Paloma Faith @ Jazz Café 11th February 2010

Tickets for Paloma at the Jazz Café were snapped up almost instantaneously when they went on pre sale and general sale. I was lucky enough to bag a ticket once they went on pre sale. Well the doors opened at 7.30pm and it was a hour of sitting on the corner of the stage until the warm up act came on. This artist was Alex Gardner. Now I had previously heard him live when he supported Coco at the Tabernacle. The set did start a couple of minutes earlier and it was a pleasure hearing his music again. Alex actually reminds me of Leon Jackson vocal wise. You can hear the soulfulness in the songs and they sound completely amazing. The six track set was over before it started. This was a brilliant act to warm up the crowd and it offered perfect insight with what’s to come. As much as I enjoyed the whole set it was Heart Break that was my favourite song on the night. The reason for that was that it is more up beat.


Yesterday’s News
Heart Break
I’m Not Mad
Yes I’ve Tried
There Goes My Heart
Where Were You

30 minutes later Paloma Faith descended down the stairs from the upper level. The entrance was truly spectacular as she was wearing a sparkly red dress, red heels and a sparkly red hat. The thing that I like about Paloma is not only the fact that she puts so much energy into every song but it is the fact that she oozes charisma. Opening the night was Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful. She was also holding two orange feather wings which looked amazing. I like the soulfulness in her voice. It was truly outstanding. Well Paloma does interact with the crowd a awful lot. The Jazz Café is so small in capacity that this was extremely intimate. Well Paloma mentions about all the times she has been to the Jazz Café and what bands she has actually seen. One band was Incognito. Broken Doll is next and it was a nice strong slow song that was delivered perfectly. Paloma also dedicates this night to Alexander McQueen who only had passed away earlier on in the day. For New York it saw everyone else participate in the singing of the chorus. This song was delivered every so strongly and Paloma has such a belting voice. Smoke & Mirrors was next followed by God Bless The Child. That song was dedicated to the victims of the Haiti Earthquake. Earlier Paloma had said on twitter she had some tricks up her sleeve and this was just it. Jazz songs in a Jazz Café which was a perfect combination. Paloma then introduces Brandon who used to play with her on the Saxophone back in the early days. The whole crowd were plunged into silence as this take on this Billie Holiday song was spine tingling. There was so much passion and emotion put into this song. So after plenty of applause it was onto the next Jazz cover this being Don’t Explain. Again this was another take on the original Billie Holiday version. As with the previous song there was a music stand that had sheets of paper which I assume were the words to the song. Again she did the original version justice as it was ever so beautiful. Now I Just Wait was a song that was written before Paloma got signed. It is a nice song with strong lyrics. Paloma puts in so much passion in this song. Parts of the melody reminded me of Back To Black by Amy Winehouse. Following on was another B Side this being Luv Ya. This was a energetic song and was extremely powerful. Before the song started Paloma said “Lets Break Stuff”. This song is pretty energetic and it was delivered faultlessly. Stone Cold Sober had everyone dancing especially with the amazing chorus. Then Play On rounded off a perfect and memorable night. They then leave the stage only to return minutes later for the encore. The first song being the next single Upside Down. It is a nice song and again you can dance to it as there are lyrics I adore. The final song of the night being Etta James – At Last. This song Paloma mentions that she could only manage to sing a verse when on Jools Holland’s show. This time she completely nailed it and everyone was delighted with her performance.


Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful
Broken Doll
New York
Smoke & Mirrors
God Bless The Child
Don’t Explain
I Just Wait
Luv Ya
Stone Cold Sober
Play On


Upside Down
At Last

OVERALL: This was a stunning and intimate night. You will never see Paloma play at a venue like this again. It was bit of a strange choice of including Paloma in HMV’s Next Big Thing as she made her mark last year. Still amazing night I am pleased to have witnessed it. The jazz covers were a real treat.

Photo of Paloma taken by Justin Ng


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