Polly Mackey & The Pleasure Principle @ The Borderline 8th February 2010

It was a freezing cold Monday evening and I was waiting outside The Borderline. This was the first time I had been since the 2010 refurbishment. Well after a hour waiting outside the doors opened on time. Once I had my ticket stub removed and hand stamped I made my way down the stairs. To be honest I could not see much of a change since the last time I had been to The Borderline. All what was new was another small bar. The artists that were playing on the night was Polly Mackey & The Pleasure Principle, Daisy Dares You and The Plasticines.

So at 8pm the warm up act came onto the stage. They warmed the crowd up perfectly with their amazing songs. Well this was Polly Mackey & The Pleasure Principle. I had been on my Myspace page for a couple of months and as soon as I saw they were taking part in HMV Next Big Thing I jumped at the chance of getting a ticket. They also have a 4 track EP available and all those songs were sung on the night. On the night there were only two new songs this being Control which opened the night and Movements which was infact a song that the band had not even recorded yet. Still both songs were brilliant and went down a treat. I look forward to hearing the actual studio recordings. Even though the band set up is drums and electric guitars it is not majorly heavy which I do really like. Seriously was the second song on the night and again it does not feature on the EP. When hearing this song one band sprung to mind and that was Paramore. The style of the music is Pop/ Soft Rock and it is a mixture which I like. The third track on the night was the first taken from the EP. This being The Wall. Now this is a steady flowing song and it is nice and strong as well. Sandwiched in between The Wall and I Don’t Mind was Movements. The final three songs on the night were I Don’t Mind, Leave Me Out and Silent Film. All three songs are taken from the Polly Mackey & The Pleasure Principle EP. Now after having heard the whole EP played live what do I make of it. I actually quite like all of the songs that were sung on the night and the fact that the whole EP was play backed was amazing. I Don’t Mind and Leave Me Out were nice songs which were delivered perfectly. The band who have been making a name for themselves have played over 80 gigs last year and a couple of festivals (they even played Benicassim Festival in Spain alongside The Killers, Oasis and Kings Of Leon and SXSW). They are also playing in Texas as part of SXSW again this March. The song that rounded of a perfect set was Silent Film. One line that stuck out in this song was “You haven’t seen the last of me”. True to word I reckon we haven’t seen the last of them. They were perfect for this gig as I reckon they are the next big thing. As much as I liked the whole set my favourite tracks on the night have to be The Wall then Silent Film. This was the perfect warm up act that left me wanting to hear more.


The Wall
I Don’t Mind
Leave Me Out
Silent Film

At 9pm it was time for Daisy Dares You. I had previously saw Daisy at The Tabernacle just a week before. The set list remained the same but it provided a taster of what is to come from the forthcoming album. At only 16 Daisy is a incredible talent and will most definitely make her mark this year. As for the set it started off with Idiot and throughout the 7 song set she puts so much energy into the performance. Next up was light song Daisy Dares You. This song was more heavier compared to the studio version of the song. I especially like the lyrics to this song particularly the catchy chorus. Following on was Rosie and Daisy announces it will be the 2nd single. Caught Up and Rush were the next two songs on the night both of which were nice songs. Caught Up is more heavier than Rush. As for Rush I love the melody to this song they accompany the lyrics perfectly. It is a beautiful song and I look forward to hearing the studio version. The penultimate song being Who Will Buy. Before the song Daisy tells the audience some people may know this song. The song is taken from Oliver. Number One Enemy closes a wonderful set. I enjoyed this set and Daisy is a talent who I predict will have a amazing 2010. Daisy is a rock chick at heart and you can see why as soon as she is given a electric guitar. Daisy also released Number One Enemy on 22nd February which also features Chipmunk.


Daisy Dares You
Caught Up
Who Will Buy
Number One Enemy

OVERALL: This was a fun night I enjoyed Polly’s set so much that I will see her again in the future. As for Daisy she was in top form yet again. She is someone to look out for in 2010 the songs she has are spectacular. As for Plasticines I didn’t stay for this act. I did stay for the first couple of songs just to see whether I did like the music. Unfortunately they weren’t my cup of tea. I will give them a second listen to though.


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