey I was in Brighton particularly early. I was there around 2pm and I spent most of my time wandering about and going into the pub opposite as it was bitterly cold. In the afternoon the weather wasn’t that cold. It was only when it approached night fall. So at 6.30pm I left the pub to wait outside the venue. As Audio was opened (the pub bit) I went in there time to time to warm up. Everyone then started making their way inside and I got to the barriers. I was actually surprised there was a barrier as they were close to the stage. Still the support act on the night being Clock Opera. I enjoyed the set they had some really good songs there. But I suspect this band to be a grower on me and would like to be familiar with the music before I see them live again.

At 9.20pm Marina took the stage. Her stage entrances are always fantastic and spectacular. This day Marina was wearing a yellow sheep gown and some Disney dungarees. The opening song was Girls and then after that it was onto non album track 17. The addition to the set was The Outsider which was incredible considering it was the first time I had heard the song live. Now the opening three songs were amazing you can feel all the energy in the song and you can tell that Marina puts everything into delivering outstanding songs. As for Girls and 17 they are extremely catchy and they have lyrics I completely adore. I was even singing along to the songs and the whole crowd were singing to bits of the song. It was literally packed when Marina was on. As for The Outsider I heard a demo of it but hearing it live it was so powerful. After the song Marina interacts with the crowd and says “Hello Diamonds”. Following on was I Am Not A Robot a song that Marina would want to re release. This is a song which is a fans favourite and it went down really well. The song itself is a slow one to start off with and gets stronger and faster when it progresses. Oh No! is my favourite new songs off the album. One that immediately attached itself to me when I heard it for the first time. It definitely has single potential. This song is highly infectious and it is very Kate Bush Esque. It is then onto Marina’s solo on the keyboard. The band vacated the stage and this performance of Numb made me smile. The reason why it made me smile was the fact Marina added a Ssssshh in the song. Basically there were people talking and the ssshh was a right thing to do. I completely adore this song its both slow, strong and powerful at the same time. After the band then came back onto the stage for what was the beautiful and quirky Obsessions. Again the whole crowd chant away with the chorus. But my favourite bit has to be the second verse when Marina sings “Supermarket, oh a packet of crackers to pick”. The last new song on the night Rootless follows on. This again is a very strong song. Shampain then follows on which is a nice song. My favourite bit has to be the chorus:

Drinking champagne, made by the angel

Who goes by the name of Glitter and Gabriel

Drinking champagne made all the angels

Tears and pain, but I feel celestial

The song itself is about drinking to forget as you can tell in the very first verse. Marina likes moving about on stage. She went to far and unplugged the microphone still again it made me smile. The night was then rounded off by Hollywood which had charted at #12. The charting position is strange because it is very addictive and the lyrics are brilliant. I enjoyed the fast pace of the song. After Marina left the stage only to later come out for the encore. The song that rounds off the night is Mowgli’s Road. This song oozes energy and the crowd loves it. The song rounded a fantastic night in Brighton. Once it was delivered there was applause. Marina went offstage only to return moments later so the fans could get stuff signed and some had pictures taken.




The Outsider

I Am Not A Robot

Oh No!







Mowgli’s Road


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