Jesca Hoop @ Jazz Café 5th February 2010

Problems with the trains resulted in only a few people turning up when the doors did open at 7pm. I got there about 50 minutes before opened doors because I to was affected. A train ride to Victoria took me about 50 minutes and it was only 2 stops!!!!. Well when the doors did open I went in and just sat on the corner of the stage. The first act was on at 7.50pm and this was Cate Le Bon who would open up the night. Now I had previously saw her at the Union Chapel opening up for Slow Club. Before each act came on stage John Kennedy introduced them. So at 7.50pm Cate took the stage to sing songs from her debut album Me Oh My. Now the set which was short I really enjoyed it was the perfect start to what would be a brilliant night. Now the style of the music is folk music but at the same time some of the songs were slightly haunting. Opening up the night was title track Me Oh My which is slightly dark. The very first lines of this song are :

“Me oh my, My oh me,
I fought the night and the night fought me”

But Cate’s vocals are strong and powering and this continued throughout the set. My highlight had to be Hollow Trees House Hounds. For this song Cate takes to the guitar and yes it is a strong up tempo song but it has a infectious guitar riff which is played on a loop throughout the song. Now Eyes So Bright is slightly lighter compared to the first two songs. Cate plays the keyboard throughout this song. Now Terror Of The Man is slightly more heavy with the guitars. Some of the lyrics are delivered powerfully. Now it wasn’t that packed so it was easy to go from one place and get back to your spot at ease.

The second artist on the night being American born Lissie. Now she has been on my Myspace friends for a while but I have never experienced her live. The six track set featured 2 non EP songs and 4 songs taken from EP Why You Runnin’ which was released in the US last year. The songs were a taster of what you can expect from the debut album (the EP was not released in the UK). The song that Lissie opened up with was Wedding Bells but it was When I’m Alone that grabbed me attention. This song which does not feature on the EP was strong, powerful and Lissie put so much passion into it. You could sense slight emotion from how the song was delivered. Everywhere I Go was another nice song. Throughout the set Lissie had a electric guitar that she played. Now this was a beautiful song which was delivered perfectly. The final 3 songs were In Sleep which starts off at a steady pace and then gets faster when it progresses. The chorus is ever so strong. Towards the end there is a guitar solo from Lissie. Here Before is a nice slow song and it is very different in how it sounds compared to the previous songs in the set. The final song was Little Lovin’ and one word fantastic. It is a song that you can dance about to the chorus is fantastic. It is very up tempo and I simply love this song. After the set it left me wanting to hear more and I for one will be looking forward to the debut album. Lissie is definitely a talent to behold and I most definitely see her live again. Well the style of the music sounds like folk with a added bit of country. Both styles combine together well.


Wedding Bells
When I’m Alone
Everywhere I Go
In Sleep
Here Before
Little Lovin’

Now up next was headliner Jesca Hoop. I was completely new to her music as I had not heard it before. Still I enjoyed the set as the whole album Hunting My Dress was played in its entirety. She now resides in Manchester and she opened up what was to be a incredible set with Whispering Light. Jesca mentioned about her mum trying out drugs as she was a mormon. Still it was a nice song to start on I like the beat to this song. The style of music is folkish which I like. After it was onto The Kingdom which was delivered perfectly. Feast Of The Heart followed on and after it was Angel Mom. Now Angel Mom was a lighter song compared to Feast Of The Heart. Well before singing Four Dreams Jesca mentions she had this site on the internet where she wrote the dreams she had. Now I really liked the lyrics to this song it was very up beat. There was a slightly fast pace to this song. It was also delivered strongly. Murder Of Birds was next on the night. It is a nice song which has brilliant lyrics. For Bed Across The Sea Jesca tunes her guitar for a little while. This led to her saying “All I want for Christmas is a guitar tech”. I liked this song and I liked its steady pace. After Jesca mentions about a instore that she did in Brighton the day before and there was a young child there who really liked her music. Jesca also says “We are going to kill something in this song”. Jesca puts on a English accent which was pretty good considering she is American. This song was Tulip. At the end of this song she then says she couldn’t look into the crowd as there was a red headed girl and Jesca was singing about drowning a red headed girl. The final song on the night was Hunting My Dress. Before Jesca says “See you in Mexico” then she mentions about this 10-12 year girl in Brighton and the fact when this girl heard something she liked she was nodding her head away to the music. This song rounded off a amazing set and I had witnessed something that I would like to experience again. The band go of stage only to return minutes later for the encore. This would be Money from the album Kismet. I really liked this song. Jesca used the telephone for parts of this song which was incredible.


Whispering Light
The Kingdom
Feast Of The Heart
Angel Mom
Four Dreams
Murder Of Birds
Bed Across The Sea
Hunting My Dress




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