Adelaide’s Cape @ The Old Queen’s Head 7th February 2010

When I arrived at The Old Queen’s Head I went to the upstairs area where the afternoon event was taking place. Once upstairs it was quite packed. I mainly came to see Adelaide’s Cape and at 7pm Sam took to the stage. As much as I like free gigs they do get the odd person speaking all the way through it. So when Sam was on stage I was right by the corner just appreciating the music. Loads of people were talking through the set which I did not like. Well it was a free gig what do you expect. As for the set it was amazing as usual I really like the folk feel to each of the songs. The song which opened up the set was Rush Hour Wind. It is a nice song which has a steady pace and brilliant lyrics. Following on was the first time I had heard song Belle live. It is a nice song and one that is brand new so it doesn’t feature on the debut EP. The song is fast in pace and when listening to the lyrics Sam is singing about a girl called Belle. After Belle it was onto another song Vincent. It is a song that I would like to hear again. It is a really good song and I would love to hear what it sounds like with the full band. Following on was Curled then the penultimate song was Harbour. Well these two songs don’t appear on the forthcoming EP. Both songs are different Curled is faster in pace compared to Rush Hour Wind which opened up the set whereas Harbour has a more steady pace. They are both brilliant songs anyways and Sam’s vocals are extremely strong. Sandwiched in between both of those songs was This Fiction. This by far has to be my favourite song by Adelaide’s Cape. It is very upbeat and it is a song I would really want to hear played with the full band. Ending the night was The Black Eyed Dog which is by one of Sam’s favourite artists. This being Nick Drake. This was a fantastic take of the song. It is nice and folky and Sam has the perfect voice to pull off songs like that.


Rush Hour Wind
This Fiction
The Black Eyed Dog


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