GoldieLocks @ Puregroove 3rd February 2010

Puregroove one of my favourite record stores in London put on many great instores. This time it was an evening event which was headlined by Goldielocks. This event was to coincide with the release of 4 track EP I’m Not Her and this night was the launch party. I arrived at 6pm and I sat down at the table and just chilled out till the night kicked off. I saw Sarah (Goldielocks) sound check and it just gave me a taster of what to expect later on. Now this was the first time I saw Sarah perform. I was going to catch her on the Camden Crawl but with so many clashes I unfortunately could not make it so as soon as I heard of this I jumped at the chance to be there. The music didn’t start till 9.20pm but to fill the void till then there were a couple of DJ’s spinning tracks on the record players. Once 9.20pm came Sarah took the stage to introduce the warm up act. This was an artist who Sarah has worked with this being Dreams 2.5. In the introduction Sarah called him sick that’s why she picked him. Dreams is a rapper from Croydon. He is also a part of the group Sub Universe. The set was extremely short only three songs. But that was enough to warm everyone up and showcase his vocal ability. The set included A Million Ways, Day B4 and Lucy. Even though Dreams does rap a little his songs sound a bit soulful as well. My favourite song out of the three performed on the night had to be A Million Ways. Also Day B4 was the first time it had been performed live. Still this was a excellent warm up artist and I am sure he has more brilliant material.

At 9.40pm it was time for Sarah. This was the launch of the EP I’m Not Her so the set was the whole 4 track EP played right through. Well this performance would be different because on backing vocals were the lovely Chloe and Toni whose vocals were both superb. The first song was Addict and as you can gather from the title it is about an addiction to drugs. Now I really like the beats in this song and I like the lyrics because you can clearly picture the story. Basically it is about a girl who is addicted to drugs and takes them to take the pain away. This is probably to do with a relationship as the opening lyrics to this song are:

“Time stands still when you’re not around me

And I feel so lost but I guess you’ll find me”

From the lyrics you can tell that the girl didn’t intentionally want to get involved with drugs but only started to take them but when she started taking them she felt part of a group. Well this song was a good one to open up with and it has excellent lyrics. The harmonies were spot on. Next was Green Eyes which was a track Sarah did with Benga. This was a nice song it is a powerful song with lyrics that are brilliant. At the end there is a little jazz solo. Sarah says “I should of brought my keyboard for that little jazz solo at the end”. For Neon Lights Dreams 2.5 gets up to the stage to duet on the song. He also features on the EP version of the track. Now this was a interesting collaboration combining two talented people to perform a perfect song. As with all the songs you had both Chloe and Toni providing stunning harmonies. The song that closed the set was Cold Sweat. Sarah said because she had made a music video for this song she was a pop star. Now there is a steady pace and there is a perfect melody which had some brilliant beats.

OVERALL: I really enjoyed this night. Yes it was extremely late ending compared to other instores that have been put on. The night ended around 10.30pm but this EP launch was a triumphant one. Before starting the set Sarah urged everyone to come forward and she also mention to everyone by the EP as Sarah did it all by herself. Chloe and Toni were excellent providing harmonies and it is hard to believe that this was the first time there was backing singers. They were simply amazing. Sarah is a brilliant singer and a talented rapper. And as for the music it was a mixture of rap/ grime and pop each song was perfect. As for Dreams 2.5 he is definitely a stunning talent who I predict will go extremely far.


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